Bob Chapek named new Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Feb 23, 2015 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday February 23, 2015 2:44pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney Company has today named Bob Chapek Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts - the successor to recently promoted Tom Staggs.

BURBANK, Calif.—Bob Chapek has been named Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, it was announced today by Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Thomas O. Staggs, Chief Operating Officer, The Walt Disney Company.

A 22-year veteran of The Walt Disney Company, Mr. Chapek has served since 2011 as President of Disney Consumer Products, driving a technology-led transformation of the Company’s consumer products, retail and publishing operations. He assumes his new role effective immediately.

“Under Bob’s leadership, Consumer Products has seen great success, focusing on brands and a franchise-driven strategy while launching new products and retail experiences that combine technological innovation and creativity,” Mr. Iger said. “He is an experienced and versatile executive well-suited to lead Parks and Resorts into the future.”

As Chairman of Parks and Resorts, Mr. Chapek succeeds Mr. Staggs, who was named Disney’s Chief Operating Officer earlier this month. Mr. Chapek will report to both Mr. Iger and Mr. Staggs.

“Bob is stepping into this role at an incredibly dynamic and exciting time for our Parks and Resorts business,” Mr. Staggs said. “The ongoing construction of Shanghai Disney Resort as well as the new Avatar-themed land at Walt Disney World continues an era of unprecedented growth and historic expansion.”

“I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had during my years at Disney, and am thrilled to join the incredible Disney Parks organization,” Mr. Chapek said. “I look forward to working with the remarkably talented team dedicated to creating magical memories for millions of guests around the world.” A successor to Mr. Chapek at Disney Consumer Products will be named at a later date.

Prior to leading Disney Consumer Products, Mr. Chapek served as President of Distribution for The Walt Disney Studios from 2009 to 2011, and was responsible for overseeing the Studios' overall content distribution strategy across multiple platforms including theatrical exhibition, home entertainment, pay TV, digital entertainment and new media. He also served as President of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, where he spearheaded the successful “vault strategy” for the company’s iconic films and transformed the primary format of home entertainment from DVD to Blu-ray.

Before joining Disney in 1993, Mr. Chapek worked in brand management at H.J. Heinz Company and in advertising at J. Walter Thompson.

Mr. Chapek earned a B.S. in Microbiology at Indiana University Bloomington and an MBA from Michigan State University.

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Sage of TimeFeb 28, 2015


betty roseFeb 28, 2015

I agree, nothing at Christmas was moving much at our local mall, even with discounts.

Sage of TimeFeb 28, 2015

Tokyo DisneySEA, Disneyland ops, and recent efforts in Hong Kong all say hello.

GoofyernmostFeb 28, 2015

I don't want to be depressing or anything, but, has it occurred to anyone that we might just be getting THEIR best. Can't get blood out of a stone you know. We or they can raise the bar all we want, if they can't reach it, they can't reach it.

englanddgFeb 28, 2015

No point in moving forward with that then. I...for one...don't see Jobs as some "infallible saint", but if you do...well...

Captain NeoFeb 28, 2015


omuriceFeb 26, 2015

RashJudgmentPlus means you can "lock in" your judgments 180 days in Advance!* (*190 days for DVC members)

omuriceFeb 26, 2015

Well maybe he can spearhead the "vault strategy" in the parks that he (allegedly) employed at products. You know, close Space, Splash or Big Thunder Mountains for 10 years each, then re-open for them a limited 6 months. Selling merch in the interval. Imagine the crowds that will descend during those limited times. Not construction walls but lots of "Returning Soon..." walls. Nah it will never work. ;) PS - I think Walt and Roy spearheaded the vault strategy 70 years ago re-releasing films like Pinocchio in theaters after the war when they had no new features ready... So HOW can this be the guy credited with the "vault strategy" in the 1990s? Even VHS releases were doing this trick the late '80s so - no, no, and just NO.

asianwayFeb 25, 2015

Don't forget Limited Time Magic where we will do a few cool things on 48 hours notice so there's no easy way to experience unless you happen to be there anyway.

englanddgFeb 25, 2015

"With his help"... Regardless, what does that mean? What is your point? Because Jobs "sainted" hand touched it they are better or more representative of the Disney brand and experience?

Captain NeoFeb 25, 2015

The Disney Stores were redesigned by Steve Jobs dude

HMFFeb 25, 2015

The YOAMD decorations still haunt my nightmares.

Sage of TimeFeb 25, 2015

You keep saying the truth, tonight. I don't hate them, either. Far from it. I am a fan. I will probably always be a fan. I want to see them do great.

GoofyernmostFeb 25, 2015

This may sound lame, but, it is simply a matter of downplaying the negative and just enjoying what you see, not comparing it. As an individual, I like to feel that I can be objective about what I like and dislike and focus mostly on what I like. It's not like I have any personal power to change anything anyway and I think that can be safely said about just about everyone one of us.