Updated Walt Disney World operating hours show park closures extended further into May

Apr 17, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

The Walt Disney World operating calendar has been updated and now shows the parks closed through May 9 2020 (previously May 2), and those with reservations during that time are being notified of cancellations.

We have also received reports from guests later in the month receiving cancellations - up to mid-May.

Walt Disney World Resort hotels and theme parks are currently closed until further notice. Disney recently began accepting hotel reservations for June 1, which appears to offer some indication of when Disney hopes to resume some type of operations in Florida. 

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Article Posted: Apr 17, 2020 / 9:11am ET
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Sirwalterraleigh49 minutes ago

Eventually...it will happen...eventually

Jwink1 hour ago

He’s gone. They let his wife and daughters come in. They made it in time. I’m glad they got to say goodbye.

oceanbreeze771 hour ago

My uncle and his wife, and my parents all got Pfizer and had no reaction. I did some research into it and interesting enough, found this https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/side-effects-and-covid-19-vaccines-what-to-expect.html "Can side effects be more pronounced in people who are at higher risk of severe COVID-19 disease—i.e., people who are older, have comorbidities, etc.? No—in fact, vaccine side effects have been less frequent and severe in adults older than 55 years in the vaccine trials."

oceanbreeze771 hour ago

No. They dont know what their stock schedule looks like so they are doing appointments week by week.

oceanbreeze771 hour ago

so sorry to hear. Prayers 🙏

oceanbreeze771 hour ago

In LA county, the website says for second doses all you need is your vaccination record card and ID. No work ID or anything like that.

Polkadotdress2 hours ago

According to ProPublica, though the manufacturers have consistently shipped 4.3 million doses each of the last three weeks (2 million for first shots and 2.3 million for second shots), the federal government only tells the states what their allocations for the following week will be on Tuesdays, after it subtracts the doses given to the corporations handling long-term care facility vaccinations and adds in any potential unused doses from those corporations. States have until Thursday to place orders, for which they have to have plans to distribute each dose. Some weeks, some states will have more than they expected, forcing them to scramble to find more people to vaccinate; other weeks, they'll have less than expected, forcing them to scramble to find more doses or cancel appointments. New York is a case in point: last week, it received 300,000 doses, but for the week of Jan. 18, it was only allocated 250,000 — even though, last Monday, Azar had said that more vaccines were being released from the supposed reserve, and the state opened up eligibility accordingly. Bungled. Full article here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/think/amp/ncna1254781

Jwink2 hours ago

Update forget my previous post. He took a turn for the even worse just now. They are on their way to say goodbye 💔☹️

DisneyCane2 hours ago

What is "bungled?" That it is hard to get an appointment? The reporting delays to the CDC make the doses used look a lot worse than reality. Pfizer and Moderna can't magically make 500 million doses appear and J&J and Astrazeneca have yet to apply for EUA.

DisneyCane2 hours ago

So now the goalposts have moved and we need enough people vaccinated for herd immunity before we approach a "degree of normality?" How about a "degree of normality" in 3 months when the vast majority of people 65+ are vaccinated and 80% of the deaths cease? Nobody will convince me that Fauci isn't on some kind of power trip which just got worse since Biden made him more important.

Polkadotdress2 hours ago

Just saw this statement in an article about the vaccine process, and thought it really summed it all up perfectly: “There's no one reason the Covid vaccine rollout has been so bungled. But there are way too many reasons for anyone to feel good about this situation.”

DisneyCane2 hours ago

I doubt that will end up being the case. There is a huge amount of data that gets backfilled on each days report. Just look at the posts by @DCBaker for a few previous day's and compare the data from the same date from one to the next.

Jwink3 hours ago

Thanks. It really doesn’t change my life but I feel so badly for my cousin, her husband, and their daughter. Their daughter considers him her papa and even though she’s not blood related he treats her like his blood granddaughter. My cousin lost her mom last year too. Crazy all around

Touchdown4 hours ago

I’m so sorry