Character appearances to continue at resort restaurants but interaction to be limited

Mar 15, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Sunday March 15, 2020 2:02pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Although the Walt Disney World theme parks will be closed from tomorrow due to the coronavirus, the resort hotels will continue to be open along with the hotel character dining restaurants.

It is expected that face characters, which include the princesses, will not be stopping at tables but will be passing through the restaurants. The fur characters, which include Mickey and Minnie, are expected to be continuing as normal at least for the short term.

As always, conditions are changing rapidly, so it is very possible that plans may change as the week progresses.

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GoofGoof11 minutes ago

You keep downplaying the effectiveness of covid vaccines because it supports your position that we cannot win and should just give up and drop all mitigations. You don’t want to be labeled anti-vaxx but that is in fact anti-vaccine. It’s fine to have that opinion, you are not alone. Many who won’t take the vaccine hear these arguments all day and use it as a reason to not get the vaccine. Covid vaccines are highly effective and with boosters may get back to the 90%+ we started at. MMR requires boosters to reach full efficacy. Even if the efficacy never hits 95% again it doesn’t have to since covid is half as contagious as measles. You are in a rush to jump to a conclusion since you think that’s the fastest way to dropping masks. This discussion only highlights why vaccine mandates and passports are the best and only viable path forward. Will they work? Will we get enough people vaccinated? Who knows, but I’m certainly glad the decision makers didn’t just give up.

DisneyCane12 minutes ago

In my post I meant to point out the deaths for 5-11 year olds since those were next up for vaccination. It's 112. The vehicle related analogies that people love to use are false equivalencies. Kids left in a hot car is a 100% preventable death. If you don't leave the kid in the car they will not die. Nothing COVID related is 100% except if you lock down the world. If we want to use the automotive equivalency, from 2002-2011 (the most recent data I found quickly) over 900 children 12 and under were killed in car accidents per year with a population mortality rate in 2011 (one of the lowest years) of 1.2 per 100k per year. Using the FL data, the COVID population mortality rate for 15 and under for the 18 month pandemic is 0.5 per 100k. Therefore, it is an indisputable fact that children under 12 are at a significantly higher risk of dying while riding in a motor vehicle than they are from COVID. Now can we stop with the false analogies?

Bob Harlem23 minutes ago

No more than two weeks after Orange county gets under 5% positivity. So... based on UF projections, this would mean probably November for Disney (If not a little sooner).

DisneyCane27 minutes ago

From the CDC: One dose of MMR vaccine is 93% effective against measles, 78% effective against mumps, and 97% effective against rubella. Two doses of MMR vaccine are 97% effective against measles and 88% effective against mumps. The COVID vaccines aren't nearly that effective vs. infection and spread. I'm not "wishing" for the vaccination campaign to not drastically slow the spread. I'm observing that they aren't. Your last paragraph summarizes the reason for my change in tone. A not-insignificant number of people have been convinced that COVID zero or near zero is possible given enough vaccinations and if that doesn't happen we need to have mitigation forever. At one time not so long ago, you yourself were in favor of no more mitigation once the vaccine is available for children 5-11 and they have had time to become fully vaccinated. Now you've switched to the goals being community spread and case numbers. In FL, through 8/12 just before the plateau in the delta spike there were 12,420,704 residents with at least one shot and 10,319,844 residents fully vaccinated. Through 9/16 there were 13,427,208 residents with at least one shot and 11,208,873 fully vaccinated. Do you believe that the 889,029 additional fully vaccinated residents, representing 4% of the population are the reason for the rapid decline in cases over the past month? Assuming it isn't and the decline continues and cases/community spread return to mid June levels in 3-4 weeks, are you willing to even entertain the idea that forced vaccination of people who don't wish to be vaccinated for the good of everybody may not be necessary? Why is there not even an attempt made by the CDC to track hospitalizations and deaths from reinfections in unvaccinated people like they do for vaccine breakthroughs?

mmascari37 minutes ago

290 If you're going to ignore the very severe impact because it's not statistically significant, at least get the number right. That's 290 at minimum, since it's out of 550,130 deaths not the full 677,086 as age wasn't known on all of them. No worries, you were only off by 367%. In 2018 and 2019, 53 kids died in hot cars. 106 kids. The auto industry is implementing all kids of things to warn parents about a possible kid left in the backseat. Compared to the number of times a kid was even in a car, or all the times one was and wasn't left behind, that 53 yearly is nothing. It's not even a rounding error in the statistics. Yet, we're doing all kinds of things to stop it. COVID deaths are 300% worse for kids. Plus all the risk a transmissible kid presents to others too. If you want to pick something to rail against, just stick to that COVID should be a personal risk and not a population one. It's just as wrong, but at least it's consistent and not trying to justify based on any stat.

helenabear43 minutes ago

I see some of this as more abrupt than you but that's perception and total opinion. Not all of it mind you. Like I agree that the singular view of the vaccine has always been there. There has been a lot of "all about me" which is hard to combat. It's an issue with the country as a whole. I see it more for the covid anti-vaxxers as a whole too - which goes against often historically what is gone for with them. I have had people tell me that vaccines were never meant to be about protecting all, just the individual. I want to know where they were during the vaccine appointments for themselves or if raising a kid during their appointments. It isn't personal as a whole. It's global and universal which is something people are absolutely missing. The only personal view should be if there is a legit cause to wait or not vaccinate per a doctor medical order. Like a loved one who was told to wait during cancer treatments. Or those with true vaccine reaction worries who need a special location to be vaccinated. Those are the only times when I see it as "personal" it's time we stop thinking personally. We need global. And the anti-vax stuff I hear creep in even on vaccinated people needs to end. My guess is not until after kids 5-11 can vaccinate and/or positivity rates drop more. They don't want to keep flopping around on the rules so when they remove they'll hope it's really for good. JMO

Epcotfan2143 minutes ago

At Disney? Maybe not till the start of the new year.

GoofGoof45 minutes ago

Neither…you could have taken your 20 grand and booked a 2 week trip to WDW for the 50th staying at the Grand Floridian. You my have had enough let over to buy a special addition 50th anniversary t-shirt and get a reserved seat at the fireworks desert party and multiple lightning lane reservations on RoTR. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

GoofGoof50 minutes ago

Percent of total population fully vaccinated: Israel 62% UK 66% Vermont 69% You keep saying we have areas with “high levels of vaccination” and quoting places where vaccination levels are not high enough. We know 60-70% is not high enough. We know 90-95% is high enough for measles which is twice as contagious as covid and has a vaccine that has efficacy in a similar range as the covid vaccine. So logic would tell us that until we get to somewhere above 70% and closer to 90% of the whole population vaccinated we won’t know if vaccination can or cannot lower community spread. You are jumping the gun on concluding that’s the case because you want mask requirements gone. I get that. I think we have to make the effort to get to a very high vaccination level (90%+) before we give up and declare victory for the virus. The really depressing part is that if we got to 90%+ vaccinated and if that didn’t result in lower community spread that means the mitigations you are so against actually will stay around indefinitely. Masks, some level of restrictions on public gatherings, etc. Maybe not mandated by the current Governor of FL, but there Is an election coming up and even if he remains Governor there is no way to stop private businesses like WDW from having mitigations in place. So careful what you wish for.

mmascari1 hour ago

It's not really an abrupt change. He's been this way since the beginning. There was a few months in the middle where it was toned down is all. @DisneyCane has been very consistent that it's a personal problem to protect oneself. That the vaccine is the best way to protect oneself. That if someone doesn't or cannot get vaccinated, it's on them to protect themselves. That each person should make their own decision about accepting different risks and take their own precautions to mitigate personally based on their own personal risk tolerance. That as a personal decision, there should be no mandates at all. The problem has always been, that while vaccines do help the individual, they're really a population solution first. It's a group project not an individual one. We need the group to solve the pandemic not just distinct individuals. This has been explained by many people many times throughout this thread, yet it never sinks in for several people. Nobody likes that we're dependent on the group, especially when they disagree with a large portion of the group on many things. I don't expect it to sink in this time either. I can probably even predict someone will respond with "Even if the US group vaccinates enough, the world never will so the group that is everyone will never get there". But, you have to start somewhere. We started somewhere with smallpox, measles, and polio. Everywhere isn't done yet for all of them either. So we have the group of "it's personal" railing against any "it's the group" actions which unfortunately will delay how long it takes the group to solve the problem. It's kind of ironic that the individuals that want it to end the most are actively causing it to take longer. 🤷‍♂️

Crunchie91 hour ago

Cases are continuing to fall off a cliff here, any updates or hints to when these masks are gone ?

Chip Chipperson1 hour ago

1. You keep citing VT but are ignoring multiple posts from other members (including one member who actually lives there) explaining VT's data and showing that it proves the exact opposite of your claim that vaccination will never get us a low enough transmission rate. 2. You keep referencing mitigations as if they're never going away, but most mitigations have already gone away in the vast majority of the nation. And aside from the unenforceable "vaccinated can go unmasked, unvaccinated must mask indoors" rules, how many mitigations actually still exist in the US right now? Masks are required in airports and on public transportation. Some places have indoor mask mandates for all, but it's far from the norm at this point. Some places require proof of vaccination and/or a negative test for things like concerts. Am I missing the news about widespread restaurant capacity limits, etc.? Or do you really think we should go maskless on buses and trains?

Touchdown1 hour ago

Except hospitalizations are downtrending on a consistent basis which is super easy to report and is more up to date. It’s also a lagging indicator to cases, Florida is definitely in its rapid decline phase. Will be interesting to see when it bottoms out.

dreday31 hour ago

sooo....are cases going down in Florida or not? I feel like when I read @DCBaker 's posts that hospitalizations are decreasing just about every day and cases are slowly decreasing. Right? I'm confused.