Tom Staggs resigns from the Walt Disney Company

Apr 04, 2016 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday April 4, 2016 5:29pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tom Staggs, the Walt Disney Company number 2, has today resigned in a surprise move. Disney expects him to leave the position as soon as next month.

Staggs was promoted ahead of Jay Rasulo to the number 2 position just last year when he became Chief Operating Officer in February 2015.

“Tom has been a great friend and trusted colleague for more than 20 years,” CEO Bob Iger said in a statement. “He’s made important contributions to this company, earning wide respect across the organization for his achievements and personal integrity. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together, immensely grateful for the privilege of working with him, and confident that he will be enormously successful in whatever opportunity he chooses.”

It was widely expected that Staggs would become the new CEO of the company once Bob Iger steps down in June 2018.

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Cesar R MApr 13, 2016

I actually always imagined it was being used for the middle finger thing.

Cesar R MApr 13, 2016

Well, the internet used to have very strong rules regarding who is who in the internet. like the infamous line of "The Internets.. where men are men, women are men.. and kids are fbi agents" and the subsequent "There are no women in the internets"

Cesar R MApr 13, 2016

Agree... there are a ton of parts cut there and here! I still wonder why they didnt they made 2 movies of #5. I mean, they did cut the last abruptly to split it in 2.

Quinnmac000Apr 13, 2016

Looking at that pic now I know the movie has it as a thumbs up sign but at the same time it looks like he could be giving someone the particular Bob Iger for being so cheap.

Lord_VaderApr 13, 2016

gmajewApr 13, 2016

All good points but they did establish Wonder Woman and affleck was a better batman then most were expecting. To much action killed the movie not enough story.

LAKid53Apr 12, 2016

*thumbs up* We really need a thumbs up emoticon....

Mike SApr 12, 2016

*Adopts narrator voice from Hercules* You go girl.

LAKid53Apr 12, 2016

Ah, the anonymity of the Internet... ;) There are girls who are big geeks, just like the guys. Just ask my daughter...she can expound on the Marvel Universe better than most of her guy friends. I grew up with two older came with the territory. Plus, it was more fun playing baseball than playing with my Barbie. Actually, very few of my friends were girly girls. We could beat the crap out of just about any boy in the neighborhood...and I did. That's what he got for throwing a rock and hitting me in the head - a bloody nose, two black eyes and the humiliation of being beaten up by a girl..who wore glasses, no less. My brothers taught me how to fight. :p

lazyboy97oApr 12, 2016

Evidence of this would be the sudden, scrambled reshoots ordered for Suicide Squad to lighten its tone.

Mike SApr 12, 2016

For the lols. It just popped in my head :hilarious:

LAKid53Apr 12, 2016

I don't remember that - been years since I read Order of the Phoenix.

LAKid53Apr 12, 2016

We've taken this thread all over the place , lol. *guilty party raises her hand* I'm surprised the thread police haven't chastised us for doing so. ;)

SmiddimizerApr 12, 2016

I would've said 1 and 2. #5 actually departed from the book quite often, as Mike mentioned. They took the longest book and made it into the shortest movie.