Disney Vacation Club announces plans to transform part of Disney's Grand Floridan Resort into 200 resort studios

May 19, 2021 in "Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa"

Big Pine Key - May 20 2021
Posted: Wednesday May 19, 2021 5:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Vacation Club has this afternoon announced plans to transform building 9 at Disney's Grand Floridan Resort, Big Pine Key, into 200 resort studios.

Work is expected to begin in the spring of 2022 with an opening in the summer of 2022, and will join the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridan Resort as part of the Disney Vacation Club.

Here is the full announcement news release.

Orlando, FL (May 19, 2021) – Today, Disney Vacation Club shared plans to reimagine one building of existing hotel rooms at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa into Disney Vacation Club Villas.

“This is great news for Disney Vacation Club and our Members,” said Terri Schultz, senior vice president, Disney Vacation Club. “It will provide us with new and diverse inventory at a resort that is cherished by our Members and their families.”

Located on the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon and on the monorail line to Magic Kingdom Park, the proposed project will transform Big Pine Key (building nine) at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa into approximately 200 Resort Studios, accommodating up to five Guests.

Featuring the Victorian elegance and charm of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, these new Villas will offer Members luxury accommodations and amenities, with some Villas boasting stunning views of Bay Lake and Magic Kingdom. Projected to open in summer 2022, these new Villas are an expansion of The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and will be a part of its current condominium association. Information regarding the start of sales and rental bookings will be released at a later date.

Since 2013, Members have reveled in the Victorian splendor of The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, enjoying the comforts of home, impeccable service, amenities and fun-in-the-sun recreation available at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa currently has 100 Disney Vacation Club homes and offers a mix of accommodation styles, ranging from Deluxe Studios to three-bedroom Grand Villas.

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TransportationGuyJun 03, 2021

This is one area I wouldn’t be too sure on. The business world learned that digital digital meetings weren’t all that it was thought to be. Additionally, even if the meetings industry does shrink modestly, Orlando has the second highest market share for meetings in the country and is continuing to close the gap with Chicago for the number one spot.

TransportationGuyJun 03, 2021

I have a strong feeling that cash rooms will continue to get flipped to DVC until contracts start to expire. That point will serve as an inflection point on demand. If DVC feels like they can resell those same units, they will. If not, they can put them back into the cash inventory. By doing this, the balance sheet will still show similar numbers of DVC units having been sold while daily rental can sell the cash rooms as an up charge since they are suites after all.

nickysMay 29, 2021

Calculate it without the zeros and then manually add them on at the end. 😉

mfortisMay 29, 2021

Wowsa! I tried something similar and I kept on getting a -e on my calculator. lol

havoc315May 27, 2021

Then you’re missing the point. A contractual right, for future buyers, can be changed any time.

helenabearMay 27, 2021

I actually didn't have an issue with it to be fair. All of our paperwork was lost so I need to figure it out. I had just given birth to a baby though and wasn't going to do it then but let's just say my old guide sucked royally and I was put on a do not contact list. My contract never was fixed. Now my latest guide was laid off so eh, we'll figure it out. I think for most the $15-25 cost (it went up after a time) felt extremely high to many owners. Some just wanted the end date to be original so they signed away. I'd be far more willing to shell out money now. For direct purchases it does though. Resale can do whatever they want, but if this is an extension of VGF then the direct sales will have the same end date for example for the entire resort... whatever that may be. I don't think they'd try the OKW failure again. It would be easier to sell all at the same end date for a slightly lower than RR price. Or maybe they won't care. How long have they been selling Aulani? End date won't change just for that.

WDWYankee15May 27, 2021

This is not only about the current customers but who they are trying to sell the future direct points to. With the current price of direct points and the constant rapid price increases per point, they can market too well to those who would need 200-300 point contracts. They are stressing the studios and the bank and barrow principles to entice people in. Heck, they love that there are value Studios (albeit very few) at AKL. They dangle how few points a family can make a trip to WDW on.

homerdanceMay 27, 2021

Exactly. That is my point.

WDWYankee15May 27, 2021

This all day! I would much rather save points and get a standard room than having a "view" out a window or the balcony of something "special." There are a few rare exceptions to that, but not many. Further, at least at WDW, if you are out at the parks or at the pool at the resort, you are paying a bunch extra (in points used) for a view that you aren't "using." I would much prefer to balance the studio points closer together for room views/location (ala Saratoga's preferred), by raising the points on standards and lowering them in the preferred views/locations.

havoc315May 27, 2021

Likely points were getting confused. My original statement… which seems to have generated controversy, was merely that being in the same condo association does not guarantee new buyers will have all the exact same terms as earlier buyers. Some changes require more legal maneuvering than others — such as the quit claim extension at OKW. There are many treating the GF extension, because it’s the same condo association, as an absolute definitive guarantee that the sales terms won’t change.

LuvtheGoofMay 27, 2021

So was part of your issue with the $15/point price tag? I know that if we had been OKW owners, there is no way we would be willing to pay that. $5/point would have been our limit. As far as the new VGF villas, DVC has already removed pricing from their website. They might be able to get away with $205 and maybe $210, but certainly not $260 like the resale price was. They should price it the same as Riviera, since they always pitched it as being at the same level as VGF. With enough incentives, we might consider buying there, but certainly not at $260.

helenabearMay 27, 2021

Nothing I quoted has anything to do with resale though, but if you meant it to be sorry I missed that. I really was pointing out that your view of what they did at OKW was incorrect. The whole resort was extended. You chose to quitclaim or not. That obviously happened but it was a dismal failure. I do not see them doing it again. Aulani also is nothing to do with resale. They found the errors. Sales stopped. Execs were fired. Then they fixed the annual dues from that sales point on. If you buy the originals as a resale you benefit from the lower MFs. Not sure what you last comment was about either. No where did I say it was impossible. I'm an OKW owner who watched it happen. Doubt they'd do it again. But not impossible... maybe you confused me with another poster? Or misunderstood what I was saying? They cannot just change end dates for new sales for part of the same resort. Either all get a new end date or they need a whole new resort. Quitclaim can be done but that's not the same as just changing the date for some newer sales but not all. This is all VGF and not a separate like BRV and CCV (or so they said) And still nothing changes with resale on it. When you buy resale you still get the quticlaimed deed. Only direct erases the quitclaim. Some day I'll figure out what happens to my stuff since they lost paperwork.

havoc315May 27, 2021

you weren’t addressing what I’ve been taking about — resale restrictions. But yes.. end date could be changed, following the exact same mechanism as OKW. Have existing owners the choice of extending or sign a quit claim, give new direct buyers the longer date. You’re claiming it’s impossible — yet it’s already been done.

havoc315May 27, 2021

They have EVERYTHING to do with the terms of the contract. And new buyers can always be offered a different contract. That’s why I consulted a lawyer who specializes in timeshares. Resale restrictions have NOTHING.. NADA.. to do with the condo association. They have to do with the terms of purchase.