Shades of Green at Walt Disney World to remain closed through May 15

Mar 27, 2020 in "Shades of Green Resort"

Posted: Friday March 27, 2020 12:48pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Shades of Green announced today that it expects to be able to accept reservations for new arrivals after May 15 2020.

The 600 room resort for military service members is located on Walt Disney World property, just across from Disney's Polynesian Resort.

Like the rest of the hotels in Walt Disney World, Shades of Green is currently closed due to efforts to minimize the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

Disney's hotels are currently closed through to March 31, with an extension to that timeline expected.

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JoesixtoeLess than a minute ago

Please don't listen to people on message boards, go talk to your Doctor and make sure your healthy enough to get the vaccine.

drizgirl1 minute ago

You don't think that Cape Cod weekend was a microcosm of daily life for most people?

StarWarsGirl11 minutes ago

Not that I've ever had to defend my mask wearing, but all of my masks are Disney masks, so my prepared comeback for it is, "I'm wearing it because it's cute."

Flugell19 minutes ago

This is a story circulating near us! Meant to make people smile and not intended to be the least political- am from U.K. so no axe to grind! A woman was walking round a supermarket eg Walmart wearing a mask. Another customer mocked her and informed her that masking was no longer necessary. The woman replied that she wasn’t wearing the mask against COVID-19 but she’d heard a rumour that the government was trying to get face recognition on every citizen of the USA and she wanted to keep her face hidden. Wow said the second customer, put her hand in her pocket, removed a mask and put it on! No offence intended, just thought it showed there’s more than one way to skin a cat!!

DCBaker22 minutes ago

Breakdown by age from the OCDOH -

Joesixtoe24 minutes ago

I understand a lot of these comments about making life hard for people come from a place of fear, but I pray you guys don't let your hearts get to dark, cause it's going that way.

Lilofan26 minutes ago

Rephrase - if they could, locals unvaccinated would get a rise.

Heelz231526 minutes ago

I don't know if they will. We'll get the numbers back down and some type of herd immunity by vaccinations and infections. They'll be part of the solution whether they like it or not. From looking at the numbers this is by far and large an epidemic of the unvaccinated. N That part the data is clear about. As someone who is fully vaxxed I am very irked this continues to drag on because alot of people refuse to help. This will get resolved eventually one way or another.

Parker in NYC29 minutes ago

So how do we get the rest vaccinated short of having the talking heads and politicians send signed permission slips and lollipops?

Heelz231531 minutes ago

that's 10% of the breakthrough cases. I think I saw an article on CNN the other day said that the total number of break though cases represented .08% of all fully vaxxed people. That's pretty good odds, when you think that only about 10% of them may be spreading it, that's even lower.

danlb_200033 minutes ago

A lot of the people who are resisting the vaccine don't think that they are at any risk from the virus, so I don't know if this would make any difference.

DCBaker35 minutes ago

Test counts haven't updated been updated by the CDC (it isn't reported over the weekend by Florida - they will be backfilled in). There were still very long lines over the weekend at Barnett Park.

Parker in NYC36 minutes ago

Also, let’s be honest. No matter what the CDC does, the same people are going to criticize them, before during and after they do anything. Just like California. That is, until California has a new governor - and I can’t wait to see if under different “representation” they’ll suddenly be commended.

Parker in NYC39 minutes ago

10% is still enough for me. Not a scientist, full disclosure.