PHOTOS - Disney Riviera Resort construction

Oct 13, 2017 in "Disney's Riviera Resort"

Disney Riviera construction from the air

These latest aerial images show current construction progress on the upcoming Disney Riviera Resort near to Epcot.

Using land acquired from the demolition of a portion of Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, the new Disney Vacation Club resort will open in the fall of 2019, featuring 300 accommodation units.

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The resort's close proximity to Epcot will offer rooftop views of IllumiNations,  and the resort will be linked to Epcot and the Studios via the new Disney Skyliner gondola system.

Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by Colin Chardavoyne@cchard.

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Article Posted: Oct 13, 2017 / 10:44am EDT
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techgeekJan 04, 2021

They don't. 'Flow' isn't a concern in todays WDW. The GF and Poly didn't used to feel close at all with a large amount of undeveloped shoreline in between them... again, recent land use choices changing originally intended design.

castlecake2.0Jan 04, 2021

I got lunch, toured the rooms, and walked the grounds today. I do like the resort. It’s definitely more adult oriented and has some DCL vibes that I like. Maybe this has been answered way back, but why was it put where it was? Is there a reason (other than cost) that it wasn’t built at the other end of CBR where the pirate rooms are? It could have been on its own lagoon, have the skyliner hub attached, and almost be it’s own little resort area instead of just being dumped in the middle of Caribbean. Could it have fit/worked there or was there just not enough space? also was there a reason not to make it a Caribbean themed tower? I like both resorts, they just don’t seem to flow together. But same could also be said of GF and Poly. thoughts?

GrandCanyonConcourseDec 20, 2020

I enjoyed it. The pool could be better themed def but it was nice and quiet. I would stay again

LUVMCODec 19, 2020

We stayed in a one bedroom in August. The rooms are gorgeous, It's an apartment not a hotel room. I wouldn't try to compare it to a tiny European room, Customer service was great. I loved the skyliner. The pool was blah, but were not big pool people. I would stay there again for the right price.

HeppenheimerDec 19, 2020

Everything I read about this resort reminds me of those Olive Garden commercials from about 20 years ago. Take a bland, textureless, mass-produced, fully homegenized and Americanized off-the-shelf product that maybe shares a hint of distant roots with its European inspiration. Then pretend you're giving the public a premium and faithful facsimile of that inspiration. But at lesst Olive Garden prices their cheap product accordingly. I daresay Disney's Riviera resort may even be more expensive than some of the actual classic French and Italian riviera hotels it claims (unconvincingly) to be based on.

FlynnwriterDec 19, 2020

Ironically, the lego model took longer to construct and had a larger budget than the original resort.

TrainChasersDec 19, 2020

I’m not sure if it’s currently opened but yes this is a lovely spot with a decent amount of charm. Lots of pieces from Walt’s travel on display. Certainly a better suggestion than the pool bar! Ha

Lil Copter CapDec 19, 2020

I’m saddened to hear of your experiences at the Riviera. I had a lovely time during my stay pre-COVID and resort hop frequently for the fresh food at Primo Piatto. It’s a stellar quick service restaurant for all meal times! The evening “bar” alternative here is at Voyageurs’ Lounge where Le Petit Café serves alcohol beverages and light snacks. You must try the Caffé Amaro if you’re an espresso fan—one of the best cocktails I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying on property! Riviera’s charm for me is all in the cozy and quaint environment. This, of course, is a problem with the amount of people flowing in and out of the resort at any one time. But overall it’s a resort that may not tick all (or none) of the boxes for some folks. And that’s okay too. I’m sorry you didn’t have the best time—I urge you to try again if the chance arises!

Chupaca BruhDec 19, 2020

I think because it is a DVC and not a “real” hotel. Disney has this “class system” fir the resorts and the try not to stray from the program.... even if it is detrimental to the bottom line.

castlecake2.0Dec 19, 2020

I feel like a lot of things could be solved if they had made the main floor all public area, expand the lobby, shops, add a lounge, more seating areas, etc. Everything just feels so crammed, I don’t get it.

BocabearDec 18, 2020

I think Forgettable is about the kindest thing you could say about the decor at Topolinos... They were handed a theme full of wonderous possibilities...The images the name conjures are astounding....and then they built that. I agree the fountains in the walkway are very beautiful but when one rather small detail is the only thing anyone remembers about a luxury resort, I would say they failed miserably... It's not horrible... It's nice... but at the rates of a DVC and premium resort designation at Walt Disney World, it should be more...a lot more. And when is TDO going to get it that there are adults that spend a lot of money visiting the resort and would like a nice lounge to sit back and chill...They built Top Of The World, but most of the other resorts have very lackluster lounges..

creathirDec 18, 2020

Kidani is one of the more beautiful pools on property IMO, so your comparison makes little sense to me?

nbarDec 18, 2020

I am glad that you feel the same way as I do. My girlfriend and I have resort hopped to Rivera last year right after it opened and weren't impressed at all. We were absolutely dumbfounded when they said the only bar was the pool bar. Same boat as you @Bocabear we just wanted to sit and relax with a cocktail. Not sit at the pool bar and watch people walk around in swimsuits. I will say the the mosaic tile fountains in the walkway to the skyliner are my favorite part about the resort. But during our most recent trip last month we decided to give Topolino's a try. Very confused as to why we had to walk down a hallway to where resort rooms are to get on the elevator to get to the top floor. I figured there would've been a direct access elevator to the top maybe closer to the lobby. I will agree that our service was very good, but overall the food and décor are all very forgettable imo. Maybe we will try it for breakfast one day but we don't plan on going back for dinner. We will continue to stay at the crescent lake resorts.

BocabearDec 18, 2020

We did a resort hop there to have a cocktail in the evening... Got off the Skyliner and went to the hotel and asked a cast member if there was a lounge where we could get a cocktail... He looked baffled... then said, there is a bar by the pool...? No.. we were looking for a cocktail, not a beer by the pool... Is there a lounge? Maybe connected to a restaurant? ...He thought for a minute and then said...No, We dont have one of those here...Let me ask someone. At which point we got on the elevator and went to the restaurant at the top of the building by ourselves... When we walked into the restaurant, we told them we just wanted to have drinks at the bar and they looked confused... Now the Bar at the restaurant is HUUUUGE...with no one sitting there. at all... or the other tables in the "lounge area"...after we suggested to the hostess we sit at one of the tables,. she said that would be ok... Would be OK? Does no one at that resort have a hospitality clue? Do they know their amenities? We had a few drinks there, the bartender was nice and the service was very good... The restaurant and bar though, have all the charm of an airport concourse. Ugly austere and modern...and does not suggest "The Riviera" at all...unless it is the Ikea located on the outskirts of the Riviera... We did totally plan on staying there, and even had reservations to stay there in June that were cancelled due to Covid... After this visit however we are not in much of a rush to return... It is all just so.....Marriott any town USA...