PHOTOS - Latest refurbishment progress at Disney's Polynesian Resort

Nov 24, 2020 in "Disney's Polynesian Resort"

Polynesian Great Ceremonial House and buildings refurbishment - November 20 2020

Work is continuing on the refurbishment at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, with crews now clearing the landscaping from the arrival area, adding new beams to the rooftop of the Great Ceremonial House, and working in guest room buildings.

This is the view of the arrival area, which has been cleared of all the landscaping.

On the rooftop of the Great Ceremonial House, all of the original beams have been removed, and work is underway on installing new beams.

Elsewhere, scaffolding is up on a number of the guest room buildings where work is underway inside and outside.

Click on the gallery for more pictures of the Polynesian resort refurbishment.

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Article Posted: Nov 24, 2020 / 8:53am ET
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MrHappy4 days ago

Another site is reporting Contemporary will be getting room refurbs April-Sept. Would that have implications to the Poly refurb timeline? I would think both Monorail resorts with extremely reduced capacity at the same time isn’t going to happen. So maybe Poly opens back up in April (with construction complete) as Contemporary begins???

JoeCamel10 days ago

Tokyo has a different model of door so as caleb said nope, they will remain the same until they change the fleet, they turn to dust, the sands of time run out the hourglass...

_caleb10 days ago

If they did that, the Monorail's doors couldn't open.

SplashZander10 days ago

For anyone in the know, could we see Poly get a slightly elevated station so that there is no need to step up to get on the monorail which massively overcomplicated the boarding process? For reference, this is would make the monorail resemble every single other boarding system in the world. Here's Tokyo for example. They have literally taken the roof off the place and are undoubtedly going to redo the floor, so it wouldn't take much to elevate the whole platform by half a foot.

tirian10 days ago

The new version looks tepid, if that makes sense.

tirian10 days ago

That’s why the original lobby was important: the waterfalls, rocks, live parrots (!), and massive windows were the grand reveal. Sadly, that experience is gone.

DisneyJeff10 days ago

So do I. :p

SplashZander10 days ago

From looking at pictures it looks inferior up close but superior from afar.

hpyhnt 100010 days ago

As best I can tell, there's the same number of beams as was shown in the concept art (19). Below is basically the same angle from September 2020 and now - bonus points for Monorail Teal appearing in each shot. With the new beams in place, the old version does look pretty cluttered by comparison (there were 37 in the previous design), though I also think the new is just a tad sparse and would have benefited from a few extra beams (24-25?). September 2020 January 2021 (cropped slightly to account for differing lens size)

JustInTime11 days ago

They look better in person to me! Plus we are so used to see it the old way.

Notes from Neverland11 days ago

I'm anxious to see the refurbished room concept art or photos, for better or worse.

UNCgolf11 days ago

I still think they're too spaced out (they probably need twice as many as are currently installed), but it's a lot better than the concept art. There's at least some definition.

JustInTime11 days ago

The new beams look great.