'Celebration at the Top - 50th Flavors and Fireworks' cocktail party coming to Disney's Contemporary Resort

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Posted: Wednesday September 15, 2021 8:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Contemporary Resort will be offering a Walt Disney World 50th anniversary cocktail party beginning October 2 2021 which includes firework viewing from the hotel's rooftop.

Culinary offerings include sushi, small bites, favorite dishes from the California Grill menu, and desserts. The complimentary bar serves California wine, beers and cordials.

As the nightly firework showtime approaches, you can step out onto the private observation deck reserved just for Celebration at the Top Guests. After the fireworks, head back inside for petit four desserts, cordials and coffee.

Celebration at the Top: 50th Flavors & Fireworks at Disney's Contemporary Resort is $129 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Men must wear khakis, slacks or dress shorts and collared shirts. Jeans may be worn if in good condition. Sport coats are optional. Women must wear Capri pants, skirts, dresses or dress shorts. Jeans may be worn if in good condition.

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MonoBunnyBoi3 hours ago

Welp, guess I have make sure to wake up at 5:30a for any California Grill special events in the future - lesson learned πŸ₯² I've heard that they should at least be opening up standard dinner reservation slots sometime soon now (at first I was afraid that these were the only way to enjoy CG during the anniversary, but luckily that doesn't seem to be the case) and as long as I at least get some form of Cal Grill fix during my trip, I'll be reasonably satisfied.

MickeyCB6 hours ago

At about 5:55 am it turned on for booking. I had a 4 person for the 21st, but hesitated as that was our arrival day and didn't think we would all be in by then. I had it in my checkout cart or whatever that page is that gives you your price, but within the one minute I hesitated, when I went to pay it said my date was no longer available. That was between 5:59 and 6 am. In my case it's just as well as we would have been very rushed to get there.

pixarprincess10 hours ago

Ya, I'm pretty sure it's very limited numbers. And given boo bash I wasn't taking any chances.

MonoBunnyBoi10 hours ago

Damn, I can't even find a single spot for the 18th or 21st (I leave on the 27th so that's a no go) - didn't think I'd need to reserve at ~6am just for a spot considering it's a triple-digit cost event. I've been at it since like 8:30 this morning, that's a drag...

pixarprincess10 hours ago

Ya, got 4 people for Oct 27.

MonoBunnyBoi10 hours ago

Wait, you mean you actually got a reservation? Or just got to the page itself? I'm still not seeing any availability, and considering the price, I couldn't imagine they've all been 100% snatched up already, right?!

pixarprincess10 hours ago

Also a developer! Hey there. And ya, I eventually got through this morning via mobile. Super fun at 5:50 AM.

MonoBunnyBoi10 hours ago

Can confirm (as a software engineer myself) the site - especially on desktop - keeps crashing when I try to access the page, and even when I can get on (either desktop or mobile, the latter being far more consistent to access) there's a seemingly-random-scattered amount of available dates to choose from and absolutely no available times to be seen whatsoever... :rolleyes: really irritating

nbar15 hours ago

So if this is in addition to regular dining at Cali grill, when will reservations be able to be booked again? Has Disney said?

Jon81uk17 hours ago

They have offered this event in the past as well. It’s held in the private function rooms at Cali Grill.

Skywise18 hours ago

Caught one! Oh... they've got a small wallet... just throw them back! :D

pixarprincess21 hours ago

Anyone else seeing Disney IT fail again?

Walt d1 day ago

Oh” sushi or what we call bait!

Minthorne1 day ago

I’d definitely call and find out before attending, rather than wait to ask the server the night of the event. As for sushi, while some do have shellfish, I’d say the majority do not (just fish) and rolls that contain only veggies will certainly be offered. They always were at Brunch.