Universal to remain closed through at least April 19, Disney expected to also remain closed beyond previously announced dates

Mar 24, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Tuesday March 24, 2020 5:17pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Universal Studios Orlando has confirmed that its theme parks in Central Florida will remain closed through April 19 2020.

Walt Disney World is currently confirmed to be closed through to the end of the month, with no further information yet announced for plans beyond that.

According to those familiar with the situation, Cast Members are not yet being scheduled for the start of April 2020, suggesting they are still considering their operational plans.

Based on the escalating situation with coronavirus worldwide, it would seem next to impossible for Walt Disney World to open at the start of April.

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Lilofan1 hour ago

Colombia where I traveled to back in the day in at Level 4 status for Covid in terms of traveling there. The crazy part is that the country is open to tourism with no covid test being given to people flying into the country as of Aug 2021. Some Colombians also have taken full advantage of "vaccine tourism " flying into Ft Lauderdale and Miami to get the coveted covid shots. A favorite place Colombians like to vacation and also to visit family is in Florida.

EpcoTim4 hours ago

10's of millions? Where does that number come from? How fast is "lickety split" and where does that timeline come from?

MisterPenguin4 hours ago

Yes, new vaccines can now be made lickety split. Faster than getting everyone exposed to the new variant and experience tens of millions of deaths in the process.

Timmay4 hours ago

Me and my immune system aren’t always on speaking terms. I don’t know if I can trust that clown or not.

EpcoTim4 hours ago

But what happens if the new variants become vaccine-resistant? Can new vaccines be generated at an equal pace to the mutations? Mu could be the first test of this and since it’s only really prevalent in Columbia there really isn’t a data set to rely on considering Columbia has less than 40% vaccinated. The real story will come as it spreads to more vaccinated nations. Good news is that it appears to be less contagious than delta so far.

Disney Experience4 hours ago

Today’s meeting only looked at data regarding the Pfizer vaccine not Moderna. So their recommendation is only in regards to Pfizer, not Moderna nor J&J. It was planned for Moderna data to be looked at not too much later, Moderna’s case for booster is weaker than Pfizer's. Ie Moderna current results are better than Pfizer so booster is less needed. Moderna booster study was a 50mcg vs Moderna standard 100mcg, and Pfizer's 30mcg

DisneyFan325 hours ago


MisterPenguin5 hours ago

It's just another excuse. Just like "it's only 'emergency use' and not 'fully authorized." The goal posts keep changing. Their argument is that they believe in the science of immunity. But after experiencing an invading virus that was damaging their organs, they want to trust that the 'natural immunity' is enough, and not boost it with a vaccine that doesn't damage their organs. But in the end, the main argument against just relying on 'natural immunity' is this: If not now, there will come a time we all will need boosters. Immunity, whether natural or vaccine-induced will wane over time. This is especially true as more variants evolve and are more prone to 'escape' the immunity that came from the vaccine or from being infected with the Alpha Variant of COVID. What's going to happen when after Mu, comes the variants Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi? Are this vaccine hesitant going to just roll the dice with Sigma Variant, and thus, keep the virus 'alive' and mutating? Are they so vaccine-adverse that they'll purposely expose themselves to the Tau Variant to claim updated 'natural immunity' to avoid the vaccine? They're going to wind up dead and be accessories to the death of others.

helenabear5 hours ago

But if the kid had covid already then what do you say? Not here to judge either way tbh. I'd vaccinate my kid no matter what as I know chances of myocarditis are low and it's mild and temporary. Not a huge risk to me. But I can appreciate a parent's legit worry.

sullyinMT6 hours ago

I’m a little (ok, a lot) more forgiving of parents. It’s tough to feel like you could be failing your children. Those parents deserve to know the facts of MISC, though, and the relative risk of vaccination vs covid infection in their child(ren).

lazyboy97o6 hours ago

They also clearly don’t understand how vaccines work as they usually follow up with advice on things to take to “boost” the immune system, just not something actually designed and shown to “boost” the immune system.

helenabear6 hours ago

I know some parents who are worried their kids will develop myocarditis or something like that. Personally, it's all fears to me and we need to help them get over it.

Disney Analyst6 hours ago

I can't stand the new talking point. "I trust my immune system". It's such a stupid thing to say, and it shows they truly lack any understanding on how the immune system actually works.

helenabear7 hours ago

Yes. Trials are still ongoing for this (last I read last week). Same for Pfizer-BioNTech