FootGolf now available at Disney's Oak Trail golf course

Feb 27, 2018 in "Golf - Oak Trail course"

Posted: Tuesday February 27, 2018 9:08am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

For the very first time, Walt Disney World Golf operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management is now offering FootGolf at Disney’s Oak Trail golf course.

The 18-Hole FootGolf course is Certified by the American FootGolf League (AFGL), the governing body for the sport of FootGolf in the United States. Tee times can be booked to play 18 holes of FootGolf either in front of or behind those playing 9 holes of traditional golf. When played in groups of four, 18 holes of FootGolf should take approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, much like that of 9 holes of traditional golf.

Disney’s Oak Trail FootGolf course measures in at 2,438 yards over a par for the course of 69 with a challenging selection of par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. Traditional golf is played to the Blue pin flags at Disney’s Oak Trail course while FootGolf is identified by its official color of Orange.

FootGolf is available 7 days a week, after 11:00am, subject to availability, priced at $10 per player. Reservations can be made online at

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MisterPenguinApr 06, 2018

The Trackers playing foot golf at WDW...

Nubs70Feb 28, 2018

Can you wear a weighted shoe?

Tom P.Feb 28, 2018

The Park Hopper Plus option on a ticket allows, in addition to water park admissions, "plus" visits to be used for a round of golf at Oak Trail. Does anyone know if the plus entitlements can also be used for the new foot golf offering?

UnpluggedFeb 28, 2018

According to the email I got from the course announcing this, they will alternate between golf and foot golf and stated a typical 18 hole foot golf game should take 2 1/2 hours, as does a 9 hole golf game. The only way I'm ok with this alternating happening is if Disney said "Our golf players are way down, so we either do this or close the course." I'm not against trying foot golf, but I don't believe it should be on the same course. As stated, their is a certain prestige and etiquette to golf that they will have to compromise for this. Just an opinion.

MisterPenguinFeb 28, 2018

I demand the nature nymph from Fantasia 2000's Firebird Suite be a walk-around character on the fairways!!

The Empress LillyFeb 28, 2018

I´d do this! And yes, sounds like classic WDW to me. A fun low key activity. No alcohol, no loud hordes, no IP shoving. Just you enjoying those 27k acres. Or at least the 40 acres or so left that they haven't sold off over time.'s a yungleFeb 28, 2018

Oh my, change shoes! Thanks for that laugh, Jeff!😆 Answering the thread question... An activity on WDW property where 4 family/friends of all ages can play in a “park” for a few hours, away from the crowds, the barkers and their colored balloons...and reconnect with the sights and sounds of Mother Nature (minus the curses and flying clubs from traditional hackers) for $40? Although my beverage cart bill will cost more, I’m in!⛳️🍺😎 (As long as there are no cupcakes or M&G’s😏)

MSmithmdFeb 28, 2018

Couple things to clear up, as someone who regularly plays both traditional and foot golf. Foot golfers have a separate tee box and hole. Only the fairway is shared with regular golf, and the foot golf hole isn't near the regular golf green. It "seems like" foot golf would be slower than regular golf, but it isn't. It's much quicker. Even my family of five, two of whom are 9 years old, can all together play 18 holes of foot golf in under 3 hours. So even if foot and regular golf tee times are mixed, the foot golfers are always faster than the traditional golfers. Foot golf causes basically no damage to a course. You're not taking divots of course, and you don't even walk on the green- the foot golf hole is always closer to the tees than the green, and well off to the side.

21stampsFeb 27, 2018

1. No. (But shhhh- don’t give Nike and Adidas any ideas) 2. If you open one, I’ll visit!! Sounds fun! 3. Of course. What is any form of golf without drinking?. ;)

DisneyJeffFeb 27, 2018

Now this post makes me really upset... I was OK with having a foot golf course at WDW, but calling me a SENIOR... That's where I draw the line!!! :mad: Actually, this whole concept is new to me and it leads to some questions... 1) Do the players change shoes for different shots? You can have your driver shoe all the way down to your putter shoe. 2) Is there Mini-Foot Golf? I want to kick the ball through a windmill!!! 3) Are there drink carts on a foot golf course? I would think that this is a must!

larryzFeb 27, 2018

I take it you like to putt with a wedgie, then...

ThatMouseFeb 27, 2018

Let me know when golf cart racing is officially allowed and I'm in!

21stampsFeb 26, 2018

Ha ha! Please post the video when you do it ;)

Texas84Feb 26, 2018

All copies and sources of Caddyshack 2 should be destroyed, never to be seen again.