Gov. Ron DeSantis to announce plans to reopen Florida

Apr 28, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Tuesday April 28, 2020 2:46pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Gov. Ron DeSantis stated today during a meeting with Donald Trump that he will make an announcement on Wednesday with details on when he expects to begin the process of reopening Florida.

The April 29 announcement comes at an important time, as the original stay-at-home order expires on April 30.

Guidelines for the reopening of the theme parks are expected to include reducing capacity to as low as 50%, tape masking of 6 feet apart in attraction queues, staff to regularly wipe down surfaces, and staff 65 and over to remain home.

In addition, all workers will be required to wear face masks, hand sanitizer will be required at all entrances and turnstiles, and temperature checking will need to be in place for all staff prior to starting work.

Disney is accepting reservations at its Walt Disney World Resort hotels from June 1, but that of course is subject to change and does not guarantee any theme parks will be operating even if the hotels open.

Models from continue to show Florida being able to enter a containment strategy beginning June 21, which is when the model forecasts that some social distancing can be relaxed.

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Joesixtoe51 minutes ago

Correct, but my point was since Omicron in general is a lot weaker than Delta and the original strain, that stat point doesn't really do a whole lot of justice to that statement. It's not like the unvaccinated are coming in droves while everyone else is ok at home. No this strain isn't as damaging to the lungs as the previous ones were, so most aren't getting hit nearly as hard as before.

Joesixtoe1 hour ago

I've seen it too. However at my job alone the only coworkers I've seen had it twice were the vaccinated and they got it pretty bad, one has been out for months sadly. This person was awesome and a vital piece to our work force. The only reason why I say anything is because there are still jobs and places you can't go if your unvaccinated which makes zero sense. If you've had covid then you have the antibodies, which the vaccinated have the antibodies too. Since both roads leads to the same outcome, why the divisiveness?

Joesixtoe1 hour ago

Instead of healthy dialog, yell anti-vaxx campaign. You should have looked at Isreal and the U.K over the past 5 months, I've consistently shown how the "big difference" you speak of, wasn't that big of a difference, in fact it sometimes showed the opposite. Here is an article about Portugal the most vaccinated country in Europe.

Vacationeer8 hours ago

He has a mountain of money. Some of us with our paltry $500k in assets have a mountain too compared to other folks. Should they lambaste our decision if we decided to donate $70k?

Disstevefan18 hours ago

Come on Bobby C. ! It's your turn! :D

Lilofan9 hours ago

Some don't appreciate when billionaires donate $300M plus to charitable causes. Always be some critics crying wolf.

Lilofan9 hours ago

The pretending opinion has no legs . What he did was thoughtful and helpful.

Club349 hours ago

Anyone remember Jonas Salk's salary or his patent royalties?

drizgirl10 hours ago

Didn't say it was nothing. But he could have a lot of boats still if he wanted them.

Chip Chipperson10 hours ago

Plus, if that $5B estimate mentioned earlier is accurate, that's still about 7% of his net worth donated in one shot. That’s not nothing.

mmascari10 hours ago

It's not nothing though. He could have bought a boat instead. It doesn't have to be a "big deal" percentage of income to be a good deed.

drizgirl10 hours ago

Then let's stop pretending letting go of $350 million was a big deal. Probably needed the tax write off. That said, I am most appreciative of all 3 of my Moderna shots.

Lilofan11 hours ago

He recently joined the BBC ( Billionaire Boys Club ). Forbes reported he's worth $5B as of 4/22. He practices servant leadership , to exist to serve the greater good and he rightly is worth what he's worth. What his company has done in regards to vaccines is nothing short of incredible. Thank You Stephane!

JoeCamel11 hours ago

A lot and deserved every penny