PHOTOS - Latest look at the Polynesian Resort Great Ceremonial House refurbishment

Oct 13, 2020 in "Disney's Polynesian Resort"

Polynesian Village Resort Great Ceremonial House - October 12 2020
Posted: Tuesday October 13, 2020 11:19am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews have wasted no time getting started on the Great Ceremonial House refurbishment at Disney's Polynesian Resort, with 5 pieces of the roof beams already removed.

When complete, the roofline will have fewer beams and a new look.

The main entrance is now closed off to pedestrians and vehicles.

The Pagu Pagu building is the temporary home to Magical Express arrivals and check-in.

Signage at the main entrance of the Great Ceremonial House directs guests to the side and rear entrances.

Inside, there isn't yet much to see, although the next major impact will be the closure of the monorail station on November 2 2020.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Great Ceremonial House refurbishment.

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TrojanUSC12 hours ago

Yes it looks like a sh@g carpet dropped over. The placement of it is also odd. Does not look natural.

UNCgolf16 hours ago

I wondered about the thatch. I thought it looked more like a giant rug/welcome mat draped over a frame than an actual thatched roof in photos, but it's always different in person. Not great that it looks off in person too.

Epcot82Guy17 hours ago

Having now seen it in person, I agree with what everyone is saying. It feels like a project that simply wasn't finished. The ideas behind all of them are fine. It's just missing the finishing touches that make it Disney. The warehouse roof is noticeable and feels weird. The thatch on the roof also looks a little suspicious up close. The panels are cool - though they feel a bit plastic. The gardens are actually a nice balance of smaller (good for budget) and intimate - so they work (or at least will work once the foliage grows back in). The columns are more non-descript, but they do come off as very plain and almost like they painted the framework of the house vs. put up the walls. And, you really notice it as soon as you go to any other hotel or resort in that area. Even the stark Contemporary walk ups have the studded concrete, tiles, etc. - and it was always flagged as being the one lacking theme or details. Sadly, Poly's columns and roof underside may now take that cake. Luckily, it's not a project that totally ruined anything. If they simply added to what they have and got appropriate lighting fixtures, the thatch would be the only real negative.

Walt d20 hours ago

Have been to away and stayed here it’s just like being there that is very nice now, very tropical..

Bocabear22 hours ago

except that the surface has an organic covering rather than brown concrete...I was thinking quick and cheap...but actually detail painting would be nice...or sculpting over the existing form with a medium to look more distressed and Disney used to do. The brown ceiling inserts could be painted in a faux Tapa style to add a little interest as well... but I think they feel like they are done...I am more concerned with the actual ceiling and balloon nets...

lazyboy97o22 hours ago

It would look like bamboo strapped around something huge. Nothing organic about that.

Bocabear22 hours ago

Even if they bundled Bamboo poles around the columns it would feel mor organic and less painted brown concrete... The Balloon Nets are a far greater sin...they look really terrible.. Giving credit where it is due, I am pleased with the water features, though a smaller footprint, it is a lot more stylish... The color panels don't bother me as much as the way too light ceiling...that is a bigger problem along with the Balloons...just weird looking.

CumulusIsobar1 day ago

Please see if they've moved this guy away from the entrance yet.

JoeCamel2 days ago

I remember rapping my knuckles against rails and columns to see if they were real or Disney. They were Disney and impressive that I had to check.

Vegas Disney Fan2 days ago

For me this falls into the “Disney touches” that you don’t necessarily notice but that make Disney Disney. The round columns don’t look bad, but your picture screams Disney. It’s the plussing that you don’t notice but you also notice. My biggest complaint with most Disney renovations lately is they are generic… white sheets, plank floors, lack of specific theming, none of it looks bad but with the lack of details it’s getting hard to tell a Caribbean Beach room apart from a French Quarter room. That’s not to say I dislike the changes, I prefer the new flooring to the carpet and I don’t miss the old bedspreads at all, to me the new rooms are unquestionably better, I just miss the little details (like bed runners, wallpaper borders, etc) that differentiated the rooms. I think they could accomplish your quick photoshop with something as simple as fabric banners.

networkpro2 days ago

My last views of it were in April under construction, I'll take some more pictures next week.

LittleBuford2 days ago

Thanks for sharing your impressions. I’m sorry it doesn’t look better in person.

LittleBuford2 days ago

Good mock-up, but it doesn’t work for me.

TrojanUSC2 days ago

Saw it. Took some of the photos in this thread. The colorful panels do not bother me. What bothers me is the thatching looks like a weird sh@g carpet, far faker than some of the other faux-thatching on property. The biggest problem, as mentioned, is the moment you drive inside. None of the theming was designed to be underneath it. It is an un-themed warehouse once inside. Once you head towards the building it gets nicer as you're surrounded by the lush tropical environment and they painted the underside of the bridge brown, but the concrete columns are still jarringly plain - though they do not stand out as much as here the roof is also brown, so it all blends in.