Disney updates reopening timeframe for Disney's Polynesian Resort

Mar 22, 2021 in "Disney's Polynesian Resort"

Posted: Monday March 22, 2021 3:13pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In a website update today, Disney has further clarified the reopening of Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

The resort was previously listed on the official website as reopening "Summer 2021," and this has now been updated to "late July 2021." 

The resort is getting an extensive makeover, with new looks rooms, a new monorail station and all-new arrival area.

According to Disney, the new look rooms feature a new color palette inspired by the Pacific Ocean and its many islands, including details, patterns and textures from the hit Walt Disney Animation Studios film “Moana.”

Along with the work on the rooms, a new porte cochere will enhance the arrival experience as guests pull up to its Great Ceremonial House. The design features a high-pitched, open-truss roof covered in a thatch style with pops of color. The area’s new open and airy vibe will be complemented by four chandeliers inspired by glass floats, fishing nets and oversized bamboo elements mirroring the chandelier inside the lobby. In addition, the resort’s Monorail station located above the porte cochere is receiving new wooden screens with geometric patterns in tropical colors, adding to the overall ambience of the entrance.

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Sir_Cliff19 days ago

I really wish they would stick with a mid-century tiki aesthetic and avoid this kind of Walmart tiki party-style decorations. It really takes away from the resort and just makes it seem kind of tacky. Disneyland seems to be far better than WDW at elevating their theming and maintaining consistency. At WDW, it often seems like no-one is in charge of overseeing those things so hotel management and others just stick in whatever seems appropriate to them.

SplashZander20 days ago

Took the cousin to Poly yesterday to watch Enchantment. Got his thoughts on the new entrance. We both really liked the openness and height of the new design. It feels so much more airy compared to the old one. I really like the colored paneling and the thatch. My only complaints about it are the white underbelly and the fire suppression system that stick out because of it, the unthemed columns, and the balls. I’d say the balls were the worst thing, followed by the white underbelly, and then the columns. The white underbelly doesn’t look as bad in person. It gives it a very clean look, which makes the color choice some purpose, even if I’m not a fan of it. He didn’t really care about the columns, the balls, or the white underbelly. Honestly, he didn’t care, which is probably closer to the general public than anyone on here. Then again, we weren’t staying sat Poly, we were staying at the Shades of Green, so he didn’t have an incentive to care. I was a huge fan of the new refreshed rooms. They look fantastic. Unless you tell someone, or they’ve watched Moana, they probably wouldn’t even know the rooms have a character overlay (my cousin didn’t). I really do think the new rooms look fantastic. Do they hold a candle to the wood carved furniture of Animal Kingdom Lodge? No, but nor did the old rooms. Definite improvement though.

Supertech65Dec 21, 2021

Can anyone tell me if all the DVC rooms are completely done with the room refurbishment? I know it was held up d/t the murphy beds but can't find any info online.

NunuDec 13, 2021

It's still there. Saw him yesterday.

Epcot82GuyDec 13, 2021

Yes - the details of Flo's entrance (ceilings especially) always seemed a bit "missing". Though it's amazing what going with a flat white color palate covers up (or is viewed in architecture and design as being "covered up"). My big issue with the Poly having seen it in person is the number of fairly obvious, blatant cost cuts. Poly already suffers from having the less spectacular lobby and entry vs. its neighbor to the northwest. Plus, layers of detail and textures are a defining part of the Tiki ascetic. The whole point was to escape the reality of the modern, 60s cityscape. So, if you are really referencing your source, concrete columns, industrial paneling and exposed concrete floors should actually be one of the most important things to hide. It makes the Poly feel less than what it should be - especially for increased prices.

castlecake2.0Dec 13, 2021

the more I look at the grand Floridian station the more it looks like the poly station but all painted white.

Haymarket2008Dec 13, 2021

Apart from the plastic-y and untextured Porte Cochere, the actual new entrance with the water features is almost better than what it replaced. A really lovely update.

SkywiseDec 12, 2021

Post-modern brutal minimalism.

UNCgolfDec 12, 2021

I don't think anyone was complaining about the idea of it, or the overall design -- the concept art was fine. The problem is the execution. It uses a bunch of materials that look cheap and/or unfinished. I'm not sure why unthemed metal sheets/bars and concrete equals a 2021 take.

Dutch Inn '76Dec 12, 2021

Pardon me for not jumping on the Complain Train, but I'll withhold my judgement until March. We'll be there then. The pictures look like a 2021 take on Mid-Century Modern Tiki... which is what the Polynesian has always been. I'll update my opinion then...

HauntedPirateDec 02, 2021

You aren’t alone in that last statement. Sadly.

lazyboy97oDec 02, 2021

It expresses the Polynesian love for above-grade storm water connection details.

OG RunnerDec 02, 2021

I still don't understand why they didn't ask for our opinion before doing this.

DznyRktektDec 02, 2021

Speaking of downspouts.. Why wouldn't you feature these on the front of the columns? Very questionable design decisions on this project.