Walt Disney World now only accepting reservations from July 1 and Florida Resident Discover Disney Tickets extended

May 09, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Walt Disney World has pushed back its open reservation window from June 1 to July 1 2020.

Disney began accepting reservations from June 1 on March 29, shortly after the parks shutdown from COVID-19, but will now not accept new reservations during June.

It isn't clear yet if the move of date is due to capacity being reached for June, or if Disney has no plans to operate during June. Cancellations of existing reservations are taking place on a rolling basis, so far into late May.

Disney has also modified the Florida Resident Discovery Ticket to be used through September 30 2020, It was previously available to use through July 31 2020.

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Article Posted: May 09, 2020 / 7:37am ET
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Lilofan2 hours ago

With that opinion on covid, did you update your family will?

Lilofan2 hours ago

Those bouncers at the bars and off duty armed law enforcement earning some extra income will be earning their money hopefully getting the riff-raff out of there. Issue is that some club guests leave their firearms in their cars so hopefully there is no retaliation.

Lilofan2 hours ago

And lower property taxes for FL residents compared to some other states due to tourism tax ( but not many tourism guests at this time )

Jrb19796 hours ago

If you want an idea. Here in Ontario Canada since our cases have been rising they put restrictions back in place. Gatherings are limited to 10 indoors and 25 outdoors and restaurants and bars must close by 11 pm.

Sirwalterraleigh6 hours ago

Offices and schools shutdown...complaining about money that was never passed...the usual

Jwink7 hours ago

Yup 😣

Ldno7 hours ago

I don’t know if Texas is just random but some nationwide stores like Apple and Lego had different city policies versus other cities nationwide stores from what I know. My local Apple store opened back in June, then closed in July only to finally re open back up this weekend. Other stores have been open the whole time, It’s like walmart right now, they got rid of the capacity guys at the doors and allowed both of them to be open now with minimal operating hours. You also have to worry about the financial collapse that will make this hard to recover from to be honest, they set the COVID guidelines for everyone, it’s up to us at this point, any more than that is controlling. For example, I’m not left or right but Biden has publicly stated he will shutdown the country again if scientists tell him to do so( a story on CNN), if we shut down imagine going back to March economically, I have been unemployed since March I ran out of the unemployment benefits and i am halfway through the PEUC, I won’t make it another shutdown. Not to mention those bonus keep getting less and less each extension. Believe I am working on getting employment but I can’t get job offers since it’s pure competition now. I just play the game, wear a mask? I don’t like it but sure, I’ll be a team player wether it works or not, I don’t get paid to do those decisions. Is it starting to cause depression and anxiety? Yes (Fear of Forgetting for whatever reason). I am also the biggest germaphobe and have been even before this started, after being a cable guy and seeing how 85% of people live, I will always have a hand sanitizer nearby. but even then when it rains in WDW people break social distancing rules to get cover like you said, especially since there’s not much cover at the parks unless you weather the storm with rain gear but no one likes drenched shoes. Hurricane season doesn’t exist in California, which makes me wonder at all why Josh even bothered at all.

icc25157 hours ago

If you dislike the taxes being added on, don't ever go to Vegas. That $29 dollar room is likely to cost you $100 after the taxes, resort fees, parking fee, fee for mowing the ceos yard, fee for administering all the fees. Don't even get me started on Comcast and AT$T.

icc25157 hours ago

Chapek is in charge this week, Iger said he could be.

SoFloMagic7 hours ago

I know. It's almost like we should have spent the last 6 months preparing for fall instead of hoping it would go away

note20017 hours ago

Most of us still aren't going out to dine. We're also being very careful in the stores when we do go out.

oceanbreeze777 hours ago

I'm very interested to see what happens in the NE when cold weather moves in. Outdoor dining just won't be practical.

Sirwalterraleigh7 hours ago

I agree with both your points...but doesn’t that basically put what happens in the hands of “forces of nature”?? Luck. That’s the play. And less ability to respond because the potential will not be planned for as closely. People will move indoors...their awareness will loosen even more...there will be more spread in the coming months...and there is no magic bullet vaccine available for this season. Don’t think any of these things are actually in dispute... So what does that Do for demand at wdw? Nobody is gonna like the answer.

SoFloMagic7 hours ago

It's all politics. He's betting that appearing to be "open" is more important than doing the things it would take to actually open for real and stay open. Oh, and no distancing in restaurants and only suggested (non-mandatory) caps for stadiums is looney.