Guests with Walt Disney World hotel reservations for early June being notified of cancellations

May 14, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Disney is in the process of cancelling Walt Disney World Resort hotel reservations for early June 2020.

The latest cancellation notification we have so far is for an arrival on June 7, although some guests with earlier stays are yet to be contacted.

In late March, Disney began accepting reservations at Walt Disney World Resort hotels beginning June 1 2020 and offering a Free Dining Plan.

At that time, Disney stated that, "For Guests who are interested in modifying their existing travel dates or making a new reservation for a future vacation, reservations are currently available for travel dates June 1 and later. As always, Guests are able to modify these bookings if Walt Disney World Resort opens before or after that time." 

Disney has recently halted all new reservations for June, and instead opened restorations for July 1 and beyond. However, as we have seen with June 1 bookings, the revised July 1 date does not mean that the parks and hotels will be operating.

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Article Posted: May 14, 2020 / 12:29pm ET
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Incomudro26 minutes ago

Once they got these masks on our faces, they were never going to allow us to take them off.

helenabear43 minutes ago

Like I said our district will not do 3 to a seat for safety past 1st grade. No way 4th or 5th grade and beyond can fit. I know our school does trace though. Kids are over 6ft masked all the time. No cafeteria. No closeness outside of special needs who wear full PPE. They contact for any breakage of rules. Even outside contact they quarantine. I think it's all about how good the schools are tbh I was telling my family that it is a relief to know I wasn't nuts. Like what would have happened to have that arm pain so long and do much.

Shouldigo1246 minutes ago

Amen. I don't know how people still think we can make precautions and requirements just by being "over it". It's like masks- I remember everyone saying they'll never require masks because everyone hates them so much. Then they won't keep the mask requirement through summer because it's too hot and we all hate them so much. Then it won't be required by the winter because we'll have been wearing masks for months now, people are tired of it, and (plot twist) we hate them so much. And they surely won't require them still by this summer, because didn't you know we all hate wearing them so much? The virus does not care how tired we are of precautions. It doesn't care that we don't want to wait months to achieve herd immunity. Fauci realizes that and tells the situation like it is, not what we all want to hear.

seabreezept81353 minutes ago

I think the daycare situation is a sign that the new covid strains have been here for 2-3 months. In the spring when emergency daycares were open and there are a ton of those, the outbreaks weren’t happening. Kids in daycare don’t mask so it’s not surprising that they spread it, but that just didn’t seem to be the case last spring. I’ll never forget my daughter’s first year in daycare she brought home to me the weirdest kids viruses.. I would get high fever 24 hour bugs when I hadn’t had a fever since I was a kid. We pulled her out this year and have our neighbor in college babysitting her. It’s been a blessing because I don’t have the sick time to quarantine. It’s also given me time to find spots for her and her future baby sister next year as the one we used shut down permanently due to covid. But the daycare situation has been a real mess.

GoofGoof1 hour ago

2 school districts in my county are ramping up the mass testing as a trial to see if it will work for the whole county. I believe the plan is to use the quick tests on all students and staff once a week. It’s not my kid’s schools, but I do think that’s the way to go. Most spread at the schools was being blamed on after school activities and private get togethers at the high school level but since there’s so much asymptomatic spread in kids who really knows. I know multiple people who are working from home and don’t do much of anything in public who ended up with Covid from their kid’s daycare. In those cases the kids had no symptoms at all but passed it on to mom and dad and then they had to get the kids tested. I know with younger kids in daycare it’s more hands on than a school teacher so maybe that’s the reason it’s spreading there and not in schools. It’s impossible to know for sure with a complete lack of adequate testing and tracing. Edit: here’s an article about the rollout. I think the Initial plan was to test every kid, but they aren’t ready for that yet. It’s mostly kids with one on one aids or other special needs that require staff to be closer than 6 feet to the kids and all staff but it’s voluntary not mandatory

seabreezept8131 hour ago

100% agree about the tracing to suit their needs. I have a class that’s now down to 2 kids who aren’t quarantined. And we don’t do quarantining of kids sitting near each other in class or whole classes. So they all magically got exposed at the same time by people outside of school... sounds quite shady to me. If schools wanted to ensure trust they’d do testing like colleges or even sewer tests to get a real gage of how much virus is in the building.

GoofGoof2 hours ago

I think he’s reluctant to put the goal on the states directly since the federal government can’t control the percent used as well. I’m not a fan of punishing states who are t doing as well. I’d rather see them open FEMA controlled vaccination sites in states that are falling behind on their own. Biden also authorized the Federal government to reimburse the costs to any state that calls up their national guard to help with vaccine deployment. Better to help the states by pushing them to do better than take a punitive approach of sending less doses to states that fall behind. My gut feeling is that if JnJ comes online and starts delivering doses by end of Feb that at some point around then the goal will increase to something more ambitious. Keeping the goal low isn’t an issue to me now. It’s kinda meaningless if we hit 100M doses in March and you don’t change it.

GoofGoof2 hours ago

We started driving my kids from the start because the bus just seems like such an obvious bad idea. Unfortunately some people can’t do it due to work commitments and especially at the older levels on the way home their kids get off the bus and are home a few hours alone before the parents get home from work. From what I understand from the people who are using the bus it’s not 3 kids to a seat anymore but there are some kids sharing a seat still and in some cases even if there’s empty seats kids want to sit with their friends so they do it anyway.

GoofGoof2 hours ago

Our bus in normal times is 3 kids to a seat at the elementary level so unless they went down to 1/3 capacity we wouldn’t have 1 kid per seat and no aids to enforce distancing anyway. I suppose if they have 1/3 the kids the ride would be shorter, but to drive straight from my house to the school is 5-10 mins depending on traffic (which is still lighter than normal) so unless he was the last kid picked up and they went straight to the school he would likely be on the bus more than 15 mins. The other problem is they aren’t doing any type of tracing for the buses so if a kid tests positive they make kids who sit near them in class quarantine but they do nothing for the kids sitting around them on the bus. They keep saying no traced spread from the schools by me too, but recently I’ve become very skeptical of that. I have good friends who both tested positive and so did their 2 kids. The department of health never called them or asked them any questions about contact and the school never did either. Nobody in their class or on the bus was asked to quarantine even though the father had symptoms starting on a Sunday and tested positive on Tuesday night and the kids were in school Mon and Tue before being pulled out on Wed due to dad testing positive. They then tested positive too. In my mind any kids they had close contact with should have been informed and also tested or asked to quarantine. None of that happened. It’s easy to have no traced spread if you don’t trace. It was really disappointing to hear about considering we are all trusting the schools to do the right thing. I worry that the desire to keep schools open at all costs is resulting in a less than sincere effort to determine if spread is happening. It makes me feel a little bit better that these kids aren’t in my district, but how do I know my district is doing any better?

Disney Experience3 hours ago


helenabear3 hours ago

I get it is so hard for some. Our district has about 6k students total and our city is only 4 or 5 miles north to south a couple east to west. So less bus anyway since all schools are within 2 miles of the home. For my kid 1.3 was the furthest distance. We bused because it was available. My kid gets driven in on mornings but buses home now though. The holding area of students riding the bus would be quite boring compared to normal and it would be a 30-40 min wait (each bus does 2 routes and middle school gets picked up early so they wait in school) Back in the country where I lived was a whole other ball game. Though our schools really do not do 3 to a seat much except for short field trip for K-2. Older kids they cannot no matter what.

Think Tink4 hours ago

My moms route was so packed in some elementary routes there were 3 kids to a seat. Some schools are handling it much better. Unfortunately where I am, it’s been a mess. Luckily as time went on more kids switched to online or had parents drive so eventually the 3 per seat went away.

helenabear4 hours ago

Definitely dependent on where you live. Ours does assigned seating. Only families share a row. Load and unload so that first on goes to the back and last on to the front etc. I'm told grade school has an aid. We have less than half the school at the same time only 2 days a week. So it's easier. Buses here were never packed and routes never long. No cafeteria use either. So far no traced spread in schools.

Lilofan8 hours ago

The people flying into South Florida for example are perhaps getting a bad reputation. That is why the media is marketing it as vaccine tourism. Are people flying in to get the shot, probably, but a number of international tourists fly into FL to stay in their winter condos and homes that they rent or own and also get the shot. Stopping snowbirds is foolish for FL since the state need their spending power to fuel FL tourism and their tax dollars.