The Bay Lake DVC resort 'Reflections - A Disney Lakeside Lodge' may be the first major COVID-19 cancellation at Walt Disney World

Jun 15, 2020 in "Reflections - A Lakeside Disney Lodge"

Evidence is mounting that the Bay Lake Disney Vacation Club resort 'Reflections - A Disney Lakeside Lodge' may be the first major Walt Disney World cancellation due to COVID-19.

According to various sources from the construction side of the project, delivery of material has been permanently cancelled, and the work that was done to begin the concrete pours has been removed and the land will likely be returned to its pre-construction state.

Project 89 as it was known, was somewhat controversial since it began, with the resort offering a design style that was not to everyone's liking on a prime piece of land around the former River Country.

The economic climate is obviously not conducive to build new resort hotels at this time, with both the company and guests looking to reduce spending over the coming years.

Despite the likely cancellation of Reflections, the land is a prized location, and it would be no surprise to see the project revived at a later time, or a new project moving in to take its place.

It should be noted that Disney is yet to make any official announcement of a cancellation.

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Article Posted: Jun 15, 2020 / 10:14am ET
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Love Ft WildernessAug 13, 2020

Grrrrrr. I want them to get the project done and open up the trail before I get there in December. ;) Thank you for the update.

danlb_2000Aug 13, 2020

I can't find any dates in the permit. This is not unusual, sometime these permits will mention dates, other times it will now. The permit still has not been approved, it's waiting for some more information from Disney.

Love Ft WildernessAug 12, 2020

@danlb_2000 Is there any way to tell when they intend to start/end this project? Thank you.

peter11435Aug 11, 2020

Oh ok. That makes sense.

castlecake2.0Aug 11, 2020

Yep! I should clarify that they’re using the seating area for trails end for P&J southern takeout, trails end itself is not serving. I think they said crockett tavern was also available starting at 4. Did a weekend stay at the cabins.

ELG13Aug 11, 2020

Ah good point. I didn't think about that aspect. It would be a lot to get them all squared away.

peter11435Aug 11, 2020

Last week?

castlecake2.0Aug 11, 2020

im so divided on that. My family has been staying there since 1972 and I love the nostalgia, but last week I ate at trails end and I couldn’t help feel that the restaurant had moved past nostalgic and was aging terribly.

SirwalterraleighAug 11, 2020

That I don’t know for sure...I’m guessing they could if they’d like. It’s been long rumored that they’d like to “upscale” the pioneer hall area

castlecake2.0Aug 11, 2020

is there space on the shore of bay lake to keep expanding around it past fort wilderness?

note2001Aug 11, 2020

Those are fun, the local girl scout camp offers similar accomdations for families. I don't think Disney would want the man power involved to take down and store all the tents and accessories whenever a hurricane approaches. The trailers/cabins they offer now are much easier and self contained/protected.

ELG13Aug 11, 2020

Where I live we have a campground with "glamping" tents. Safari tents on a platform with Tempur-Pedic mattresses, mini fridge and power. So you can hook up a coffee maker and an electric skillet to cook and have lights and fans, but you still are camping, have a back area for a fire pit etc.

SirwalterraleighAug 11, 2020

I was thinking more campsites than cabins... But if I recall...the overall plan after building this awful, unnecessary mixed use was to “upgrade the waterfront area over time with high end stuff...the “rustic riviera”

mgfAug 11, 2020

The cabins generally go for north of $300 a night. Seeing prices over $400 per night currently. I would assume the cost of the unit is low compared to cost per room in a new resort build. It could make fine financial sense. Not saying they will do it or would be inclined to do it.