Reopening date announced for Disney's BoardWalk Inn this summer

Apr 23, 2021 in "Disney's BoardWalk Inn"

Posted: Friday April 23, 2021 9:51am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's BoardWalk Inn at Walt Disney World will reopen from its COVID-19 closure on July 2 2021.

Today's announcement by Disney continues the phased reopening of its resort hotels as guest demand increases.

The list of upcoming Disney World hotel reopenings now looks like this:

  • May 30 2021 - Disney's Beach Club Resort
  • June 6 2021 - Disney's Wilderness Lodge
  • July 2 2021 - Disney's BoardWalk inn
  • Late July 2021 - Disney's Polynesian Resort

Disney's All Star Music, Disney's All Star Sports, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House, Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter remain closed and do not yet have a reopening date.

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@DisneyBryanApr 23, 2021

Hoping the Boardwalk Inn rooms got renovated like Poly and Wilderness lodge, they may officially be the most dated on property now...

CaptainAmericaApr 23, 2021

The borrowing cap exacerbates the problem, IMO. They should have allowed full borrowing back when demand was still super low so that people who DID want to go could do so and clear out some of their future-year points. That will make clearing current-and-banked points easier because there will be less competition in UY 2021 and 2022.

Wngo905Apr 23, 2021

They also put a 50% cap on borrowing DVC points from your next years allotment. It is still in place. They need for all the DVC members to use up their banked and current Use Year points with giving them the ability to borrow some to make a trip.

nickysApr 23, 2021

I think they legally had no choice. Timeshare laws are very specific and there would have been a legal challenge if they hadn’t have done so.

nickysApr 23, 2021

Yes, they had no choice but to reopen the DVC resorts.

monothingieApr 23, 2021

Disney has made it abundantly clear that they want to cater to the type of guests who stay at deluxe resorts.

CaptainAmericaApr 23, 2021

Interesting, I didn't think that was a legal requirement. I thought it was more of an "oh crap we have this points glut that is going to be a tremendous problem for at least three years and we need a pressure-release valve immediately."

ParentsOf4Apr 23, 2021

VGF has fewer rooms, 147. Reopening at resorts with associated DVCs costs Disney less and have higher margins. It’s my understanding that, legally, Disney was required to reopen its timeshares after the state’s emergency order closing them was lifted. It’s why you saw the DVCs reopen first.

nickysApr 23, 2021

Well that is true, just not the full picture.

CaptainAmericaApr 23, 2021

Yeah I'm not sure where I got that from. It was very specific in my head, too. I thought "Yacht Club and Beach Club are sister resorts because Yacht Club has the standard rooms and Beach Club has the villas." Obviously not.

nickysApr 23, 2021

The DVC side is one of the smallest on property I think. Checking on Touring Plans, there are 576 regular rooms at the Beach Club and a total of 272 DVC studios, 1-beds & 2-beds in the Villas building.

CaptainAmericaApr 23, 2021

Hm, I learned something new today. For some reason I had it in my head that Beach Club was entirely villas.

nickysApr 23, 2021

Once CBR and CSR start filling up then they will. Plus the deluxes are all at least partially up and running due to the DVC villas. Opening up one of the Port Orleans resorts requires a lot more extra staffing, including buses.

nickysApr 23, 2021

And the Villas at the Beach Club.