Disney's Earport shop in Orlando International Airport now closed for redesign

Jul 29, 2019 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday July 29, 2019 8:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Earport shop in Orlando International Airport closes today to begin a 4 month refurbishment.

Following on from the redesign of the airport's other Disney location, the Magic of Disney, expect to see a modern design that is similar to recent Disney Store redesigns, with a very open design, bright lighting, and minimal clutter.

Expect a November 2019 reopening of Disney's Earport.

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lazyboy97oAug 01, 2019

Mickey C. Oswald is a trendy jet setter who’s favorite part of traveling is the duty free shop at the airport. He has traveled the world and is not bringing the style of his favorite airport stores to Disney visitors at Orlando International Airport North Terminal.

Jon81ukAug 01, 2019

Also a well-thought out clean and clear store should show off the merchandise more (think of Uniqlo or Apple). Whereas a store full of figurines and props makes people go there to look at the props and not to actually look at merchandise. It can also be hard to "see" the good stuff inbetween all the clutter. And if the merchandise on display doesn't make the store look good, they need to get better things to sell. If the only reason to visit is to look at the store, its not a store.

ObobruJul 31, 2019

Can't wait for the store refit just to read the over the top convoluted backstory some imaginear has written to try and make people believe it's not bland. I am convinced with some projects they spend more time writing the back stories than designing places.

FlynnwriterJul 31, 2019

Bob Chapek continues his demagicnization of all Disney retail.

lazyboy97oJul 31, 2019

What your missing is that the retail apocalypse is only going to be reversed by imitating Apple.

eddie104Jul 30, 2019

I think outdated is a better term for a lot of 1990s WDW designs. Like the hotels for instance just because it may have gone with the theme doesn’t mean it needs to stay the same. People are already calling foul on a design they haven’t seen yet it which is ridiculous.

Brer OswaldJul 30, 2019

I’m referring to your constant overuse of the “crying laughing” emoji whenever you see an opinion you disagree with.

HoldenCJul 30, 2019

Yeah, and you're basically rest home age 🙄

King Raccoon 77Jul 30, 2019

ImperfectPixieJul 30, 2019

Right back atcha. I happen to like much of the theming Disney used in its stores during the 90s...it was what set them apart from every other store in the mall and what made shopping there fun. (I generally hate shopping, but would go out of my way to visit the old Disney stores.) And for the record, at your age - you're still a kid.

HoldenCJul 30, 2019

It sickens me everyone always demands WDW think of the opinions of a bunch of kids. Screw them

Brer OswaldJul 30, 2019

I never looked at this site as an ideal place to troll, but whatever floats your boat.

King Raccoon 77Jul 30, 2019

Whats so funny about thinking about your peers ?

KBLovesDisneyJul 30, 2019