Daily live stream of a Disney Parks parade coming to pilot Disney Stores around the world

Sep 27, 2017 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday September 27, 2017 9:18am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney Company is launching new prototype Disney Stores that will bring a daily live stream of a Disney Parks parade and nightly digital fireworks to guests at the store.

The Disney store prototypes are now open in the U.S. in Century City, California, and in Northridge, California, as well as in Nagoya, Japan, and Shanghai, China, with additional prototypes set to open in Miami on September 28 and in Munich later this year.

“No one creates experiences like Disney, and our pilot stores will be testing grounds for interactive features that will differentiate the Disney shopping experience in the changing retail landscape,” said Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Chairman Jimmy Pitaro. 

There will also be new items geared toward an expanded audience in the prototype stores, which go beyond their traditionally child-centric assortment to incorporate more product for guests of all ages. The prototype stores will use digital elements, such as giant LED screens, to present custom-designed guest experiences—including the LIVE from Disney Parks parade stream every afternoon and a nightly digital fireworks display on the store’s giant storefront screen—to reflect Disney’s storytelling tradition and create magical experiences for local communities that, in many cases, may be far from a Disney theme park.

“We are a storytelling company and our vision was to create a retail space that reflected our heritage,” said Gainer. “Our stores are destinations and gathering places for fans of our iconic brands, and are often their closest physical Disney touch point so creating an authentic brand experience is key.”

Also new is the shopDisney.com site, which offers an unparalleled assortment of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel products across categories that include fashion, accessories, toys and home, and features best-in-class brands, as well as authentic products from Disney Parks and Disney Store.

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MissMOct 19, 2017

Store in Countryside Mall in Clearwater still looks just like that. Sadly, they long since got rid of the cool, collectable items. Now it's just really dated and cheap looking.

RteetzOct 18, 2017

Ours still has some of that left.

brb1006Oct 18, 2017

I still miss when Disney Stores was called "The Disney Store" and looked like this. That was back when the store had more variety for kids and adults.

Andrew COct 11, 2017

Is it an outlet?

Nemo14Oct 11, 2017

We were at our closest Disney store today (out of state) and the only park merchandise we saw were some Disneyland shirts and ears. Rather odd, considering we were in Massachusetts at the time...

Cmdr_CrimsonOct 10, 2017

The closest "Park related" merch I had seen at my local store so far is a small corner that has Mickey Gloves and assorted character hats...

cosmicgirlOct 10, 2017

They've added a filter option for parks merch under the "new" and "sale" section. Maybe someone read my survey results ;). Then again, the images are still awful.

UpAllNightOct 06, 2017

Not impressed with the quality of some of the stuff I bought from Disney World this year. I mean, I know there’s a load of cheap tat, but when you spend $40 on a pen you expect it to write. The pair of us got one, in different styles, and neither worked. We bought 2 of the large coffee travel type cups too for $20 each and water got down the side of both and couldn’t be fixed....a load of absolute trash to be honest. Lesson learned.

Pirate MagicOct 06, 2017

We had a Flagship store in New York on 5th Avenue. It was my favorite store, I loved going in there. It was like going back to Disney ( I use to go there for my Disney fix), but they closed it and opened their carbon copy store (like the one in our mall here in Queens). Those stores are disappointment they all look alike there is no imagination in them at all.

KBLovesDisneyOct 06, 2017

Self serve is my go to when I have had a long day at work and don't feel like talking with a cashier at the grocery store.

ford91exploderOct 06, 2017

With the sole exception of fuel, Self serve has never appealed to me, Yes items cost a bit more but it also provides badly needed jobs for people so i always militantly refuse the self serve lanes

eeyore_isno1Oct 05, 2017

Man, I miss the old Disney Stores and Disney Catalogue. So many great adult oriented items we ordered from there, Mickey statue for the garden, clocks, my old Eeyore denim jacket that I wore for a decade... I actually went inside a Disney Store a few months ago, there was literally nothing for adults there. Insane. It's as if they completely forgot that adults are Disney fans.

JustInTimeOct 05, 2017

Back in the day, it was the Disney store that had the higher end merchandise. I will welcome this back.

GoofyernmostOct 05, 2017

Seems to be the trend everywhere. I noticed the other day that even Walmart, just updated their DIY, self checkout screen to a jumble of words with no pattern. I have been using sites fairly successfully for years now, but, that one frustrates the hell out of me. Just trying to find the location to move on is crazy. I don't usually complain about things like that, but, my guess is that they want you to go back to the tellers again. Couple that with bags that take a team of lawyers to open and self serve is not appealing to me anymore.