POLL - Best new Walt Disney World attraction of 2015

Jan 14, 2016 in "WDWMAGIC Updates"

Posted: Thursday January 14, 2016 2:45pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

2015 didn't see a major E-Ticket opening, but there were a number of new attractions that opened during the year.

We want to know what your vote is for the best new attraction of 2015. We'll back in later polls for the best of the new restaurants and shops.

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RSoxNo1Jan 23, 2016

I vote for Kilimanjaro Safaris upgrades: new enclosure for hyenas and wild dogs

Jon81ukJan 21, 2016

I think that the Night Safari will open alongside Rivers of Light in 2016. So although there has been some small additions very late in 2015 they are just prep work for the Night Safari coming soon.

RSoxNo1Jan 21, 2016

No love for the Safari additions?

disney4life2008Jan 17, 2016

I saw the star wars fireworks tonight. I think it is all but 5 minutes, very impressive! Not impressed that you loose 30 minutes because of the fireworks fall out area.

Jones14Jan 16, 2016

I know it's not the most exciting list, but this is a gap year as far as attractions go, and like others have said, the infrastructure upgrades to the park (and parks in general) have to be taken into consideration. We're getting at least seven new rides (not counting stuff like Rivers of Light or Star Tours, Safari, or Soarin' updates) over the next few years, possibly more, and the hub, hat, infrastructure, and dining issues needed to be addressed before the aforementioned rides moved in. If there were nothing on the horizon, this would be a problem, but there's plenty on the way.

Seabasealpha1Jan 16, 2016

Where's the option for none of the above?

SonconatoJan 16, 2016

That is good news if you are correct. I'm hoping that more rides that are being developed are tolerable to those with motion sickness. That is why we were so disappointed when Horizons and World of Motion were replaced by rides that many can't tolerate...including us. As far as we're concerned, it's a form of discrimination which would only be understood by those of us that suffer. As time has gone on, more and more tolerable rides have been replaced by rides we can't enjoy. There should at least be an equal balance but as Walt had always planned on, it should be a place that ALL can enjoy.

betty roseJan 15, 2016

I haven't done any of these yet. I'm going to Disney in 17 days, so I want to check out a few !

DManRightHereJan 15, 2016

I always thought all of the off the wall stuff you don't expect that is well done is what makes Disney feel magical anyways. Not that I'd complain if there were a few awesome attractions added every few years, but Disney does spend big money on big attractions. For all the haters...at least we know good stuff will hopefully be here eventually!

Prototype82Jan 15, 2016

Weak list but great things are slowly coming next year... *sigh* Launch Bay and Force Awakens Star Tours honestly were worth seeing. I absolutely loved them.

networkproJan 15, 2016

You filter the choices to limit them to your agenda. Trader Sams' is wonderful, I'm a fan of the Shrunken Zombie head, A clear view down Sunset in DHS, The new QS food area and options in AK, and loads of new stuff in the revamped downtown area.

cinderellafan6Jan 15, 2016

A very boring list to pick from.

Next Big ThingJan 15, 2016

Yes, the removal of the hat was very much a win. You can actually see the fireworks again - and it's glorious. Hopefully they can get the smoke under control though.

Brad BishopJan 15, 2016

The hub? Wait - the view in DHS!