New 'Capture Your Moment' service allows you to book an in-park PhotoPass session at the Magic Kingdom

Feb 05, 2020 in "PhotoPass"

Posted: Wednesday February 5, 2020 10:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney PhotoPass is launching a new service that allows you to book an in-park photo session at the Magic Kingdom.

'Capture Your Moment' is priced at $50, and that gets you 20 minutes with a PhotoPass photographer. At the start of your session, your photographer will share available photo shoot locations and discuss what you’d like to capture before escorting you to your photo shoot location.

If you need more time, you can book 40 minutes for $100, which gives you access at least two photo locations in the park.

It is important to note that prints and digital downloads are not included in the session cost. To gain access to your shoot, you will need to pay per image, or use a Disney PhotoPass entitlement like Memory Maker or Memory Maker One Day, as well as qualifying Annual Passholders with a Disney PhotoPass download benefit.

Bookings are available now via 407-939-7758 and are available starting February 10, 2020. A limited number of same-day reservations may be available starting February 10, but you must call 407-939-7758 to inquire.

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ImperfectPixieFeb 08, 2020

That kills it for us. It costs them virtually nothing to provide downloads.

Tavernacle12Feb 08, 2020

I can see scenarios (family reunions, weddings, etc) where this would be genuinely helpful. I just wish Disney realised it feels scummy to charge for these services but not include prints.

ParkerLoLsFeb 07, 2020

Wait. The Cupcakes and Cameras event is coming soon.

twall0415Feb 07, 2020

DCL uses a third party photo provider on their ships. I don't think they print out all the pictures anymore. They are all digitally tied to your room card. They do sell a few different packages. 15, 20, 30 and unlimited but they are very pricey. You can either get them digitally or in print. It was funny that the print package was cheaper than the digital package.

MMFanCipherFeb 07, 2020

Sorry, but when I first read this all that came to my mind was "Just another freakin upcharge event!"

Jon81ukFeb 07, 2020

Many people already are happy to pay the $159 for all the photos from their trip as they go to character meets etc. This is an add-on to that really.

larryzFeb 07, 2020

Sorry, but I have trouble envisioning a "need" to pay someone $50 or $100 to take photos of my family that I'll have to pay even more to download and print.

DobergeFeb 07, 2020

It's a money grab but not any more than $99/head to eat a few treats and watch some fireworks from a roped off area surrounded by people who paid nothing. People will pay to save time. The market for proposals, anniversaries, sweet 16s, etc is worth Disney tapping into. People will also pay, within reason, for something more set-up than hoping to grab a random photographer. And the price isnt bad. Good luck finding a photographer to come to the park for $50. But the pricing is weird, you'd think they could upsell more easily do something like 20 mimutes $50, 40 minutes $80. Unless they instruct CMs to stop taking free photos, this fits a need without taking anything away from others.

TheRealBobIgerFeb 06, 2020

Wouldn't miss it for the world 😍😘❤

Hank HillFeb 06, 2020

Thanks. Seemed like such a waste to print all those pictures and then have to go look for them. Also made Disney seem like any other cruise line rather than something special. Same with all the product pushed on you during the cruise. Not that I didn't enjoy the cruise, just was expecting a little different.

wdwcastwannabeFeb 06, 2020

It's easy to pile on when they announce stuff that costs money, but honestly this is way better value than the photographer offerings during my honeymoon in Jamaica and would consider doing this in the future, even if the park may be busy.

larryzFeb 06, 2020

Yeah, but most people aren't paying $125 to get into the wedding venue... Wait... Never mind.

larryzFeb 06, 2020

This should really help Dulcolax sales in the gift shops!

PeoplemoverTTAFeb 06, 2020

We had 3 hours of our wedding photographer (including our wedding and trips to the monorail resorts) for a little over $300, including DVDs with all the images. He was excellent, and I would consider hiring him to go into the parks with us (as others have reported, I know some families have hired him for this). The quality of images isn't anywhere near, sadly, most of the Photopass pictures we received on our last trip. I am a big proponent of Memory Maker, but during our Christmas trip we struggled to find Photopass photographers at multiple times, and the images we received were really, really poor quality (many tilted, not centered images that were really just bad). It's the first time I felt like we didn't get our money's worth. I don't know that it's a downward trend, but it was definitely not the best MM experience for us.