Disney confirms organization restructure that sees park Vice Presidents Dan Cockerell and Phil Holmes switch positions

Jul 24, 2015 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday July 24, 2015 4:10pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced to Cast Members that current Magic Kingdom Vice President Phil Holmes will be swapping positions with Dan Cockerell, current VP of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The transition will take place over the next month along with personnel changes across the park's leadership team.

Phil Holmes has served Walt Disney World for over 40 years, joining the Magic Kingdom for its opening. Since then, he has worked in nearly every aspect of the front-line business, including Vice President of Disney's Animal Kingdom and positions overseas at Disneyland Paris. Holmes has been the VP of the Magic Kingdom since the early 2000's.

Dan Cockerell has worked for the company for nearly 25 years, and has held positions throughout the organization. At the resorts, Cockerell was general manager of Disney's All Star Resort and Wilderness Lodge Resort. Later he served as Vice President of Epcot before moving to the top position at Disney's Hollywood Studios in July 2011.

Along with the change of park Vice Presidents, new General Managers of Park Operations have been installed at both the Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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Tony the TiggerAug 20, 2015

OMG - Somebody used the "g" word and this thread isn't locked yet! (That's getting very old very fast. Cute forum overall, but that is just obnoxious.)

MansionButler84Jul 28, 2015

What's this? This record...it's...it's broken!

ford91exploderJul 28, 2015

Not long now - but the parks financials will be AWESOME!

Sage of TimeJul 28, 2015

Are we talking about TomKMorris on Twitter? I think he was involved in JII.

AbsimilliardJul 28, 2015

To finish on the odd WDI lack of mentions, there was a recent event that make me wonder if some ex imagineers are not to be mentioned? On July 23rd, DLP held a special event for shareholders and the press for the reopening of Space Mountain. They had a french imagineer called Laurent Cayuela, a scenarist, do a 40 minutes presentation on the history of Space Mountain worldwide and concluding with Mission 2. The interesting parts were that he did touch that "computers" helped create Space Mountain at WDW, he did not mention William Watkins, the father of modern roller coasters. He was the head of mechanical engineering at WDW when Space Mountain was being created and he created those heartline curves that are now a staple of every roller coaster around the world. Second, Tim Delaney was not mentioned at all!

lazyboy97oJul 28, 2015

That got me thinking. Tom Morris' official THEA designated role on Cars Land an Radiator Springs Racers (they are combined) is "Creative Director." Magnum is "Executive Producer."

lazyboy97oJul 28, 2015

Tom Morris was creatively involved with Cars Land, and lead creative on Hong Kong Disneyland and Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris.

AbsimilliardJul 28, 2015

For some reasons, WDI or someone there refuse to publicly acknowledge Tom Morris involvement. When the THEA Award (think of the Oscars equivalent for themed attactions) for Carsland was handed out, Kathy Mangum received the award and gave out the presentation at the workshop day. No where in all that did she mention Tom Morris name sadly.

TP2000Jul 28, 2015

Never heard of the guy until now. But I Googled him and found an interview he did in Cars Land in June, 2012. His LinkedIn page is typically vague and has no title listed, but apparently he's still on the WDI payroll. Kathy is a VP and may just be a overgrown project manager. But she was the figurehead for Cars Land and got it done.

WondersOfLifeJul 28, 2015

Not TECHNICALLY a villain... But I mean.. I'm just saying..

lazyboy97oJul 27, 2015

Where she wasn't the big creative and people continue to remain rather unaware of Tom Morris.

TP2000Jul 27, 2015

Because the next step up is the Parks Chairman spot, and it just got filled by Bob Chapek. They used to have a President of American/European parks position, most recently held by Meg Crofton. But she retired two months ago and they never filled that position, they just let it disappear and create a flatter reporting structure where the various site Presidents in Anaheim, Orlando and Paris now report directly to Bob Chapek. That's not a bad structural change in my opinion, as I don't think any of us could figure out what Meg Crofton actually did besides be a senior executive that wasn't a white man. That said, being President of WDW isn't a bad gig for George. And certainly not a bad way to end your career that started as a dishwasher at the Contemporary 45 years ago.

TP2000Jul 27, 2015

Two words: Cars Land.

asianwayJul 27, 2015

Dan or Phil? Dan looks as clean cut as they come