Updated Walt Disney World operating hours show park closures extended further into May

Apr 17, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday April 17, 2020 9:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney World operating calendar has been updated and now shows the parks closed through May 9 2020 (previously May 2), and those with reservations during that time are being notified of cancellations.

We have also received reports from guests later in the month receiving cancellations - up to mid-May.

Walt Disney World Resort hotels and theme parks are currently closed until further notice. Disney recently began accepting hotel reservations for June 1, which appears to offer some indication of when Disney hopes to resume some type of operations in Florida. 

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Figgy14 minutes ago

You don't by chance know of somebody selling snake oil er um essential oils to cure diseases;)

mmascari4 minutes ago

This particular post may be less funny replacing “mask” with “pants”. The exception to prove the rule. There’s no reason you shouldn’t think of your mask just like any other clothes. Some days paper may be fine, some days you want to go fancy. Some days silly.

Prince-17 minutes ago

Funny you say that but I am retired from medicine. And let’s just say I went to school a lot longer to get my degree than a person does to become a PA. But I’m sure Mr. Hollywood is quite knowledgeable in the science of epidemiology. I’ll defer to his “expertise” on the subject.

helenabear10 minutes ago

I don't know whether to laugh or offer a hug. Not eternally shy, just not confident in appearances.

DisneyFan3211 minutes ago

is vaccines is still powerful to stop new variants in future?

ParkerLoLs12 minutes ago

We keep living the same story here over and over. Looks like we just got to the point (again) where someone says they’re in medicine and then pulls a lose-lose ultimatum. Can we just skip to the end, I’m tired.

mmascari12 minutes ago

For a good laugh, go back and read the last 10 pages (probably any 10), and replace the word “mask” with “pants” in every post. Remember to visualize while you do. ;)

Prince-124 minutes ago

We only hate ignorance and stupidity. The two things that have caused this pandemic to continue to spread in the world and caused untold number of deaths. But hey, you’re a PA. You must know what you are talking about. 😉

Figgy131 minutes ago

IMHO diseases shouldn't be political just squished like the bugs they are

oceanbreeze7736 minutes ago

I really dont think that they will hold up in court, especially when it comes to what private businesses can do, its not a HIPAA violation and it can be easily monitored(once the system is in place). I agree that it'll become its own political debate, but I dont see how the ban holds up in federal court. And the states that do implement vaccine passports have a major influence on the entire country, especially CA and its economy.

GoofGoof45 minutes ago

In some places. Right now there are at least 5 states looking to ban or limit vaccine passports and those states make up almost 20% of the total population. Becoming a big political talking point like everything else Covid. I think we are going to see very uneven vaccine acceptance rates by state and as a result herd immunity will only be reached regionally. Unfortunately the states with lower vaccine acceptance may also be the same states where vaccine passports are banned and states like CA and NY where they are already being rolled out would have likely had a very high vaccine rate anyway.

ParkerLoLs50 minutes ago

Oh, sweetie! (I say that with love). I can relate. As an eternally shy person, I don’t mind hiding behind a mask. Of course, my partner is like... stop. We knew it was bad when I started checking in the mirror before going out to see if a particular mask made me look fat. Seriously.

oceanbreeze7755 minutes ago

As time goes on, we keep inching towards vaccine passports.

oceanbreeze7755 minutes ago

Also two of the largest school systems in the country https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-04-22/uc-csu-to-require-covid-19-vaccinations-this-fall