A look at the new Contemporary Resort lobby

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Contemporary Resort new lobby - September 2021
Posted: Monday October 4, 2021 8:48am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Contemporary Resort unveiled its new lobby design last week as the resort begins to return to normal following its major refurbishment.

New additions to the lobby include a collection of modern art pieces as well as historical, behind-the-scenes photographs of Disney's Contemporary Resort in development and under construction.

The long line of check-in desks has been reduced in number, offering more seating space and check-in services in a more casual setting away from the desks.

If you are interested in a comparisons to the old lobby, see pictures from earlier in the year before the refurbishment.

Watch the video below for a look around the new Contemporary Resort lobby.

Click the gallery to see more pictures of the new Contemporary Resort lobby.

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zapple10 days ago

The Wave was a 1 credit. The prices are lower than I was expecting, they’re about what they were before.

JoeCamel10 days ago

The menu pricing suggests it is aimed at conventioneers with an expense account. Not absurd to make HR question but at the upper end for hotel meals at a convention. Not aimed at the premium deluxe monorail resort patrons at all. DDP is 2 meals here?

TrojanUSC10 days ago

Looks like a (much) nicer version of the Mousketeeria employee dining room.

NickWilde10 days ago

TBH the Wave always felt like eating in someone's dank basement to me, so I think this is a bit of an improvement. Does it match up to standards for a premium restaurant? No, not really. But it's certainly an improvement over its predecessor.

Disney4family10 days ago

That's what I said when I first saw it! It looks just like a corporate cafeteria.

Disney4family10 days ago

Mark4810 days ago

I can say with certainty the Check in level and Steakhouse 71 are Home runs . Well done. But to jump the shark with the rooms.......Atrocious .

Mark4810 days ago

Just returned from the World and visited a friend staying in a Incredibles room. Good God. I was so shocked my shoe fell off . A Deluxe resort themed to a 7 year olds taste ? It is truly horrendous . Big budget re-do also with the decals ( Sarcasm ). ME NO LIKA DA CHAPEK !!!!!!

Missing20K11 days ago

I think the form may now be working against the “theme” or whatever we are calling it. An atrium of this cavernous size was awe-inspiring in 1971. Arguably, the first modern hotel with an multi story atrium was the Peachtree Center in Atlanta by John Portman in 1967. Then malls began having more open atriums from floor to floor (also in part due to Portman and his influence). Huge indoor atriums were still impressive in the 70’s and into the early 80’s. By the late 90’s into the present, the form just simply failed to evoke any sort of experience other than “I’m at the mall”. It’s now become a very large canvas that they seem to be unsure as to what do with it. I hate “floating cloud” ceilings but I think some elements held in suspension above the concourse might bring the scale (which was at one time breathtaking) down a notch to a slightly more human level. (Yes. I am aware I’ve put far much too thought into this treatise, most here disagree, and virtually all of you think I’m nuts. Cheers!)

Bocabear15 days ago

True...But fashion is ever-changing... They chose that moment in 1970 to make something engaging and beautiful. They have remode3led many times, and as we have seen, everything old is new again... Brighter tones now feel fresher like in the downstairs lobby. The color schemes do not get used in the same ways... shades are tweaked and freshened up...

JoeCamel15 days ago

The green shag rug is making a comeback on insta Of course the censor has the English for "***" flagged 😂 😂

James Alucobond15 days ago

Yes, but just saying. There's a reason they stopped making harvest gold and avocado appliances. 🤷‍♂️

JoeCamel15 days ago

It was the 70's hot pink was in

James Alucobond15 days ago