Change from your pocket, change for the better - donate now

Apr 13, 2011 in "WDWMAGIC Updates"

Theme Park Change encourages amusement park fans to give up one thing they would normally enjoy during a trip to the park and donate the cost of that item to a worthy cause. For instance, someone might give up a funnel cake and donate $5. Someone else might give up a day at the park and donate the $50 cost of their ticket.

Anyone donating $10 or more through Theme Park Change has a chance to win one of dozens of exciting prizes donated by the amusement park industry. Prizes include tickets to Walt Disney World, Sea World and actual props from their favorite theme park attractions.

All of the proceeds raised through this event are being donated to PROJECT ANGEL FOOD, a Los Angeles based agency which cooks and delivers 14,000 free, nutritious meals every week to men, women, and children throughout Los Angeles County struggling with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses.

This much beloved, volunteer-driven nonprofit has provided more than 7 million free meals since its creation 22 years ago. Every $5 donated to Project Angel Food will fund a meal to someone affected by serious illness and hunger.

Film and television star (and theme park fanatic) Neil Patrick Harris, a long-time Project Angel Food supporter, is helping to spread the word about this event by appearing in a promotional video featured on the main page of
"I'm a big fan of both Project Angel Food and theme parks. So when the gang from proposed an idea that included both, I was intrigued. I encourage any coaster or theme park fan to donate what they can to a truly worthwhile cause. You can always buy a funnel cake next month..."

“Theme Park Change is a fun, unique way to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community,” says Project Angel Food CEO Margaret Steele. “We’re grateful to all the amusement park fans across the country, and Neil Patrick Harris for making this event possible.”

The event was created by, the world’s first podcast about theme parks and thrill rides. The show has been broadcasting since 2005 and is heard by thousands of engaged park fans all over the world.
Article Posted: Apr 13, 2011 / 10:36am EDT