Date set for Disney PhotoPass Day 2018

Jul 23, 2018 in "PhotoPass"

Posted: Monday July 23, 2018 10:42am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World will once again be celebrating Disney PhotoPass Day in 2018.

The one-day celebration set to take place on August 19 2018 will bring special character meet and greets to all four theme parks, exclusive Animated Magic Shots and more.

Full details will be released later, but check out the PhotoPass Day details from last year for an idea of what to expect.

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disneyworlddadAug 21, 2018

I agree with most of the sentiments here. . . I was excited for photopass day when I first heard about it when they started what two years back. Then I looked at the offerings this year and was bummed. We were already planning on going Saturday and might have turned it in to an overnight trip but the offerings just didn't appeal enough.

asianwayAug 21, 2018

The fact that 90% of the set times aren’t published helps

PiebaldAug 21, 2018

Their enthusiasm and animation is incredible. I'm not sure if WDW just doesnt care or if it's too hot but over there their movements are very believable. The way they walk and wave to you. Over here it's the same "wave unenthusiastically, put hand over mouth to express laughter or surprise."

GiveMeTheMusicAug 21, 2018

Tokyo character performers are on another level. It's incredible to watch.

asianwayAug 20, 2018

Oh jeez forgot about that

PiebaldAug 20, 2018

After going to TDR, the entire m&g system at WDW sucks. I dont care to meet the characters but the enthusiasm there along with the interesting system really made me think I was meeting the 3 little pigs, and not Fred, the bored sweaty college kid.

GiveMeTheMusicAug 20, 2018

Oh really?? Well then how do they stretch their fingers out so long genius?? That's what I THOUGHT

asianwayAug 20, 2018

You don’t “train for Jafar”

pdude81Aug 20, 2018

There were more characters last year but I think the hours for each character were much less. This at least allows for a chance at meeting them if you're willing to wait in a long line. They also have people trained for Cruella and Jafar for the Halloween party so they may as well get some more use out of the costumes while they are out. Sadly we came home this year the day before this as I would have headed over to meet the jungle book characters. We didn't think it was worth sticking around longer just for this event.

Kman101Aug 19, 2018


MaryJanePAug 19, 2018

By having a plethora of characters each and every day, throughout each day, in each park, the lines and "specialness" of the appearance would likely significantly lessen.

asianwayAug 19, 2018

I only hold them accountable inasmuch they have yet to figure out a way to monetize the characters

Kman101Aug 19, 2018

OK. I blame both. You don't see how poor management has led to characters being so in-demand they don't even want to be bothered? Why is there insane lines? Because Pinocchio isn't regularly out. Like he was 10 years ago. Like Clarabelle and Horace were. Like Hook and Smee were. How can you not also hold management accountable? I know you seem to look down on the guests who visit WDW but the demand is there because whoever controls these things has created this problem. Not the guests. But they don't help, either.

asianwayAug 19, 2018

There’s insane lines for Pinocchio today. I don’t blame management anymore I blame the guests