Walt Disney World introduces new Disney Weekday Magic Ticket

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Posted: Monday January 10, 2022 9:49am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World is introducing a new ticket type this week - the Disney Weekday Magic Ticket.

Starting January 11 2022, Florida residents will be able to purchase a 2-day ticket for $149 (plus tax), valid Monday through Friday until April 7, 2022; subject to blockout dates March 14-18, 2022. Tickets can be used on consecutive or nonconsecutive days.

Also available is a 3 day Disney Weekday Magic ticket for $179, and a 4 day for $199.

Tickets will be available for purchase online from January 11 at the official Disney World website.

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JohnD2 days ago

Bingo. In prior years, those were the "Discover Disney" tickets with no blockouts over weekends but the usual Easter break blocked out. Now, even the weekends are blocked out with this latest Florida Resident ticket.

ImperfectPixie3 days ago

Should have added: With the exception of the Imagination pavilion.

ImperfectPixie3 days ago

I'm right there with you.

Sirwalterraleigh3 days ago

1999-2000 was the zenith of the property…I’ll entertain any arguments to the contrary with compelling case study to support

freediverdude3 days ago

I don't think WDW can ever be as special as it was during the 80s-00s again, unless they completely change the way they're doing things. And it makes me very sad.

Sirwalterraleigh4 days ago

…not for this though? 😎

chama14 days ago

I'm from the 60's....from NYC we had treatments for alot of things...HHHAAA

Epcot82Guy5 days ago

Some of us have found them peddling an alternative to help the process close to where Kirkman Road crosses I-4. I think they have magic wands or something.

HauntedPirate5 days ago

Nope. It's cold turkey or nothing. 😂

TikibirdLand5 days ago

We love 'ya, chma1... Is there a treatment for that like methadone treatments for heroin?

chama15 days ago

Due to the changes Disney has initiated, this time I renewed my AP for "weekday" only. The crowds are less this time of year up until May. But I did notice the prices for food, etc has really gone up. So not I'll just bring my water, treats with me and eat my main meal in one of the resorts that have not changed the menu's or prices as much. When I want a "Dole Whip" I found out that Twisty Treats Ice Cream stand on SR 535 near the Winn Dixie has them for much less...I like Disney but I will do it on a tight budget....

"El Magnifico"5 days ago

pixargal5 days ago

We feel exactly the same way. We have been AP holders for years, but no longer feel the value is there. I have one more trip planned so that I can run in the Springtime race at Animal Kingdom. After that, who knows? I am just so disappointed in what is happening (or lack of happenings) it’s hard to get excited about planning a trip.

Master Yoda5 days ago

Move here. Everyone else is.;)