New Pixar-themed children's experience coming to Disney's Contemporary Resort

Mar 09, 2018 in "Disney's Contemporary Resort"

Posted: Friday March 9, 2018 4:09pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney announced earlier this year that it will be closing its kid's clubs resort wide, but has today announced a new offering that might fill the void.

Starting April 13, 2018, Disney's Contemporary Resort will introduce a brand-new, playful and immersive Pixar character experience as part of a pilot program. Each night, kids, ages 4-12, will be transported to a world full of excitement and adventure with their favorite characters from Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story” and “The Incredibles”!

It all kicks off with Space Ranger Training where kids will learn how to identify and battle enemies of the Star Command. Then, Woody and Jessie will show them the ropes of the Wild West during Woody’s Roundup. During the Piston Cup Challenge, youngsters will be able to build a race car, then race it on the Radiator Springs Racetrack. And finally, kids will learn some sweet dance moves during the Incredible Dance Party with Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible. What else is on the menu? Games, dinner and dessert, of course!

The nightly getaway for kids, ages 4-12, will open doors for registration at 5pm and programming will run from 6 - 10:30pm for a fee of $65 per child (plus tax). Children must be fully toilet-trained.

While the kids play, parents can enjoy their own getaway throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

Reservation details are not yet available.

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ObobruMar 07, 2019

This should have made the escape room Captain EO themed.

RteetzMar 06, 2019

This new experience will be at the Beach Club not Contemporary. Begins April 28th and runs from 5:00-8:30PM.

PatchesleeFeb 28, 2019

Mine would be the little girl waiting for Peter Pan to come rescue her 😍😍🥰 lol

nickysFeb 27, 2019

Can’t help but wonder how they will monitor a scavenger hunt with kids of that age in a resort the size of the Contemporary. Put them in high-viz vests so CMs would spot them heading out the door to the pool? Or sneaking into Chef Mickey’s! I don’t see too many parents paying for their kids to be allowed to run loose. I would think most would want to know they would be in a safe area and supervised. Not to mention right now the idea of kids and an escape room, however kid friendly, is perhaps a case of very poor timing.

RteetzFeb 27, 2019

Apparently this is going away and a new experience is coming called, Captain Hook's Pirate Crew. This will be an escape room style activity for kids 4-12 and will also have a scavenger hunt throughout the resort. Cost is $55.

nickysApr 18, 2018

So the arcade has gone? That sucks. A lot of older kids used the arcade. And that leaves just the GF on the monorail.

BlindChowApr 18, 2018

Another wasted chance for a Whack-A-Alien game...

Casper GutmanApr 17, 2018

Remember the arcade on the first floor of the Contemporary? I miss the arcade on the first floor of the Contemporary.

WDWMPrincessApr 17, 2018

I found the blog post on this. I'm curious to know can I book this if we aren't staying in the resort? For example if we've got an adult dinner reservation? It seems to imply this may be a possibility which I think people would like for their arrival day if they get in early enough to partake.

HwdStudioApr 16, 2018

Why not just send them to camp?

MinnieWafflesApr 16, 2018

Oh yeah, little kids would LOVE that. Who needs games and people dressed as Woody and Jessie? :rolleyes:

EpcotCenter82Apr 16, 2018

PIxar Play Zone takes the place of the game stop arcade on the 4th floor (Grand Canyon Concourse). When Bay Lake Tower was under construction, Disney moved everything around in the Tower to make it easier to access certain services for DVC members. The arcade and quick service location on the 1st floor (Fiesta Fun Center) were moved up to the Grand Canyon Concourse. The Concourse Steakhouse was closed on the Grand Canyon Concourse to make room for the new quick service location, Contempo Cafe. The arcade was moved into the Fantasia shop on the GCC and then a new Fantasia shop was built in the middle of the Concourse. Finally The Wave took the place of the original arcade and quick service spot on the 1st floor. Now DVC members have direct access to the Contempo Cafe to use refillable mugs and the Pixar Play Zone (old arcade) by using the skybridge.

ThatMouseApr 16, 2018

Same question everyone else has, where is this? Also, where was the original Contemporary arcade, where the Wave is? It seems like no one knows how to set-up a proper arcade anymore. Good arcade cabinets still exist. When I was a kid, that arcade was the highlight of my Disney trip. I would be saving up quarters. I never liked meeting characters or doing things without my parents.

Horizons1Apr 16, 2018

Why does everything nowadays have to have a dance party?