Disney Vacation Club offering a unique look at the making of Disney's Riviera Resort and a chance to win a stay at the new resort

Aug 08, 2019 in "Disney's Riviera Resort"

Disney Vacation Club has launched a special behind-the-scenes video detailing some of the work that went into creating the upcoming Disney's Riviera Resort.

Along with the viewing the video, you can also enter to win a five night stay at the new resorts, and see more about the Disney Skyliner transportation system opening later this year.

The Art of Inspiration video and sweepstakes are open until October 8 2019.

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Article Posted: Aug 08, 2019 / 11:05am ET
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lazyboy97o13 days ago

Plan Voisin would have torn that sort of stuff down for rows of towers like a New York City housing project.

Heppenheimer14 days ago

OK, let me rephrase that... the suburbs outside of Le Perpherique aren't exactly desirable real estate for residential living either.

Bocabear14 days ago

Those movements are still highly regarded in art circles...and is still considered a genius.. Tourist visiting Paris usually want to see La Belle Epoch everywhere... But Corbusier wasn't designing to attract tourists, but as expressions of art and design... Graves buildings were designed with a playful colorful aesthetic and a massive scale...Meant to be eye catching and a bit provocative...I remember in the 90s thinking the old tomorrowland looked stale...Amazing how years later we yearn for that and see the genius of John Henchman's clean modern styling.

lazyboy97o14 days ago

Regards towards styles tends to be cyclical. Brutalism is starting to be a bit more appreciated. Modernist urban planning was generally just bad and will hopefully not be revived.

Heppenheimer14 days ago

On the other hand, some styles that were considered ground-breaking in their day are now despised, like Brutalism and some of Le Corbusier's ideas for urban planning (ie, nobody goes to Paris to see the suburbs beyond Le Perpherique).

britain14 days ago

Oh I know all about Michael Graves. And the Swan and Dolphin would’ve been fine anywhere that doesn’t intrude on the Epcot skyline.

Notes from Neverland14 days ago

The Riviera seems to miss the mark across the board. We aren't DVC, but we have checked out regular pricing for guests. There isn't anything that draws us there outside of the Disney Skyliner access, which is a feature found at more affordable properties. There just isn't an allure to stay there for us compared to other resorts. When your arguably best feature isn't even a feature of the resort itself, there's some big problems.

Bocabear14 days ago

Actually it is original architect from a very famous architect and designer...A post modernist architectural fantasy, designed to be a little shocking and stand out from everything else around it...Yes, 30 years after their debut they may seem a bit dated in ways, but still amazing to see in their uniqueness and jaw dropping scale... The style may not be your cup of tea, but every ground breaking architect's vision faced criticism... Parisians hated the modern Eiffel Tower, Frank Lloyd Wright's work was considered shocking when it was new... Michael Graves and Frank Gehry's architecture is unique and fascinating...and like a lot of things, may feel dated in the moment (now) but history will see them differently... And really, do you want another plain box tower with minimal decor further cheapening the groundbreaking architectural legacy of Walt Disney World?

Heppenheimer14 days ago

This was the most disappointing aspect of the resort to me. The French Riviera could have provided so many wonderful design examples for inspiration. Having been to the actual Riviera, almost nothing about Disney's hotel evokes that region's distinct architecture. It looks practically interchangeable with any business-class hotel elsewhere in Florida. Nothing against business-class hotels, but I don't go to Disney to stay in a Hyatt or Hilton.

rowrbazzle14 days ago

Thank you for the detailed reply. I really appreciate the insight.

britain14 days ago

Cheap, no. Eyesore, yes.

DVCakaCarlF14 days ago

Great post and your ability to write complete sentences is appreciated.

JoeCamel14 days ago

Cheaper than the Dis places around it ;)

MisterPenguin14 days ago

This is the first I've ever heard of Swolphin being "cheap". Got a source for that?