Osceola County to join Orange County in 'stay at home' order covering all of Walt Disney World property

Mar 25, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

If anyone was in any doubt that Walt Disney World would remain closed beyond the original announced March 31, today's announcement that Osceola County will join Orange County with a "stay home" order all but confirms an extension to the Walt Disney World closure.

Walt Disney World property is located in both counties, which means that the order from both Orange and Osceola covers all of Walt Disney World guest operations in Florida.

Orange County had already ordered all non-essential business to be closed from March 26 at 11pm to April 9 2020 at 11pm. The county definitions of non-essential include locations with amusement rides, carnivals, water parks, pools, zoos, museums, arcades, fairs, children's play centers, playgrounds, theme parks, bowling alleys, pool halls, movie and other theaters, concert and music halls, country clubs, social clubs and fraternal organizations.

Nearby Universal Studios has announced a closure through to April 19 2020.

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Article Posted: Mar 25, 2020 / 3:35pm ET
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Patcheslee7 minutes ago

The numbers are definitely skewed. Indiana is only allowing enough people appointments to cover both doses. So as of yesterday they only had 16k doses unscheduled. They get their weekly allotment report on Tuesdays from the federal level. We'll probably stay around the 50% mark because of the way they are choosing to allocate them.

GoofGoof23 minutes ago

No, but I’d rather the states figure out shots and logistics and have the delays be Pfizer. I trust them a lot more than the government at any level.

Sirwalterraleigh36 minutes ago

Oh I’d rather they empty the cupboards...I’m just skeptical on supply. Can you honestly trust anything at this point?

GoofGoof42 minutes ago

New doses are shipping every day. Weren’t we all complaining when the states weren’t using 100% of the doses they have? Now they are using them all and we are complaining they are out of doses.

Sirwalterraleigh44 minutes ago

Yeah...but they’re pretty much out of doses

Sirwalterraleigh45 minutes ago

...you didn’t actually read that did you?? Thank god ship dry dock times will be minimal 🙄

JoeCamel59 minutes ago

Wish I knew where that is, tried the Publix sign up today and couldn't get in, its like looking for TP in April around here

GoofGoof1 hour ago

1.4M doses again today...3 days in a row over 1.3M. It should be interesting to see if they can keep that total over 1M on the weekends now. 100M doses in 100 days seems like it should happen.

JoeCamel1 hour ago


GoofGoof2 hours ago

Especially for retired people, some states will tax your pension or retirement account withdraws but FL doesn‘t. The other reason you see some wealthy people make FL their home state is that if you end up in bankruptcy FL has an unlimited homestead exemption so you can hide a large part of your wealth in a multi-million dollar home that can’t be touched even if criminally charged. Many other states limit that exemption. That’s why several Enron execs kept their homes in FL and sold the rest of their property when they were formally charged.

Lilofan2 hours ago

350K can get you a home built brand new in parts of FL. 350K in Northern NJ will get you a fixer upper old home located at times in a sketchy neighborhood

GoofGoof2 hours ago

Our district is hybrid so there are some teachers only doing virtual and some doing physical school. They gave teachers the option and I think in most cases the older teachers and ones with health issues opted for virtual. From talking to the teachers I know in a lot of grades the fight was who was getting stuck with virtual if nobody wanted it. In either case teachers over 65 and those with health conditions are moved up to group 1a now by me. It’s just under 65 without health conditions that need to wait until 1b. I don’t disagree on the double standard with schools. I don’t understand how they are running buses. Seems impossible to be safe even if the kids wear masks. We definitely just look the other way on things that are too much of an inconvenience to implement. For lunch my middle school kid said it was not well organized with an attempt to distance with every other seat but that’s it. In the elementary school they converted the gym to excess seating and have individual desks physically distanced where they eat. He said it’s weird but kids still talk to the people right around them. Then they turn them lose outside but they have to wear their masks again and stay with their class. So each class is assigned an area each day (playground, field, basketball hoops, etc).

MickeyLuv'r2 hours ago

My general understanding is that a good number of folks move to FL for lower tax rates compared to many of the northern states (though of course each person would need to look at their own personal situation.) A few months back, I happened to catch the CEO of one of the big hotel companies, explaining why he moved to FL and he outright laughed when asked if his taxes were lower in FL (over CT).

sullivan.kscott2 hours ago

Good. They had just started that push in my county, and a few school staffers of all types got in for that day or two it was available. Then the tiers switched, as has been pointed out by others, to focus on the 70+ crowd for now. Teachers will be next in line, maybe a few weeks from now, so at least they’re still seen as a priority. It’s maybe not as critical for summer programs coming in a few months, but there will be a real push for normal schools and classrooms (I’m guessing with masked students initially) come next school year, and teachers should have had the opportunity to have received both shots and the time to fully build to immunity by then.