PHOTOS - Grand Floridan to Magic Kingdom walkway nearing completion

Jul 22, 2020 in "Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa"

Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom bridge construction - July 21 2020
Posted: Wednesday July 22, 2020 9:55am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following more than a year of construction, the walkway that will link Disney's Grand Floridan Resort to the Magic Kingdom is nearing completion.

The large swing bridge that sits at the opening of the Electrical Water Pageant canal is now in position, landscaped, and complete with lighting.

The second fixed bridge, that spans a small canal near to the convention center, is also now in place (pictured below prior to and after installation).

The walkway leading from the Magic Kingdom to the bridges is also well underway.

Disney's Grand Floridan Resort reopens to guests in late September, and it looks like the project may be complete to open alongside the resort.

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Nubs707 days ago

You can also see the concept of camber in a loaded and unloaded flatbed semi trailer. Unloaded, the trailer will be arched. Loaded, the trailer will be flat.

Master Yoda7 days ago

That arch you speak of is actually called a "camber". It is a commonly used technique to strengthen beams, bridges, trusses, etc. where you curve the structure slightly upwards. When a load is applied and the deflection occurs, the structure levels out vs sagging. The picture below is a crude example of this. The lift mechanism solves a myriad of problems with bridges of this type. All materials under load will deflect over time. The lifting mechanism allows the bridge to work without constant adjustment to maintain the gap specs. It also allows the gap to be as close to zero as possible which is essential to avoid a tripping hazard.

halltd8 days ago

The span looks quite long and already has an arch to it. I’m sure the raising mechanism was cheaper than stiffining the bridge to always keep the gap at the end small enough to not be a trip hazard. Most movable bridges I’ve seen walking around urban environments do something similar.

HarperRose14 days ago

You'll pass through security on the sidewalk to MK from the Contemporary.

nickys14 days ago


Chet Dakota14 days ago

As I am understanding it, you can not walk from Contemporary to GF without passing through security at least once. Correct?

Master Yoda14 days ago

Understandable in this day and age.

HarperRose15 days ago

DH just asked me "where's the fire alarm?" LOL

wdwmagic15 days ago

Yeah I was too, it is quite a complex system.

Skywise15 days ago

Interesting... I'm surprised it has to rise at the end of its cycle

wdwmagic15 days ago

Yes weed whacker at the GF. The bridge is actually near silent.

Brad Bishop15 days ago

I think it's great that they finally made it so that you can walk from the MK around to the TTC. I'd like to see them expand the water-bridge (for traffic - I always thought the walkway was pretty minimal but it looks like it's a lane wide) and have the walkway go all the way around the lake, myself.

halltd15 days ago

Was that a weed whacker in the background or was that the noise of the bridge?

wdwmagic15 days ago

Yeah they really want you to know when that thing is moving.