New look lobby at Disney's Old Key West Resort now open

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Disney's Old Key West refurbished lobby 2021
Posted: Thursday October 14, 2021 1:27pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Earlier this week Disney's Old Key West Resort at Walt Disney World debuted its newly refreshed lobby design and layout.

As we have seen at other Disney resorts, the traditional long line of desks has been replaced with smaller counters offering a more personal interaction with cast members.

The color scheme is much lighter than the original, offering an open and airy feeling.

Here is a reminder of how the original Old Key West lobby looked prior to the refurbishment.

Seating areas and table tops are equipped with power outlets and USB points for guest use.

The new look is a significant departure from the original. Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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Obobru13 hours ago

That sums up a lot of what Disney is now, but it still has plenty of equity in "magic" and "Pixy dust" plus buying up other companies to keep it going for a couple more generations.

Obobru13 hours ago

It reminds me of a Homewood Suites I stayed in once but with more clutter. For a timeshare it's not too bad, looks better than Westgate. I am sure most of the people who stay there will think it looks amazing because the Disney timeshare owners are some of the most brainwashed people who think Disney is amazing no matter how mediocre things are as they have to keep telling themselves that so they don't think about how they have bought into vacations at Walt Declining World for eternity. I have seen people say the resort is supposed to evoke Key West but let's be honest Key West is a bit of a tacky dump for the over 60's trying to relive their youth and loads of cruise ship day visitors, so let's be glad it's nothing like Key West.

Grace16262 days ago

I was speaking of the lobby re-do.

Bocabear4 days ago

I know it is... But there are/were a lot of other locations that had a more evocative feel for a turn of the century resort in Saratoga Springs... And they honestly didn't really use this example either anyway...

Movielover4 days ago

Funny since that's at the actual real life location. Saratoga Springs Spa State Park

Grace16264 days ago

Cheap. Tacky. Generic. Sigh

YorkshireT4 days ago

That’s the Springs- the Spa at the real Saratoga Springs.

Bocabear4 days ago

that looks like a college campus... certainly not evoking a Victorian Gilded age New York retreat... Too plain...too usual... to much like everything in anytown USA... The old Garde imagineering team would have found something unique to recreate...Something that would be recognizable to a wide audience...

YorkshireT4 days ago

Saratoga Spa itself would surely make a great model for such a bar/ restaurant , perhaps facing water.?

Bocabear4 days ago

open sided? not sure what that means... outdoor with a roof overhead? that theme is as intangible as Saratoga Springs Resort Style... no one really knows what they are trying to do... The original pavilions in Central park with their late Victorian design and Eastlake aesthetic would be a good place to start... Abd yes there are some fountains and gazebos here and there, they just don't come together in any meaningful way...Maybe the sprawling nature of the property... maybe there just aren't enough things to make a statement... Of all things though, if the Lobby building, restaurant, and main feature pool were more heavily themed, it could carry the rest of the resort beautifully... Get rid of that corporate country club look and make it feel more period appropriate and special...

YorkshireT4 days ago

Again, I think the gardens at SSR are lovely, with fountain features, things such as the gazebo with the horses in. The Grandstand pool is one of the most heavily themed on property. In the Carriage house, I would like to see the Disney Institute 1980’s style brickwork covered and improved though, the ‘lounge bar’ totally revamped (which looks like a 1980’s municipal UK golf club, with bad carpet) and the main restaurant ripped out and started again. I also think the property is ripe for an open sided ‘Upscale Upstate NY Victorian ’ themed bar / casual restaurant , imagine something like Geyser Point, but with a variation on the theme.

Sir_Cliff4 days ago

Not a bad plan, actually! Let them get it out of their system where the rest of us don't have to look at it!

castlecake2.05 days ago

Correct, and inexplicable artwork that has nothing to do with the location. But if we can get to them to group them all in that corner of property they can just blend into bonnet creek towers and I can try my best not to look as I drive down BV drive and all will be well ;)

Sir_Cliff5 days ago

You'll be able to tell they are themed to different areas of the Riviera as each tower will have a slightly different roof stuck on top.