PHOTOS - Monorail station now closed at the Polynesian and a look at the latest refurbishment progress

Nov 03, 2020 in "Disney's Polynesian Resort"

Polynesian Village Resort Great Ceremonial House refurbishment - November 2 2020

The monorail station at Disney's Polynesian Resort closed yesterday as work continues on redesigning the front of the Great Ceremonial House.

With the monorail now closed, transportation options to the Magic Kingdom include bus and boat from the resort, or a walk to the TTC to board a monorail or ferry boat.

On the roofline, the former beams have now been completely removed.

Inside, the ceiling windows have now been covered with tarps.

The monorail station, and work on the Great Ceremonial House will be completed by summer 2021.

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Article Posted: Nov 03, 2020 / 10:58am ET
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Walt d18 hours ago

They can’t see anything universal is reading this too..

dgp60219 hours ago

If this has been asked and answered before I apologize, but when the redesign is completed, will there still be water features at the entrance outside? I have not seen any concept art on this remodel....

Flynnwriter20 hours ago

So sad to see... they better make it lush, with tranquil water fester, tiki torch.. no fiberglass statutes of Moana.

JohnD23 hours ago

I hope they use the opportunity to clean those beams.

note200123 hours ago

The plans show it will be as dark as the inside of a suitcase down there. Unless they put in plant lighting, I can't see them coming back. Those gardens/fountains were the closest thing we had to a replacement for the removal of the interior fountain too. :(

nbar1 day ago

Concept art for the porte cochere looks great. It is the fountains and water and vegetation they ripped up underneath the monorail station that I am fearful will not return. Edit: I did go back and read the DPB post when they announced this. It does say: "Enhancements will also be made to the lush gardens and fountains that have welcomed guests to the resort since opening day. The open and airy design of the entryway will feature dramatic lighting elements, including beautiful chandeliers inspired by glass floats, fishing nets and oversized bamboo elements. The new chandeliers will match the existing grand chandelier in the resort lobby, artfully bridging interior and exterior spaces." So hopefully those lush gardens and water falls will find their way back

Minthorne1 day ago

I'm still hopeful - the concept art has glimmer of potential (if allied with my vision and brain)

Edward Jackson1 day ago

They should leave it like that. I would be pretty exciting to jump to the monorail from the building. It is supposed to be Moana themed. Take a palm frond and slide over.

UNCgolf1 day ago

I wouldn't hold my breath based on Disney's recent hotel construction. Could always be pleasantly surprised, though.

Bocabear1 day ago

Wow how incredibly sad! You can be sure when it is rebuilt it will not have an ounce of it's original charm...Gone are the waterfalls, fountains and gardens as well as that unique first approach into the resort. Current leadership has shown time and again they cannot replicate the style and charm of any of the original buildings...I am expecting a simple serviceable garden area and monorail station a'la Marriott.

Disney Analyst1 day ago

So happy to see that ugly structure gone. Build us something beautiful please.

Club341 day ago

Sweet Jesus!!! I feel like I am watching a 1800's surgery classroom... "And now we are going to remove his childhood."

SplashZander1 day ago

Wow! I thought they were redoing the original structure, but that is truly a demolition.

Tuvalu1 day ago

Think you have a typo. That “pile of rumble” is actually a pile of rubble. 😁