Disney Senior Vice President tells Task Force that July resort bookings does not mean the parks will be open

May 12, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Tuesday May 12, 2020 10:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Senior VP Thomas Mazloum told the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force this morning that Disney does not have an opening date or anything further to report at this time.

Mazloum specifically stated that by taking bookings for July 1, it does not mean that Walt Disney World will be open at that time. He made similar comments a few weeks regarding the June 1 booking window that Disney opened and has since closed.

Thomas Mazloum reports to Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro, specifically overseeing operations for Transportation, Resorts and Premium Experiences.

Disney is taking first steps to reopening Walt Disney World with a phased opening of Disney Springs beginning May 20 2020.

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FeelsSoGoodToBeBad1 hour ago

+10 points to BrianLo! This made me LOL and I consider it third only to "crotch goblins" and "spawn" which are both only really meant to refer to one's own children. Also, I'm pretty sure "snot-lickers" is considered more acceptable than either of the other two (but let's be honest, the other two are way more fun). 😹

mf19721 hour ago

Bullseye19672 hours ago

My wife got it all over her back and one leg very bad. She was miserable for 10 days to 2 weeks. Unfortunately she was 42 and her doc had told her 50 was a good age to get the shot.

Chip Chipperson2 hours ago

Anywhere near the eye sounds horrible. I got it on my chest both times, but was lucky to catch it early both times so the antivirals kept it from spreading too much. I still get phantom pains once in a while. Hopefully your mother-in-law doesn't have any complications with her eye.

helenabear2 hours ago

Soloist will remove in ours if they want to much like those reading scriptures (like 20+ feet away minimum) In a group we sing with them on the whole time. We've gone through tons of changes. For a while when spread was low we all just sang mask free. Now we're back to masks and restrictions. While I help put the music together our head director is super cautious and I appreciate it.

Kevin_W3 hours ago

Our church choir is masked... but takes them off to sing the anthem. :banghead: That is part of why my family is still doing Youtube Live services instead of going back in person. Otherwise, churches vary - ours is heavily vaccinated and congregants wear masks. My sister's has not changed one bit in the past 19 months.

helenabear4 hours ago

Ah gotcha In the summer I saw more unmasked. Lately it's really just been the college kids as a whole who fortunately are not near us. As a choir person we are required to be vaccinated and masked per our director. We have some city mandates for Columbus. Not for my city but my school district mandates for all people in the building vaccinated or not

MisterPenguin4 hours ago

In "it's just like the flu news".... https://www.poynter.org/reporting-editing/2021/covid-19s-death-toll-in-america-has-topped-the-1918-pandemic/

JoeCamel4 hours ago

Some places don't mask their children, much to their detriment. Amazing the number of people around here with coughs and unmasked, even if it's not covid please keep your slime to your self.

helenabear4 hours ago

I haven't seen an unmasked kid at church in a long time. Including my own. Who is fully vaccinated. I'm honestly not sure what your implication with this post is...

BrianLo4 hours ago

When even our Politicians say sorry... πŸ˜‚ In unrelated news, the Health Minister was fired today.

Heppenheimer4 hours ago

We could use a little bit of that humility and honesty on this side of the border.

BrianLo5 hours ago

I actually appreciate where you are coming from. It all seems hopeless because there was a period of way too much optimism. I'll just say we aren't there yet. Alberta guinea pigged the "60% of the total population fully vaccinated must be good enough?" strategy. Especially since the high risk population was quite well vaccinated. They declared the Pandemic moving towards endemic in August, trying to cancel testing and "live with it". I don't think this was well discussed here, but it was really a no more mitigations movement some people have long advocated for. Fast Forward a month and the hospitals broke. They apologized and admitted they were wrong. We don't know what's high enough, but we now know what isn't. 60% still isn't it. Since the US average 55% currently, the US most definitely is not ready. Trust us up here, we ran the trial.