Target coming to Walt Disney World and Disney Store shop-in-shop coming to Target stores

Aug 25, 2019 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Sunday August 25, 2019 2:14pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney and Target are joining forces to bring a Target store to Walt Disney World, and to open Disney Store "shop-in-shops" to Target stores nationwide.

Target and Disney are coming together for a project that includes the launch of 25 Disney stores within select Target stores nationwide on October 4, with 40 additional locations opening by October 2020.

The “shop-in-shop” will feature an enhanced Disney assortment of more than 450 items, including more than 100 products that were previously only available at Disney retail locations.

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ppete1975Sep 11, 2019

I posted they were avail on the merchandise forum :( I was hoping more would see it

ppete1975Sep 11, 2019

The targets here weren't bad. I got 2 3pcks 10 inch ezra and one each of the mini hitchhiking ghosts.

TinkwingsSep 11, 2019

Think they were upward of $56....for the time and energy and fees....not too much....will get more for them if supply doesn't return and its closer to Christmas ebay season.....capitalistic gambling.....but I suppose it's not much different than AP peeps who go to the parks just to purchase items to resell.:rolleyes: Will be fun to see what else Disney pushes through Target....if it stays on the shelf.:angelic:

MM311Sep 11, 2019

3 pack retails for $30, I'm sure eBay sellers have a nice markup

TinkwingsSep 11, 2019

Just looked and they are indeed selling....not sure what they cost but the 3 pack was moving quite nicely......

MM311Sep 11, 2019

I showed up at one near my work and was able to get the 3 pack of hitchhiking ghosts and the 10" Ezra, I have since gone to other Target's and found nothing, but yes, there are PLENTY on eBay :rolleyes:

TinkwingsSep 11, 2019

That's kind of what I thought, part of my fun time is searching through the stores for a special parks only shirt I can't find anywhere else....or other item. Odd thing is that the black shirt was in boxes and not really visable as a shirt. Most Disney type shirts in stores over the years just aren't as thinks there still needs to be a higher level of product at the parks.....yes it's all advertising....yet....

TinkwingsSep 11, 2019

haven't checked but bet they will be hitting ebay.....:angelic:

MM311Sep 11, 2019

They released the collection last Friday, as far as I have seen everything was snatched up right away, especially the Pop Vinyls

MansionButler84Sep 11, 2019

Why pay $35 for a T-shirt at WDW?

TinkwingsSep 11, 2019

Saw Haunted Mansions T shirts on an end cap at my local Target this week....lots of spots for other items but they were empty! Was wondering if they just started stocking or people were snatching things up?

danlb_2000Sep 04, 2019

I doubt Disney would ever do that, they would not want to make it to easy to get cheap food, water and other essentials.

mgfSep 04, 2019

Three words = Free Resort Delivery

markcSep 04, 2019

No, it's NOT to exit brick and mortar. This is NOT Disney's strategy and has never been - I dont know why people keep mentioning that when Chapek and Co have been clear in the past they want to continue to keep the omni-channel package of the brick and mortar stores and the online experience. This is strictly to supplement the Disney Store in markets that are underserved. Dallas/Fort Worth, despite having multiple Disney stores, is under-served. It's also one of Disney Stores' stronger performing markets, so much so that they've used it as a test market over the past few years for various projects. In the retail world - there's four strong states where you always want to focus on first and foremost - CA, TX, NY, and FL. What people forget too, is that the Brick and Mortar stores not only exist to sell merchandise - they also exist to promote the TWDC as a whole. As long as the stores remain profitable, they're not only making money, but also providing free marketing. They're not going anywhere anytime soon.