PHOTOS - Monorail station now closed at the Polynesian and a look at the latest refurbishment progress

Nov 03, 2020 in "Disney's Polynesian Resort"

Polynesian Village Resort Great Ceremonial House refurbishment - November 2 2020
Posted: Tuesday November 3, 2020 10:58am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The monorail station at Disney's Polynesian Resort closed yesterday as work continues on redesigning the front of the Great Ceremonial House.

With the monorail now closed, transportation options to the Magic Kingdom include bus and boat from the resort, or a walk to the TTC to board a monorail or ferry boat.

On the roofline, the former beams have now been completely removed.

Inside, the ceiling windows have now been covered with tarps.

The monorail station, and work on the Great Ceremonial House will be completed by summer 2021.

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Disney Analyst2 hours ago

Pretty much that. Most modern WDW architecture is made to look like wood these days, but is not built with wood. They are fixing up the falling apart station and it should last another 50+ years structurally!

peter114355 hours ago

It was 50 years and constructed mostly of wood.

insert name here5 hours ago

Why did the monorail station need to be rebuilt?

Bocabear8 hours ago

I see the space...but no sign of anything hinting at the construction of water features... Perhaps The Zach could share some Imagineering brilliance and show us the renderings of the water features designed for the new Polynesian entrance... Wait, you say the company that does a press release and concept art for a new doorknob or replacing burned out lightbulbs has decided to not hype the new water features they are building at the entrance of the Poly? That's a curious choice unless they really have no plans on bringing back that iconic beautiful first moment of your arrival. I bet there is a poll that says Disney Guests just want to get into the lobby with lots of furniture and watch cartoons....

JoeCamel11 hours ago

So I'm seeing a bridge to the doors with space for water under and to the sides?

DCBaker21 hours ago

castlecake2.023 hours ago

You make some great points! That’s why right now my fave room layout is Pop Century. It’s SO user friendly, and I like the clean modern feel to it.

lazyboy97o1 day ago

No, it covers an access panel. The hallways of the Polynesian have sizable access panels located between the rooms for access to the plumbing chases that were previously very visible.

zero creativity1 day ago

Is that volcano mural an elevator?

RSoxNo13 days ago

I like the decor, I like the color choices, I don't like the characters outside of a framed print on the wall.

MEyeSeeKayEY3 days ago

I just need Ohana to be reopened by December...

Weather_Lady3 days ago

I imagine they're shooting for the third week in July, when the Polynesian Village Resort (non-DVC) section reopens. Given the amount of progress they've made in the past month, I think that's doable. Of course, Disney no longer aims for what's doable (let alone the "impossible," as Walt liked to do), so I'll temper my expectations. ;)

Bocabear3 days ago

Coming along nicely but still a long way to go... There is no way this will be finished by My 1st... I would guess August or September at the earliest...