PHOTOS - Grand Floridian Resort reopens and new walkway to Magic Kingdom nears opening

29 days ago in "Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa"

Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom bridge construction - September 21 2020

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort reopened today following the departure of the NBA players.

The new walkway that links the resort to the Magic Kingdom is still not open to guests, but it looks likely to be available very soon.

Just a couple of workers remain on the site completing final touches.

The main swing bridge has a closed gate across the bridge from both sides.

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Article Posted: Sep 21, 2020 / 10:42am ET
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larryz6 days ago

I think I saw Scrat use that technique in one of the Ice Age movies...

Master Yoda6 days ago

No. To do that they typically either pile up dirt on the location and let gravity do the work (commonly called surcharging) or mechanically compact the soil with a soil tamper or steam roller. A much more exciting method is called dynamic compaction. For this, a large weight is repeatedly dropped from a crane onto the aera to compact the soil.

JoeCamel7 days ago

Not me, he does not deserve my click let alone time to read his speculative and outright stolen content presented without attribution or shame.

deWild7 days ago

Can someone DM me what this other website is? I truly have had no idea what this is referencing over the past couple years.

larryz8 days ago

They fired Lance...

danlb_20008 days ago

The assumption about the temporary path was that the new boat dock area was going to take longer to complete then the rest of the path, so they setup this temporary bypass to allow the path to open while work continued on the dock area.

raymusiccity8 days ago

They really need to have that lanced!!

EdnaMode8 days ago

What in the world was that temporary walkway all about? Was it meant for NBA players to access the MK (did they even do that?) We can only hope it's imminent (and by imminent, I mean, in this century) that everything else that seems to be holding up the walkway nears completion.

JoeCamel10 days ago

I took it as they did a lot of work to put one in just to take it out again but I also wondered if there was some emergency evacuation plan that incorporated the original out to the canal to a safe space? Maybe an emergency ferry landing at the construction dock? Anyway glad the lime trees are flowering, the limes may be ready in time for the grand. Magical limes you know?

danlb_200010 days ago

I think they are making the assumption that if the temporary walkway had been left in place then it could have opened sooner. I could just be that they are so close to opening the normal path that the temporary one is not needed.

trainplane310 days ago

Not sure why they're criticizing it as "one step forward, two steps back" (I read the reason and it doesn't make sense):

homerdance10 days ago

Sorry for your loss.

Dan Deesnee10 days ago

Anyone here if this walkway might be open by mid November?

Love Ft Wilderness11 days ago

Not a happy camper. I'll be there in 10 days with full intent to walk on the walkway. I would have been happy using the temporary ramp. Well I have another chance in December.