Walt Disney World now only accepting reservations from July 1 and Florida Resident Discover Disney Tickets extended

May 09, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Walt Disney World has pushed back its open reservation window from June 1 to July 1 2020.

Disney began accepting reservations from June 1 on March 29, shortly after the parks shutdown from COVID-19, but will now not accept new reservations during June.

It isn't clear yet if the move of date is due to capacity being reached for June, or if Disney has no plans to operate during June. Cancellations of existing reservations are taking place on a rolling basis, so far into late May.

Disney has also modified the Florida Resident Discovery Ticket to be used through September 30 2020, It was previously available to use through July 31 2020.

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Article Posted: May 09, 2020 / 7:37am ET
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Clopin TrouillefouLess than a minute ago

very informative and even reassuring, thanks for this

Jrb19791 minute ago

First I will say studies in Canada have shown 80% of the the spread is from private homes. Places people don't wear masks. While cases are rising, IMO they would be that much higher with no restrictions in place. I tell you a big reason for the rising cases, there is still too many that feel they should be able to do what they want. Look no further then Thanksgiving and the amount of people traveled even after being advised not too.

techgeek3 minutes ago

This line of discussion is drifting dangerously off-topic for this thread and into full-contact politics, but this kind of attitude is exactly the kind of divisiveness that has permeated every single important issue - including Covid - challenging our country. How would you suggest we solve THAT problem...? Because that problem has clearly become the root of all problems, especially Covid.

Chip Chipperson9 minutes ago

And there are already people freaking out that it's a "mandate" even though it's clearly not.

Heppenheimer9 minutes ago

Other than the stutter he has suffered from since childhood, what evidence do you have of a cognitive decline in Biden? Honestly, though, I don't expect any bold acts of brilliance from Biden or anyone on his staff. At this point, I only expect competence and honest attempts to undue most of mess Trump has made. I previously voted for and even donated to the Republican party (prior to the rise of the idiotic Tea Party movement, and definitely not since the ascendancy of Trump within the party), so I'm no fan of the left wing of the Democratic party and the kind of societal changes they would like to legislate. At this point, I only want to modicum of competence, and non-interference in the apolitical arms of the federal government. A president who is honest with the American people about the challenges this pandemic has presented and a willingness to work with our allies on this global problem is at least a start in the right direction. No more gaslighting, no more boasts about how this is almost over, no more empty gestures about the "tremendous job" his people have done (while the Titanic sinks). Just honest messaging.

DisneyCane16 minutes ago

Here is data that I grabbed this morning for the past 7 day average of cases per 100k population from the CDC. Can we please finally agree that short of severe restrictions there is nothing that a governor or government can do "right" at this point to keep the spread at bay? We have states with governors that supposedly are "doing everything right" like Wolf, Murphy and Cuomo doing worse statistically than states with governors supposedly "doing everything wrong" like Desantis, Abbott and Kemp. California and Florida are equal despite different approaches as are Georgia and Oregon. A bunch of these states seemed to have the spread at bay up until relatively recently so they were starting at a better point than states like FL yet they are all having issues. If people are going to criticize Desantis and give him nicknames, why don't the governors of these other states get the same criticism? I won't criticize any of them because the data seems to show that without very strict restrictions the virus is going to do what viruses do and spread. Just closing bars or instituting certain mandates obviously isn't the magic bullet that keeps things under control. Pennsylvania 53.1 Missouri 52.7 Alabama 51.2 Connecticut 49.1 Louisiana 48.1 New Jersey 45.4 New York 42.8 Massachusetts 38.3 New Hampshire 37.5 California 36.8 Florida 36.8 Maryland 35.3 Texas 34.7 North Carolina 34.5 Georgia 32.9 Oregon 32.9

drizgirl16 minutes ago

That's not at all the same as dropping you from the insurance.

MansionButler8423 minutes ago

Yes, actually. I am a state employee and my insurance subsidizes “good behavior.” If I end up on the naughty list (become hypertensive, for example) and do not follow my doctor’s treatment plan, I get dropped from the “Health Enhancement Program” and pay much more. Now, enforcement for mask usage isn’t possible, but they can certainly mandate a vaccine for coverage. If I don’t get my teeth cleaned at least once a year, as an example, I get dropped. Healthy people cost insurance companies less. I would imagine passive-aggressive measures like this or not allowing you into a plane or into a Pentatonix concert next December without a vaccine are more likely than outright mandates. Americans don’t like to be mandated to do something (but being mandated to NOT do something is usually acceptable...).

MansionButler8431 minutes ago

Here in CT, we received our vaccine schedule which assumes only the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be used (we are a small state with a bunch of hospitals run by Yale, so temperature requirements aren’t a problem here). All hospital workers vaccinated by late January. Then phase 2 (which they call 1b because “reasons”)—all other frontline workers (e.g. teachers, delivery workers, grocery store workers, etc.), anyone over 65, and anyone under 65 at high risk. For our home edition players, that ends up being about half our state. Phase 1b is through late May here. Healthy adults and kids are in Phase 2 starting June. They are assuming 80% get vaccinated and this would be possible here by 9/1/21. Any additional vaccine approvals (which are expected early next year) would, of course, shift dates forward. The assumption is that the situation here will dramatically improve as at-risk populations are protected. Will healthy people then show up in the summer? Who knows. Either way, morbidity rates would be more in line with flu, which the ignorant hordes will likely think is “good enough.” 100 days for mask usage isn’t arbitrary even if it is a nice round number. The assumption is that we could provide a 1, 2 punch to the virus—social distancing transitioning into active immunity (whether naturally-acquired or artificially-induced) at a high rate. Most Americans with significant risk from COVID-19 will be vaccinated by 5/1/21. Did enough Americans pay attention in high school biology class to understand?

DisneyCane46 minutes ago

I have to ask. Do you honestly believe that Joe Biden (not Joe Biden's staff and handlers) is mentally capable of leading the country through anything? If you can't admit that he is a shell of his former self from a cognitive standpoint you have your head in the sand. He got elected because he was "not Trump," not because a majority of people believe he is going to be a great leader. Maybe his staff will come up with some good ideas and his speech writers will write some good stuff for him to say but to think he is capable at this point is ridiculous. I disagreed with almost every policy of Barack Obama but he was a good leader and highly competent at setting out plans and executing them so my comment on Biden isn't just political mud. I want the country to do well no matter who is president because just like I don't want to lose a year of my life to COVID measures, I don't want to have a miserable 4 or 8 years just so a candidate I like better will become president.

drizgirl56 minutes ago

Do they invalidate coverage for people who smoke? Coverage for people who eat bad diets? People who take drugs?

Sirwalterraleigh58 minutes ago

Oh no way...that would never happen. There is near nil “consensus” on how to do things correctly from a legal perspective. The laws are loose to allow challenges to pretty much anything. I mean...not to go policy...but the clean water and air acts have been gutted and someone was talking up asbestos a couple years ago 🙄

Sirwalterraleigh1 hour ago

Yeah...I can’t get behind this one for now. Anyone saying this with seriousness is probably still dug in. You don’t leave a cult

LittleBuford2 hours ago

I really hope the people who kept saying this, including here in the forum, feel suitably chastened.