Jim MacPhee takes on new role of Senior Vice President, Operations at Walt Disney World

Feb 02, 2018 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday February 2, 2018 3:14pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Forty year Disney veteran Jim MacPhee is assuming the newly created role of Senior Vice President, Operations at Walt Disney World.

Previously the Senior Vice President, Parks, the new role oversees all site operations, including Disney Springs, Live Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Resorts, Transportation and Parks.

Senior Vice President, Disney Springs and ESPN Wide World of Sports Maribeth Bisienere will take over from Jim MacPhee as Senior Vice President, Walt Disney World Parks.

In more executive reshuffles, Josh D'Amaro is moving from Senior Vice President, Commercial Strategy at the Walt Disney World Resort to become the new President of the Disneyland Resort. Josh was previously VP at Disney's Animal Kingdom and later Resort and Transport Operations.

Departing Disneyland President Michael Colglazier will be leading Parks and Resorts in Asia.

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brb1006Mar 04, 2018

I really hope so in the future.

bcoachableFeb 16, 2018

This sounds so much like what a football coaches meeting looks like on a game planning day... Coordinators have thoughts on implementing a new play, but need to have evidence to sell (frame the argument so it is palatable) why a certiain formation or play will work. Then they need to be able to sell it to the Head Coach to get it on the script sheet for the following week. Then must make sure (bridge the information) the position coaches are getting the techniques taught to the players that need to go out and execute the play. Then on Saturday afternoon, everyone on the sidelines cross the fingers hoping for the best when the play is called that it actually works as hoped!

larandtraFeb 16, 2018

Not in this case. You dont have to disagree for the sake of disagreeing. You have to frame your argument in a way that is palatable and so people dont immediately become defensive and tune you out. Doesnt take a yes man to do a job and thats not what was necessary here. A bridge is what was needed and that is what is in place. When you focus on a microcosm or the old " thats what has always happened and how it is", you fail to see the bigger design. Will it work? Who knows. Some people are incredibly stubborn( on both sides) and do not want to listen because they are sold on their way being the only way. But, the intention was not to have a yes man, the intention was to bridge some gaps so that maybe more things can be accomplished and vision is created by many, but, is singular once agreed upon. Im as pessimistic as anyone about decisions by upper level, but, IM also in the camp of ' Right direction, right person, and much can be fixed or accomplished." Based on what I know of the person and the direction it has been echoed by multiple people this was happening to go in, Im more optimistic. Time will tell. But someone felt like it needed to happen much sooner than the timeline I originally heard.

MerlinTheGoatFeb 16, 2018

You're not getting promoted at Disney if you show signs of disagreement with higher ups. Unless you have a huge amount of political leverage to threaten with. Disney execs have a history of not taking well towards constructive criticism.

asianwayFeb 16, 2018

Of all the harm inflicted on EPCOT in the last 20 years, GotG is far from the worst.

britainFeb 16, 2018

Is it possible to say "I'm against doing that, boss, but it's your call," and not be a yes-man? I always took 'yes-man' to mean someone who will say 'Great idea!' when they don't actually think so. Since we aren't privy to MacPhee's comments in meetings let alone his personal thoughts, I don't think we could really know if he's a yes-man or not.

larandtraFeb 06, 2018

And everyone should remain in check. As you said, it takes time for change to work. But, Im hoping it does sooner rather than later.

Kman101Feb 06, 2018

You keep making me SUPER optimistic. I'm putting my expectations in check. A shift takes time so no one should think things will be different overnight (not saying you, but everyone in general). I hope we truly do see some change with this move. It does sound promising.

larandtraFeb 06, 2018

Sometimes we see someone in a public light and they have this larger than life personality. They are bold and brilliant. It draws us to them and then we see the creations their mind produces and even when it may not be a project they like, they do a great job. The issue is thats what we see. Sometimes people that bold and creative cant always be patient with or communicate well with top level who arent as creative. There becomes a canyon of issues which leads to creative ideas being stifled or top level saying too bad, this is what we want and youll do it. What if that mind or a group of minds had a voice to span the chasm between the two. Who can frame the argument, frame the idea, make it more palatable even if the top level isnt sold on it? All of the sudden that voice ( as I put it in an earlier post, someone to steer the creative ship) has someone to speak for them so they can just do their thing and not have to worry about making top level happy? If there is a person who can mediate and make everyone happy. As Ive said, this is a lot more of a move than people realize because of the group of people it benefits the most. And when it benefits those people, it will invariably benefit the guests because the experience will be what they expect from Disney.

wannabeBelleFeb 06, 2018

By having more input from the creative side? Marie

larandtraFeb 06, 2018

Joe Rohde doesnt have to keep his "position" safe in the company. In reality, this move helps him more than anyone. Read between the lines.

Disnutz311Feb 06, 2018

Thanks Liberty6! I found out with some research after posting. Now anyone wanna guess his email address?? His old job of F&B Concept Development is what I currently do. Already applied but looking for that foot in the door...

brb1006Feb 05, 2018

Especially after seeing Headless Ursula

mikejs78Feb 05, 2018

We have to remember what he was promoted to - VP of Operations. That may not have sway over what attractions are done and what attractions are not, but it may have sway over the many little things in *running* the parks - making sure the attractions are working well and not always breaking down, making sure things are clean, well maintained, guest satisfaction, better staffing to ensure that wait times are reduced, etc...