New 'Adventures by Disney' vacation offers rare private tour of Walt Disney Imagineering in California

Jan 25, 2018 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday January 25, 2018 11:24am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new four-day, three-night Disneyland and Sourthern California Short Escape by Adventures by Disney takes you inside Walt Disney Imagineering for a rare VIP tour.

This new guided group vacation gives you a behind-the-scenes look at places where Disney magic is made, including rare private tours of The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering, VIP experiences at Disneyland Resort, an exclusive visit to Walt Disney’s Disneyland apartment, a sneak peek at props and costumes from beloved Disney films at the Disney Archives, and more.

This new trip is available on select dates in Spring and Fall 2018, and pricing is around $3500 per person varying by date. Learn more at the Adventures by Disney site.

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dizneeboyJan 26, 2018

I heard back quickly from Adventures by Disney on my questions. This is a new name for a package they've been offering for awhile now (with a few changes). There is no way to deduct the theme park tickets from the package price if you already have an AP. Dinner locations are subject to change so they dont post them but none would ever include club 33 (not that I expected that but would definitely make the package price worth it). Also, rooms at the hotels are standard rooms with a woods/courtyard view but not theme park view or concierge level. While I would love to see the studios and imagineering, the rest of the package could be done on your own for so much less. I'd chalk this up to a splurge or special trip for those who have never been to DL/ Hollywood and want a guide.

RSoxNo1Jan 25, 2018

It sounds like this tour is similar to the one that can be redeemed using Disney Movie Rewards points. I've tried to schedule this tour in conjunction with a D23 Expo visit but they don't offer them during that week.

dizneeboyJan 25, 2018

Does anyone know if they reduce the price for AP'ers? It says a 4 day park hopper is included but we wouldn't need that (more importantly, they charge for 4 days but you only go into DL the last day for breakfast and then you leave. weird). Also, it gives no mention on where you will be eating in the parks. Probably on purpose so they can adjust as necessary but wouldn't it be swell to have one of those dinners in club33 ; )

cjgrenJan 25, 2018

TBH, I'd be more likely to do this tour again shortened as Land and Sea.

RteetzJan 25, 2018

Another piece to this is it backs up with some Disney Cruise Line sailings on the West Coast and in some of the promotional material they are trying to get people to do a land and sea with this.

RteetzJan 25, 2018

This is a smaller Southern California Backstage Magic essentially. That one goes into Henson Studios and some other SoCal spots. This one pretty much stays around Disneyland.

cjgrenJan 25, 2018

We had someone from Imagineering take us on the tour, but we didn't get much interaction with the Imagineers sadly. We did get to see Lucky though!

cjgrenJan 25, 2018

Definitely not new. I did the Southern California Backstage Magic Tour in January 2016 and we toured Imagineering then. From what I can tell, this is a shortened version of that tour without Muppet Studios and the Train Barn.

Andrew CJan 25, 2018

Adventures by Disney. Those all inclusive and fully guided trips are always expensive. Whether they done by Disney or not.

radiohostJan 25, 2018

$7000 for you and a guest for a 3 night trip? The experiences are

wdwmagicJan 25, 2018

It was new to me, unsure how long.

asianwayJan 25, 2018

havent they been offering this for a while now? Or is it different?

creathirJan 25, 2018

This would be an amazing trip... I wonder how much you would get to interact with the Imagineers... if at all...