New nighttime experience for kids coming to Disney's Beach Club Resort - 'Captain Hook's Pirate Crew'

Mar 08, 2019 in "Disney's Beach Club Resort"

Posted: Friday March 8, 2019 11:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new "Captain Hook's Pirate Crew" at Disney's Beach Club Resort is the latest immersive experience for kids at Walt Disney World Resort.

Taking place from 5pm to 8:30pm, Captain Hook will be lookin’ for a new band of adventurers to learn the pirate code and follow clues leading to hidden treasure. As part of Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew, these young buccaneers will comb through the resort and set sail on a pontoon boat around Crescent Lake including an escape room type experience. Once the treasure is unearthed, all join in a Pirate Feast that includes selections such as Cannon Meatballs with marinara or macaroni and “gold” sauce for entrees, along with a treasure chest treat or fruit for dessert.

Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew is priced at $55 (plus tax) per child and is available for ages 4 to 12; the adventures begin April 28 2019. For more information or to book a reservation, call 407-824-KIDS.

The Pixar Play Zone experience at Disney's Contemporary Resort ends on March 30 2019.

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HatboxerJun 02, 2019

Has anyone done this event yet? I have it booked for my 7 and 4 year olds in November and would love to hear from anyone on how it actually was / whether your kids loved it.

pdude81Mar 13, 2019

That's interesting. So now parents can have dinner in the WS and pick kup in time but definitely not stay for the fireworks. At least it seems fun for the kids

nickysMar 13, 2019

Evening. 5-8:30pm. I think the treasure hunt is at the resort, then food on the boat.

pdude81Mar 13, 2019

The "night" part is wrong, correct? I hope they aren't asking 4 year olds to hunt for treasure on a boat at night

SuperdizMar 13, 2019

We did one of these last trip. We sat and waited for the kids and watched from the dock. I didn’t consider it babysitting and the kids had a blast! Definitely will do the nifht experience. I feel like it helps them grow and feel like a big kid!

disneynyMar 12, 2019

I don’t understand why they can’t do this but also leave the Pixar Play Zone. My kids were looking forward to it and they loved Lilo’s Playhouse. Mine are older and I do agree that sending them on a boat adventure at 4 is very different then dropping them off at a contained center. I would not have done that when they were young but we did send four of them together to Lilo’s When the girls were 5. For my kids it was the highlight of the trip and they begged to go back- it was a very special experience for them and not at all like dumping them at a sitter.

5leobeansMar 10, 2019

That could be true....I don’t know I’d send my lone 4 year old on this without siblings!

nickysMar 10, 2019

I do think it will be done in groups at least. But there is still a real possibility that a kid could easily dart off, or straggle behind and lose the group. I’m in no way doubting the fun element!

5leobeansMar 10, 2019

I’m excited to read about this, amd will pay attention to reviews over the next few months! We’re headed to the world in October, and I was looking for a little extra fun for the kids to do. this could be an amazing opportunity’s day super fun for them I’m sure there won’t be kids set free throughout the resorts...I feel like this could be like one of the family magic type tours.....

larryzMar 09, 2019

Where's all the hand-wringing about historic pirate lifestyles and whether or not it's appropriate to inculcate those values in young children?

BackOTheLineMar 09, 2019

I couldn’t imagine letting my kid go out on a boat without us when she was 4. In a room designed for kids to play in, sure, but there’s something that makes me nervous about the boat part. Maybe I’m being a bit overprotective or something...

MovieloverMar 09, 2019

Good, Natural selection has a hard time keeping up with today... ;)

PatchesleeMar 08, 2019

I didn't see any kids cruises being offered at Grand???

nickysMar 08, 2019

Those were self contained in one room. The sandcastle club had a couple of rooms with activities in them, so did PPZ @Contemporary (which is less than a year old). This entails kids running through the resort looking for “treasure”. At 4 years old, what kid doesn’t get over-excited on a treasure hunt?