PHOTOS - Latest look at the Polynesian Resort Great Ceremonial House refurbishment

Oct 13, 2020 in "Disney's Polynesian Resort"

Polynesian Village Resort Great Ceremonial House - October 12 2020

Crews have wasted no time getting started on the Great Ceremonial House refurbishment at Disney's Polynesian Resort, with 5 pieces of the roof beams already removed.

When complete, the roofline will have fewer beams and a new look.

The main entrance is now closed off to pedestrians and vehicles.

The Pagu Pagu building is the temporary home to Magical Express arrivals and check-in.

Signage at the main entrance of the Great Ceremonial House directs guests to the side and rear entrances.

Inside, there isn't yet much to see, although the next major impact will be the closure of the monorail station on November 2 2020.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Great Ceremonial House refurbishment.

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Article Posted: Oct 13, 2020 / 11:19am ET
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JoeCamel1 day ago

Thank you Disney, those look great.

DCBaker2 days ago

MrHappy5 days ago

This definitely looks like the station will be completed by 5/1 :cool:🙏. It's just a big deck with plantings, right?!

Movielover5 days ago

Likely the area was flatten for easier access for the larger construction equipment used for both the roof of the main building and the demo of the monorail station. I would expect the landscaping to start taking shape after the bulk of the Monorail station is complete.

nicb885 days ago

There’s still a lot of construction left of the new entrance so I’m sure there’s time yet for them to redevelop a water feature! No need yet for such despair! :)

Bocabear6 days ago

Looks like they dug the original ponds out and then flattened and leveled the ground...I would think if they were putting the water feature back in they would have already started site prep for the new ponds... Plus they would probably have already generated some concept art of the new entrance... Unless it is so underwhelming they are just keeping it quiet. My guess it will be a lot of uninspired landscape and a few torches and fiberglass tikis... It's like they just can't stand to leave a beautifully designed original hotel that is wildly popular alone...they have to get in there and value engineer it... So sad.

MisterPenguin6 days ago


Nubs706 days ago

Walked past the rooms the are redoing. It's a total redo down to the studs. Through the plastic on the interior of the patio doors there are stacks of RockWool.

nbar6 days ago

Consider its tree We use each part of the coconut That's all we need

JoeCamel6 days ago

I never consider the coconuts (allergic) but I always consider the pineapples (lapu lapu)

MisterPenguin6 days ago

The what?!

MansionButler846 days ago

Please tell me they are considering the coconuts?

TikibirdLand6 days ago

I hope so! It was really depressing to watch them rip out that garden area. I'll be watching... Always watching. :D

Disney Analyst7 days ago

Can see what looks like the new roof trusses staged in the parking lot.