Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger joins new Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery

Apr 20, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday April 20, 2020 9:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Friday the formation of a state Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery which includes Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger.

Also part of the Task Force is Apple CEO Tim Cook and co-chaired by Governor Newsom’s Chief of Staff Ann O’Leary and philanthropist, environmentalist and businessman Tom Steyer.

“This pandemic has forced millions of Californians out of jobs – with the most vulnerable hit the hardest,” said Governor Newsom. “While we have made significant progress in flattening the curve and increased preparedness of our health care delivery system, the actions taken have also impacted the economy, poverty and overall health care in California. We will use a gradual, science-based and data-driven framework to guide our re-opening timing while planning our economic recovery. I am honored that dozens of leaders in business, labor, health and philanthropy are stepping up to meet this moment by committing their time and talent to lift up all Californians. Through their leadership, and the leadership of California’s 40 million residents, I have no doubt we will emerge stronger from this crisis.”

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DisneyFan3220 minutes ago

^ Yeah the problem is millions of anti-vaxxers can't take vaccines for reaching the ending pandemic by next year, Biden must do something with anti-Biden haters as they are Trump fans as he can fix this mess to vaccinating all anti-vaxxers aka unvaccinated people. No one is gonna stop anti-vaxxers, likely the pandemic would be longer for many years if anti-vaxxers don't take vaccines soon. I don't want to wear mask on the trains forever, I want masks go away soon for public transportation by next year if the cases are low enough to put COVID-19 pandemic to end to behind us as under control. I really want the pandemic ending as more people are vaccinated.

disneygeek9020 minutes ago

Don't forget the not-homeless homeless sleeping in random houses with no electricity 🙃

Ayla24 minutes ago

Immigrants are a red herring and a way for unvaccinated people to deflect blame off themselves for being spreaders.

October8224 minutes ago

If only undocumented people were unvaccinated, there would be no community spread and we wouldn't be talking about Covid at all anymore.

GoofGoof34 minutes ago

Said differently if the biggest problem we had on the covid vaccination front was illegal immigrants not being vaccinated then we’d be in a lot better spot than we are today. I wish that was our biggest or only problem.

DisneyDebRob37 minutes ago

They told me there would be no math today. Good post but my head hurts.🙂

mmascari48 minutes ago

This wasn't an opinion, this was a question. One you didn't answer. A quick Google tells me, which means I could be wrong, that in the past before COVID there were between 12 and 10 million illegal immigrants in a year. It was trending down from 12 towards 10 million. The CDC says 14,133,874 people in FL have had at least 1 dose and that is 65.8% of people. 14,133,874/.0658 is just over 21 million people in FL. Taking 21 - 14, that leaves over 7 million people in FL that are not vaccinated. Lots of those are children under 12, so let's be generous and not include them. Over 12 in FL 14,125,913 vaccinated with 1 dose at 75.6%. Population at 18,685,070, leaving 4.5 million unvaccinated by choice. So, sure, if the entire illegal immigrant population of 10.5 million from 2017 is living in FL, but not counted in the FL population at all and they're ALL not vaccinated, and we compare them to ONLY the over 12 unvaccinated by choice 4.5 million Floridians, then yes it's a clearly a problem. But, that a horrible comparison. If we're going to use that number, we should include the kids too. 10.5 vs 7 million at least. Let's get the data sets at least equivalent. Let's pretend 50% of those immigrants are in FL. I mean, it's got a nice climate right? That would be 5 vs 7 million. So, yeah, that wouldn't be great. But, then for the rest of the county, it wouldn't even be a tiny part, they're mostly in FL after all. Probably all in line for Rise of the Resistance. US as a whole, age 12 plus has 210,470,237 with at least 1 dose, 74.2%. That's 283,652,610 people over 12. That leave 73 million people over 12 who have chosen not to be vaccinated. At most, we're talking about 13%, 10 vs 73 million illegal immigrants, both assuming NONE of them are vaccinated and we're only counting over 12 for others. Gotta make the math as one sided as possible. Definitely an issue in some local areas with high concentrations. But, it's nothing in the whole. It's not an opinion, it's an analysis. If you're going to have a contrary opinion and want anyone to think you're not just throwing boogey men, present some facts. Preferably not alternative ones.

ABQ50 minutes ago

As this is the industry I work in and my own organization mandated vaccines, the initial impact of the mandate was an exodus of CNA's in some cases if the state they worked in didn't have a mandate of its own and they just went to work for competing companies. However, as states began to impose mandates on healthcare workers en masse, that stopped as they had no where to go, unless they moved entirely out of state, which was less likely.

Virtual Toad52 minutes ago

Which you are certainly entitled to. Here’s what the Associated Press has to say on the issue and specific claims related to immigration and COVID: “At a news conference last week, Dr. Ivan Melendez, who serves as the local health authority in Hidalgo County, Texas, acknowledged that arriving migrants were “part of the problem” but he also said they did not pose any more of a danger than he does. “I have been in seven COVID units today.” He said migrants are not responsible for introducing the virus nor do they have higher infection rates compared with the general population. “Is it a pandemic of the migrants? No, it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Melendez said. The number of arriving migrants is far too small to be driving the enormous increases in cases across the U.S., said Dr. Joseph McCormick, a physician and former CDC epidemiologist now based at the Brownsville campus of the University of Texas Health Science Center at the Houston School of Public Health. “Given what we are seeing now across the country, it just doesn’t work to try to attribute that to migrants,” McCormick said. Furthermore, experts say, the delta variant, which was first identified in India, began circulating in the U.S. before it was in Mexico or other parts of Latin America, where most migrants arrive from. “So the claim that migrants entering from the southern border brought delta to the U.S. is baseless rhetoric,” said Max Hadler, senior policy director for Physicians for Human Rights, in a statement. “Rates are increasing everywhere, in every state in the country. It’s not a border issue or a migrant issue, it’s a national issue.” As for people who evade the Border Patrol and enter the United States undetected, there is no reason to suspect that they would have higher rates of COVID-19 infection, McCormick said.” https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-health-immigration-coronavirus-pandemic-174e424da1eb061d8b8bd53a7192611b

Heppenheimer57 minutes ago

Any word on Moderna, since I think they were planning on submitting everyone from 11 to 6 months at once?

willtravel1 hour ago

As always we ALL have our OWN opinion.

GoofGoof1 hour ago

Thanks. I don’t really have much to do with it personally. We are already seeing really good results from companies that mandated vaccines for employees. The vaccine rate has increased dramatically at places like Tyson foods who were front runners in this process. It’s highly unlikely that the employees who didn’t want to be vaccinated but then did go in all “changed their minds freely“ and got vaccinated. Some may have but most got vaccinated because they had to for work. So there wasn’t some epiphany or a changing of opinion or feelings on vaccination. They had to for work so they did it.

Kman1 hour ago

haven't checked...has Saskatchewan instituted a passport system?

lazyboy97o1 hour ago

Most people come here to work. They often try to pass themselves off as legally able to work, meaning OSHA regulations apply to them. A business hiring people not legally authorized to work is also probably not too concerned with OSHA requirements.