PHOTOS - Walkthrough of the now open Grand Floridan Resort to Magic Kingdom walkway

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Walkthrough of completed Grand Floridan Resort walkway to Magic Kingdom

The much anticipated walkway from the Grand Floridian Resort to the Magic Kingdom opened this morning.

The new walkway begins near to the Grand Floridian convention buildings, accessible from alongside the quick service restaurant and marina area.

The walk takes about 10 minutes at a brisk pace, but of course your mileage may vary. For most, it will be a 15 minute walk.

During the walk, you pass over two new bridges, including the swing bridge that allows access to the Electric Water Pageant canal.

Also open today is the new boat dock, serving both the Grand Floridian and Polynesian Resort.

On arrival, temperature screening and security screening is carried out just beyond the new boat dock area, which use the new no-stop EVOLV security scanners.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the new Grand Floridan to Magic Kingdom walkway, and take a video walkthrough below.

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Article Posted: Nov 20, 2020 / 8:52am ET
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nickys21 hours ago

Here’s @nelsonj3 ‘s relaxing stroll video from GF to MK. Thanks Josh!

mm522001 day ago

Haven’t asked the last few times and if they do we just say we’re heading to the Poly and they direct us that way.

Soluna161 day ago

It's open but people should be aware both times I've now done it security has asked me what I'm doing and asked whether I had a reservation for the Polynesian. I don't think they want people to walk from TTC to Magic Kingdom at this time.

wishiwere@wdw1 day ago

Awesome. Thanks. I like to be sure I’m staying within proper boundaries and became unsure over there. Will be sure to check it out next time.

mm522001 day ago

No you can walk from TTC to Poly. Just have to exit past security and the temperature tents and walk down the tram lane towards the Poly. Still open.

wishiwere@wdw1 day ago

We tried this out the other day and loved it. Very peaceful and reasonably quick. That said, best I could tell it would seem there is currently no way to walk from the TTC to the Poly? It looked to be all blocked off; at least where I’m familiar with where to go. I just assumed this was due to the construction but wasn’t sure if I just goofed up? We ended up taking a resort monorail to the grand Floridian and then walked over so not like it was a big deal :).

mikeymouse3 days ago

That was good, but I want to see the bridge rotate and let out the water pageant!

nelsonj33 days ago

I've got it filmed and posting Sunday! :-)

hosekiller5 days ago

I saw yellow and black, and maybe orange. But definitely saw several reds 🤷🏻‍♂️

MisterPenguin5 days ago

Funny thing is they make the Skyliner gondolas with several unique appliques instead of them all being the same. 515514 515515

The Empress Lilly5 days ago

I love this so much! I love my Florida evening walks. I take them anyway. And I dislike the MK crowds. I might never see a monorail or ferry in the evening again! 🏃🏼

hosekiller5 days ago

Apparently there are several red monorails about the property 🤔🤔

kevlightyear6 days ago

Red. 🤣

JoeCamel6 days ago

That would be cool if I were into star bores. I think I did ST maybe three times since it was opened? Never a fan of sims like that. Went to the space center a couple of years ago and they have the same sim just different scenery. Felt the same about that one. I'm on the outs here.