Automated PhotoPass coming to select character greeting locations

Nov 15, 2018 in "PhotoPass"

The Magic Kingdom's Town Square Theater will begin using an automated PhotoPass system, the first in a planned roll-out to nine locations.

Expected to begin soon with the Tinker Bell meet and greet, the new system will use an automated camera system instead of the traditional PhotoPass photographers.

A kiosk at the meet and greet will show the guest the captured image, with a touch point to scan with a MagicBand to associate the image. Much like those found at on-ride photo locations.

In an update from Disney since our original post, it is confirmed that there will still be over 100 locations where Disney PhotoPass photographers will be capturing images, and nine locations will feature the automated systems. Moments from the experience will be captured from start to finish, giving the guest a variety of images to choose from.

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Article Posted: Nov 15, 2018 / 8:00am ET

Jon81ukJan 05, 2020

My guess would be there are more teens and adults at the Star Wars photos so they are more likely to pose. Whereas with Mickey and the Princesses it is the smiles and hugs from toddlers that are the key photos not the static poses. Therefore when it is mainly adults posing and standing still they can get away with static photos easier.

YodaManJan 05, 2020

Unless Iā€™m mistaken, Launch Bay has still consistently been using the photo boxes since they went live. They only put Photopass photographers in the Chewie and Vader rooms if the box tech has a down time. Guest feedback has not caused the boxes to go out of use at that location.

drizgirlJan 04, 2020

That's probably expecting too much. These nasty things have a way of always showing up again later.

lee.moles.disneyJan 04, 2020

So this is for sure, the machines are out and Photopass photographers are back in?

Isabelle12345Jan 03, 2020

Glad to hear they went back to real photographers! It makes a huge difference! Hopefully this will last šŸ¤žšŸ»

Victor KellyJan 03, 2020

I hate those damn things. Anyway to automate people out of a job.

drizgirlJan 03, 2020

100% agreed.

DisneyOutsiderJan 03, 2020

These boxes are really the peak of arrogance displayed by WDW management. If you ever find yourself wondering whether the current C Suite understands theme parks (or Disney, for that matter)... Remember the robo-cams

DisAlJan 02, 2020

Maybe, just maybe, someone realized what a dumb decision it was to put the automated system in. If anyone in management ever bothered to look at the output from the automated system they would realize it is next to worthless. There is no way the automated system will ever "capture the moment" the way a live photographer can, and that is what most people are looking for in M&G photos. And the box won't ever get my now 4 year old grandson to "look this way" or get him to smile.

CastAStoneJan 02, 2020

That's interesting because MK/Mickey most certainly did have automated boxes in September. It was the lowlight of my trip. Look at Disney, responding to guest feedback!

GillyanneJan 02, 2020

When I was there the first week of Dec, I noticed the boxes installed at the Princess M&G at Fairytale Hall (kind of a railing thing I hadn't noticed before, so I took it as those boxes), but photos were still taken by a human. Same with Mickey in the theater at MK. All my photos were taken with humans that I recall (skipped Chewy, Darth, Tinkerbell this time, which last time had the boxes) but locations I went to did appear to have the boxes so YMMV (possibly depending on staffing/when they decide to implement them) PS: here's the railing at PFH

dryerlintfanJan 02, 2020

We were there in September and the only one we experienced was TinkerBell and that was really dumb but only one location

BWDVCkidsince96Jan 02, 2020

Ok. Yea not there yet in HS, MK at Mickey, AK for Mickey and Minnie, or Epcot for Anna and elsa, Mickey and friends, baymax, or joy (I think we did all the indoor characters in Epcot and HS... wow lol)

drizgirlJan 02, 2020

The only plans currently under way for the boxes are at the permanent indoor character meets.