Disney CEO Bob Chapek talks to CNBC and confirms masks likely for Cast Members and Guests at Walt Disney World

May 11, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday May 11, 2020 12:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Chapek talked to CNBC earlier today following the reopening of Shanghai Disney.

Operating capacity at Shanghai is currently limited to 30%, but Chapek indicated he expects attendance to be boosted by 5000 guests each week.

Of interest to Walt Disney World guests is a confirmation that masks will likely be required by both Cast Members and Guests. The likelihood of masks for guests appeared to increase when Disney launched a range of masks just over a week ago. Not only can Disney make masks a revenue source, but character design masks also goes some way to making masks far more acceptable for families visiting the parks.

Here is the full interview.

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The Mom14 days ago

I think I'll lock this thread until there are any changes in policy at WDW.

helenabear14 days ago

It always bothers me. Years ago even driving home I was singing to music and inhaled. Pretty much guaranteed sinus infection. That's why I masked outside. I didn't want to risk a sinus infection prior to Florida. It is pretty good! It's my go to. Still floating around here too so using it preemptively. Didn't need it in Florida though.

Lilofan14 days ago

I would say the opposite. When as a brother in my college fraternity , we had to really screen the girls much better coming to our parties. Some disguise themselves as college freshmen but further looking into is that some are actually juniors and seniors still in high school under the age of 18.

Andrew C14 days ago

If you have a Costco membership, their off brand version works the same and is sooo much cheaper. See, how much better is it to be talking about seasonal allergies than Covid?

Kevin_W14 days ago

Yep, flonase and eyedrops got me through the bad week or two.

Andrew C14 days ago

Flonase is your friend.

Kevin_W14 days ago

I've never really had problems before, but cottonwood season here hit me hard.

Andrew C14 days ago

THE venue.

maemae7414 days ago

I agree to each their own and so many should really drive their own car , stay in their own lane in terms of wearing or not wearing or vaccinating or not vaccinating. I think so many got so caught up in the covid "drama" that they can't just let it go. It's like the college freshman who keeps showing up at high school events because they can't move past it and move on to the next phase of their lives.

helenabear14 days ago

Not reading their posts, but at this point I'm not sure why people even argue it. I did 8 days in Disney by choice no masks. I knew the risks and took it. I dislike masks, but will wear when appropriate of course. I feel at this point it's not really worth bothering. Some with be vehemently anti-mask and anti-vax. There's no changing it. Do what you feel is best. Arguing with someone who is consistently anti-mask among other things is pointless.

drizgirl14 days ago

So many examples of this the past couple years from all sides of this issue.

drizgirl14 days ago

All this back and forth. I hope it makes everyone feel better. Because at this point all it does is release one’s anxiety. It’s time to accept that we are at a point where everyone should make their own decisions. The time for mandates and shaming is past. Lots of good reasons to wear a mask at specific times. Lots of good reasons to be comfortable not wearing them. Everyone has access to the highest quality masks and to the best vaccines in the world. None of it is perfect but it’s enough to stop trying to micromanage other people.

DisneyCane14 days ago

I don't have special knowledge. I don't feel that my level of risk from getting COVID is high enough (being that I am vaccinated and boosted and under 50 and in generally good health and in shape) to be worth the discomfort of wearing the type of mask (N95) that would actually significantly reduce my risk of getting infected. Another highly educated person might think the risk reduction is worth the discomfort.

JoeCamel14 days ago

Not an idiot but not to take precautions when appropriate because that is what your "highly educated" brain is telling you to do while people who have actual experience are taking precautions is an ego driven fool's errand. The "I know better than everyone else" is a common trait among those who have to tell you how highly educated they are. We all fall into the trap of thinking we have special knowledge but the truly smart people recognize this. Remember this has been this poster's tune from the start.