The Bay Lake DVC resort 'Reflections - A Disney Lakeside Lodge' may be the first major COVID-19 cancellation at Walt Disney World

Jun 15, 2020 in "Reflections - A Lakeside Disney Lodge"

Posted: Monday June 15, 2020 10:14am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Evidence is mounting that the Bay Lake Disney Vacation Club resort 'Reflections - A Disney Lakeside Lodge' may be the first major Walt Disney World cancellation due to COVID-19.

According to various sources from the construction side of the project, delivery of material has been permanently cancelled, and the work that was done to begin the concrete pours has been removed and the land will likely be returned to its pre-construction state.

Project 89 as it was known, was somewhat controversial since it began, with the resort offering a design style that was not to everyone's liking on a prime piece of land around the former River Country.

The economic climate is obviously not conducive to build new resort hotels at this time, with both the company and guests looking to reduce spending over the coming years.

Despite the likely cancellation of Reflections, the land is a prized location, and it would be no surprise to see the project revived at a later time, or a new project moving in to take its place.

It should be noted that Disney is yet to make any official announcement of a cancellation.

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FigmentFan82Oct 02, 2023

Somehow Reflections returned

TrainsOfDisneyOct 02, 2023

That’s a stretch. I love hoop but it’s not really a restaurant. And either way, the fort has 1 less restaurant than it had for decades so that’s clearly a downgrade.

Disstevefan1Oct 02, 2023

I will miss trails end. It was relatively good food and a relatively good value and I did like the theming of the place. The good old days.

TouchdownOct 02, 2023

Hoop is still there, and last I checked, still a resturant.

KamikazeOct 02, 2023

CMs don't know ****

MR.DisOct 02, 2023

The DVC cabins give a new option for DVC owners with pets/dogs. I am all for having diversity. Thinking this over though, the last thing I would book is a cabin after a few years of use by pets. The Pet smell and droppings are not what I would want to put up with. Each to his own. I am for the cabins but they will not be for me.

Disstevefan1Oct 02, 2023

Construction update seen?

monorail81Sep 27, 2023

Wrong property for that. 😬

TrainsOfDisneySep 27, 2023

For what it’s worth, I had a meal at Crocketts Tavern and some guests were complaining to the waiter how there is no longer a restaurant at the campground. He said that he’s been told there will be a restaurant when the “DVC project opens”

pdude81Sep 27, 2023

I suspect the nargles are behind it

monorail81Sep 27, 2023

My theory is this is why they never reopened the primitive camping area. I think it’ll be developed into a DVC amenity area. Why else wouldn’t they reopen it?

nickysSep 26, 2023

They are unlikely to be demolishing the cabins, at least not on site. They’ll just lift them onto a trailer.

JoeCamelSep 26, 2023

You mean the love shacks?

DobergeSep 26, 2023

Possible this is just to remove the existing cabin. Edit: I'm overthinking this. It does say general construction and not straight demolition.