PHOTOS - Refurbishment of the Great Ceremonial House gets underway at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

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Polyniesan Village Resort Great Ceremonial House - September 2020

The parking lot at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort is now full of storage containers as the resort prepares for its upcoming refurbishment.

Currently the front desk has been relocated to a temporary area at the Pago Pago building, and the front arrival entrance is unavailable. Access to the Great Ceremonial House is via the side and back entrance only.

We visited the resort for a look around prior to the start of the work - click the gallery for a last look at the Great Ceremonial House in its current form.

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Article Posted: Sep 29, 2020 / 10:03am ET
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nickys5 days ago

Thanks! There’s the cross beams but then there’s the horizontal poles / beams / roof bits - but they’re all different lengths. It all just looks so messy IMO. Either it’s always looked like that with the ends and I’ve never noticed (entirely possible) or the removal of the cross beams have left it more noticeable.

UNCgolf5 days ago

I know -- that's the problem. It needs the crossbeams for definition, but without the density it just looks like something random stuck on top. They no longer look like they're supposed to be part of the building's roof. Who knows what it will look like when it's finished, but I don't think removing that many crossbeams is a good idea.

Bocabear5 days ago

Without the roof crossbeams, it is a flat roofed low rectangular brown box... The crossbeams which are visible from a great distance give the building shape and style....Without them, there is just not much there.

DisneyOutsider5 days ago

Meh, it looks different.. don't think there's enough there to say whether it looks bad.. it's not like the previous feature had any sort of strict architectural integrity. One could argue that it was a little too busy for the building it adorned. As someone who's invested in this resort in several ways, If the final product delivers relative to the concept art I'll be pretty pleased.

UNCgolf5 days ago

I thought the same thing, but it points to a serious flaw in the concept art -- eliminating so many crossbeams makes it look terrible. They'd be better off having no crossbeams at all than leaving just a handful with huge gaps.

DisneyOutsider5 days ago

I believe you're referring to the beams, some of which are currently being removed in the photos posted in this thread, and have always been there in some form. I'm not surprised to see it still closed. It's pretty straightforward, really. It's exactly the sort of environment you don't want to be in right now.

Thelazer5 days ago

The amount of Money they made in such a small space... I'm shocked it ISN'T open already!

nickys5 days ago

Can someone explain what is the weird piles sticking out randomly from the roof area in this concept art? To me it looks unfinished and messy.

FigmentFan825 days ago

Would be great if they could open the Tiki Terrace

wdwmagic5 days ago

I would expect it to remain closed

DisneyOutsider5 days ago

Capacity is so low inside Trader Sam's as it is that I can't see it being worth the operating costs to serve a Covid-19 capacity. Would be nice if they opened the Terrace. Tambu lounge is open now as well.

nbar5 days ago

Is it thought that Trader Sam's will remain closed during this entire refurbishment? The bar is small but they could do reservations only. Really was hoping to enjoy an evening at TS during my December trip!

aladdin20079 days ago

they are wasting no time on this project