VIDEO and POLL - Shanghai Disney Resort produces video to show how the park will operate under new health directives

May 08, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday May 8, 2020 9:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Shanghai Disney Resort will open to guests on May 11 with a number of health and safety measures in effect - including temperature screening, health QR codes, social distancing, face masks and advance reservations.

The resort has produced this video to show how the processes will work and what a typical day at the park will look like.

POLL - Would you visit Walt Disney World with these health-based operational restrictions in place?

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GoofGoofMay 30, 2020

It’s still a huge problem in Africa and other less developed parts of the world. Doesn’t get the hype since it doesn’t impact the Western world all that much. Mostly charities and non-profit academic organizations work on vaccines and treatments for malaria, including the Oxford group that’s working on the Covid vaccine that’s one of the front runners. Funny little piece of useless trivia (I’m full of them). The CDC was established in the 1940s in Atlanta because the Southeast was the hotspot for malaria in the US and malaria was one of the biggest threats to the nation at the time. So it wasn’t too long ago that malaria threatened the US.

SmoothMay 30, 2020

10,000,000 people fell ill with TB in 2018 1,500,000 people died of TB in 2018 484,000 people fell ill with drug-resistant TB in 2018 I'm not sure why TB is not on that list?

robhedinMay 30, 2020

Thanks for that. Very interesting visualization. Hadn't realized that Malaria was that big of a deal overall.

disneygeek90May 30, 2020

My friend's family from NJ was planning on coming for a 5 day trip at the end of October. She told me this morning they were cancelling. Her sister has small girls and meet and greets/parades was the tipping point for them. I think it's the smart move.

marni1971May 30, 2020

A humbling reminder of why the rules are needed

Chi84May 30, 2020

Great attitude. What's the saying? - Something like "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

KingoglowMay 29, 2020

The CDC will not lift these restrictions by July so I don't know where you are getting your information. In lieu of direction from the Federal government, Disney is following the guidance of the CDC and then after, the state government. Expect masks and social distancing (which might increase actually) to be in place for a long time.

wdwmagicMay 29, 2020

I would expect masks to be mandatory for a long time, certainly beyond the summer, as will social distancing.

MrPromeyMay 29, 2020

You know, the thing about Legoland is it was pretty easy to keep six feet away from other guests even before all of this started. It's simply not that busy of a park. We've had annual passes for three of the last five years (including this year) and I've never seen any of the queue space for any of the attractions at more than maybe 30% (at most), even on holiday weekends. Even the most popular stuff there has lines that are usually shorter than most Disney Fastpass lines. Out of any largish attraction here in Florida, I've been thinking for a while that Legoland would probably be the safest simply because almost everything is outdoors and aside from the play areas (which will probably be kept close for the foreseeable future), it's just not hard to stay away from people there. That said, if what happened with the WoD opening in Disney Springs is any indicator (and I believe it is), the MK will never look like Legoland in terms of crowds unless they are able to restrict attendance by a LOT... but I have serious doubts they'd be able to operate profitably at those levels. Sometimes, I look at the lack of crowds I see at Legoland and wonder how they stay open, even. I think the things that were to Disney's advantage before all of this (complex unique attractions, popularity, and the OCD level of planning they offered) are things that are going to hurt them now. Attractions that were justifiable to build and maintain in terms of cost were easy when they had an endless supply of guests. Legoland's largly off-the-shelf style attractions and niche appeal (by age) now make it easier to for them to operate without significant changes. For a while at least, if everything goes optimistically and there are no major breakouts attributed to them, the PR problem Disney will have to manage is people being pissed they can't get in. It's a weird world.

Ben_since_1971May 28, 2020

I just came to this thread to post on this very thing. Of course I want to be safe, and would never put myself at any risk, but I really want to be able to go on my September trip just to experience Disney World in this 'environment'. I am curious. It's one thing to read and see about other's experiences. I want to see for myself. I will say that I am looking forward to having a good trip. I have learned long ago that a Disney trip is what YOU make of it. Instead of viewing this as "I won't have fun if I have to wear a mask" I see it as "how can I have fun if I have to wear a mask?". "How can I have fun with reduced park hours?" I don't rely on Disney to give me my memories - I make them myself.

Parker in NYCMay 28, 2020

They will? Or is that rhetorical?

FigmentsFangirlMay 28, 2020

Since masks and temp checks will be mandetory at least for a few weeks, my mom found that accordingly such restrictions and total length of time for them to be active, will also be added to the "days closed" for our APs My mom doesnt like the idea of masks being mandetory, but this is JULY when they will be reopening, so why worry of social distances then ? By the middle of June all social distancing guidlines and restrictions will have bene lifted ? Color me confused but no I wont go if facemasks are mandetory

*Cinderelly*May 22, 2020

I think I would go with the guidelines and health restrictions in place. Sometimes experiences something although it might be a bit of a challenge it might also give another perspective on the whole Disney World thing and that just might be fun to experience once.

surfsupdonMay 22, 2020

In relation to masks... I’d like to think I’d go if masks were required (bc I really want to go), but I don’t think I could do it in actuality. I would go if masks were encouraged, but not mandated. Like the current rule coming to Legoland.