New Walt Disney World discount launched today offers a 20% discount at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds

Mar 16, 2021 in "The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort"

Posted: Tuesday March 16, 2021 8:51am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Launching today is a new offer for Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground during April and May 2021.

Applicable to the campsites only, the offer provides a 20% discount. As always, you can contact our Disney travel agent sponsor Kingdom Konsultant for a free no-obligation quote that includes this discount.

Spring is sprouting exciting new experiences across Walt Disney World Resort, including a new springtime offer from Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground where campsite you can stay under the stars in the middle of the magic. Now through May 27, 2021, you can save up to 20% on campsites for stays most nights only between April 11-May 27, 2021.

Important Details

  • Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.
  • Advance reservations required.
  • The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground are not included in this offer.
  • Valid ticket or pass and a park reservation for each day is required to visit the theme parks.
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Raxel7851Mar 21, 2021

When we bought our latest RV, we purchased it from one of the largest Airstream dealers on the East Coast. Although we didn’t purchase an Airstream, we did check them out. Pre pandemic they had a huge selection. I took ours back for service and you could just about count the new ones on 2 hands. Like you, we get emails regularly wanting our unit for used inventory. But at the same time, the prices on new RVs are getting out of control. I’m thinking when the pandemic starts settling down, there will be quite a few used RVs for sale. It’s nice having your own space when traveling.

NelleBelleMar 20, 2021

No need—I’m sold on the road trip! I was floored when my cheap, er, financially-minded DH agreed to buy a new airstream in 2019 before a big road trip to Utah. We love that trailer! And who knew that a pandemic was lurking and airstream would be backordered so that at least once a month the dealer calls to ask if we’d like to sell it and upgrade🤣 If I could get DH to work on the road and my kids were in college already, I’d be happy to tour the country. Someday FW, trailer will be firmly parked my “happiest place” for an extended visit!!

Raxel7851Mar 17, 2021

Sounds like a road trip is coming up. You’d really enjoy FW! You could always rent one of the cabins there to check it out first.

NelleBelleMar 17, 2021

When we travel with our trailer, we often stay at KOA and routinely pay 90+/nt depending on where we are and the site. We definitely are the full hook-up kind of campers unless we are just passing through but even then, we definitely want electricity and water hookups, which some state parks do have, but definitely not for less than 50/nt Wish FL was a closer drive from WA! FW is on my bucket list!!

Dave BMar 16, 2021

Might as well get a hotel room for that price

Dave BMar 16, 2021

True no hook ups as we tent camp, and no swimming pools, but we do have a huge Lake to swim and fish in and camp right on the lake and they have restrooms and showers, don't know what else you need to camp, I have never gone camping where there was swimming pools

JohnDMar 16, 2021

I remember camping there with my parents when I was a kid. If I had my own means of camping (e.g. RV), I would do it myself. It's going to WDW as I remember it. Laid back. Outside activities. Rent boats/canoes. And still go to theme parks.

CaptainAmericaMar 16, 2021

Yeah in a state/national park, maybe. You're not getting full hookups and three swimming pools for that. I just booked three nights at a state park in Rhode Island and it was $55 per night for out-of-state plates. The bathrooms are cinder blocks, the only amenities are an open field and a small playground, and they don't even have a basic shop with firewood.

JohnDMar 16, 2021

And also count as a "resort" for park reservation purposes.

Raxel7851Mar 16, 2021

When we were there in September we rented a golf cart. We drove around and saw there were entire loops shut down due to Covid capacity. It was kind of eerie.

Club CooloholicMar 16, 2021

Shocked they are doing this. Campgrounds are I have considered are booking up, more people are camping than ever

DisneyDeliriousMar 16, 2021

It does allow them to have some more folks staying on site at a considerably lower cost than opening up a shuttered resort. They socially distance themselves, are responsible for their own housekeeping, etc...

Raxel7851Mar 16, 2021

We’ve been camping at FW on and off since it first opened. At one time they had a train that ran a loop around the campground. Of course that’s long gone. This is the first time I’ve ever seen sites discounted. They may have been years ago, but I honestly don’t believe they were. FW is one of the nicest campgrounds in the USA. 10$-15$ a night isn’t getting you full hookups and the amenities offered at the Fort. Of course if you want the views, it’s probably a boondocking site. Which is fine.

MMFanCipherMar 16, 2021

Kind of irritated! Will be there June 1st! Just after the discount!