Themed Entertainment Association publishes the 2014 Global Attractions Attendance Report

Jun 03, 2015 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday June 3, 2015 9:25am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and AECOM has today published the 2014 Theme Index: Global Attractions Attendance Report.

This industry report provides the best guide to theme park attendance worldwide, giving estimates of attendance change year on year. Disney and most other large theme parks do not provide any official attendance figures, so this report represents the only published estimate of attendance.

The Magic Kingdom continues as the world's most visited theme park, with just over 19.3 million guests in 2014, a rise of 4% from 2013 - which is slightly down on its 6% rise the year before.

Epcot saw a rise of 2% to just over 11.4 million guests - which is an improvement on its 1.5% increase in the previous year.

Disney's Hollywood Studios was up 2% to 10.3 million guests - the same percentage increase as last year, as was Disney's Animal Kingdom, which saw a boost of 2% up to nearly 10.4 million guests.

Over at the water parks, both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach saw 2% rises in attendance, with Typhoon Lagoon receiving 2.1 million visits, and Blizzard Beach just under 2 million. 

Here is a summary of percentage change from last year at the main parks throughout the world.

(1) Magic Kingdom: 4%
(2) Tokyo Disneyland: 0.5%
(3) Disneyland: 3.5%
(4) Tokyo Disney Sea: 0.1%
(5) Universal Studios Japan: 16.8%
(6) Epcot: 2.0%
(7) Disney's Animal Kingdom: 2.0%
(8) Disney's Hollywood Studios: 2.0%
(9) Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris: -4.7%
(10) Disney California Adventure: 3.0%
(11) Islands of Adventure: 0.0%
(13) Hong Kong Disneyland: 10.4%
(16) Universal Studios Florida: 17%
(22) Seaworld Orlando: -8%
(25) Walt Disney Studios Paris: -4.7%

Both Paris parks continue to struggle, as does Sea World Orlando - which is just hanging onto a position in the top 25 list.

Universal seems to be the biggest winner, with huge gains for Universal Studios Orlando, and Universal Studios Japan. Both parks have invested heavily in new attractions and continue to do so.

You can read the full report on the TEA website.

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PhotoDave219Jun 10, 2015

It will be busier than normal, yes. I'm not at my laptop and don't have the data in front of me but the race weekends take a below average crowd and make it an above average crowd in a hurry

ford91exploderJun 10, 2015

I'm just going by the marathon SOLD OUT in less than 4 hours!!! the 5-10K's did so in 30 minutes!!!

PhotoDave219Jun 10, 2015

Not entirely crazy, but average to above average

ford91exploderJun 10, 2015

Forget it I'm there for the marathon as well... Crowd levels will be crazy as the charts show.

AEfxJun 10, 2015

Jeebus...the week after New Years used to be so completely dead you could walk on even the Mountains at the MK at just about any time of day.

PhotoDave219Jun 10, 2015

Ive met Josh. I stick with Len's data just because he's been doing it forever and has a very accurate track record.

Vegas Disney FanJun 10, 2015

I've found Josh's crowd predictors on (another site) to be pretty reliable and his is close to your graphs, he lists the week between New Years and Marathon as a moderate to slow week, mostly 3's and 4's with the weekend in the 5's. I'd love 1's and 2's but can live with 3's and 4's. My first trip was mostly 4's and I was expecting hour long waits for everything and was pleasantly surprised with a lot of 20-30 minute waits or less. I plan on more looking and less riding this trip anyway, my first trip was exhausting trying to see it all, this time I just want to enjoy it.

PhotoDave219Jun 09, 2015

Uhhhhhh....... Here's the week Before and then the Week After for the past two years. Week before is businer, the leftovers from New Years but the beginning of the next week seems to drop off before ramping up for MLK weekend. This year was clearly slower than 2014. Edit: Not trying to sway you or sugar coat anything, just trying to help you make the best informed decision so you don't have an awful time. I just look at historical data, TouringPlans uses the witchcraft to predict the future.

Vegas Disney FanJun 09, 2015

I'm going Jan 4th-11th this year for the marathon, praying for light crowds Mon-Fri while I'm touring the parks.

PhotoDave219Jun 09, 2015

Yes. Its busy. Time for a Chart! That's the entire year. September, for about 10 days, is the time to go. Specifically, That time frame. The rest of the year kinda sucks. Edit: Sucks for those of us who hate crowds.

Vegas Disney FanJun 09, 2015

The irony with amusement parks is the more popular they get and the busier they get the less fun they are. You'd think at some point it's going to bite Disney but it hasn't yet, they just keep getting busier. I've been to Disneyland dozens of times over the last several years and my favorite day is still a cold rainy Thursday in October with an early close, also no crowds. I froze my butt off but felt like a kid in a candy store running from ride to ride with no lines. My least favorite day was Martin Luther King weekend this year, it was so busy on Saturday I left the park before 11am and spent the day watching movies at my hotel, I can deal with lines but when the paths get shoulder to shoulder it's time for me to leave.

Captain ChaosJun 09, 2015

People are rubes.

BairstowJun 09, 2015

And the annoying thing is... it's working quite well.

Captain ChaosJun 09, 2015