Mobile Order now available for use with Disney Dining Plans

Jan 31, 2018 in "MyMagic+"

Disney has now made its My Disney Experience Mobile Order available to guests using the Disney Dining Plan.

Mobile Order allows you to pay for meals on-the-go within the My Disney Experience app, bypassing the queue to order at the restaurant. Using the app, you can select menu items, customize an order and pre-pay for a meal. Arriving at the restaurant, you tap an “I’m here” button in the app, which will notify the kitchen to prepare the meal. When ready, you'll be alerted through the app to pick up the meal at a designated window. Until today, Mobile Order was only accepted Credit Card payments.

All three Disney dining plans are available with Mobile Order: Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan, the Disney Dining Plan and Quick-Service, Regular and the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan.

Mobile Order debuted at Satu'li Canteen in Pandora last Spring, and has since been rolled out to nearly all Disney operated quick service locations.

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Article Posted: Jan 31, 2018 / 9:00am ET
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JaxFLBearFeb 26, 2018

AFAIK, payment for mobile food ordering is limited to Credit/Debit Cards and Disney Dining Plans. Redemption Cards for the Disney Rewards Visa work like Disney Gift Cards.

drp4videoFeb 26, 2018

Are you able to use disney visa reward points with a disney reward card? Or is this treated like a gift card?

jgj123Feb 22, 2018

I found the below info in another thread, so it looks like it works. Maybe message scoobygirl39541 for info

DVCPlutoFeb 18, 2018

How is this possible that no one knows?!? It’s just so silly. Thank you for calling and asking... hopefully we’ll hear from real people using the system. It’s kind of crazy that MDE and the DVC site can’t play nice together. —OR— At least give us a number to link the dining plan to MDE so we can use these cool features, tell everyone how awesome it is to own DVC, and then they can get more money. win win :)

Cltfamily4VacationFeb 14, 2018

I’ve been wondering about this too. I’ve called both DVC and Disney’s tech support for MDE. No one seems to be able to confirm whether or not mobile ordering and/or tracking DDP credits will be available to those who’ve booked with DVC points. I was told the ddp “might” link to MDE after “physical” checkin. SHOUTING, lol “Anyone currently at Disney with ddp that booked using DVC points?!”

DVCPlutoFeb 09, 2018

Reading my original post, I wasn’t clear, but you were able to read my mind! Thank you! I have to imagine someone staying on DVC points who has also purchased the dining plan is trying to use the mobile ordering and will report back. It would be a huge convenience, so here’s hoping it can get figured out.

jgj123Feb 06, 2018

They're obviously tracking them, but with the traditional Dining Plan, it's part of a package reservation so when you link your reservation to MDE, it pulls in Resort, Tickets and Dining Plan info. Hopefully they integrate the stand alone DVC Dining Plan soon if it's not already there. Have to wait for reports on this.

mattdenineFeb 06, 2018

DIdn't realize dining plans for DVC currently not linked to MDE. Disney is tracking it some way so I'm sure they can link it to MDE.

nickysFeb 06, 2018

Well we can use magic bands with the dining plan, just can't see the credits. So it must be on MDE somewhere if the magic bands can access them, no? I'm confused!

jgj123Feb 06, 2018

Mobile Ordering is done via MDE, so your Dining Plan has to be linked to MDE and if MDE cannot track your dining credits, then I'm going to guess that the DVC purchased dining plans will not work with Mobile Ordering until such time as Disney implements a way to add those dining plans to MDE.

nickysFeb 06, 2018

Not sure I understand the first question. But if we do add the dining plan to a DVC stay, which you can do, I know we still can't track credits on MDE, for some reason. I assume this doesn't affect our ability to use the mobile ordering and the dining plan. I can't think why it should, just wondering if anyone has used it yet?

21stampsFeb 06, 2018

Thank you!!!

jgj123Feb 06, 2018 Locations You can place mobile orders for the following quick-service restaurants: ABC Commissary Aloha Isle [URL='']Backlot Express [URL='']Casey's Corner [URL='']Catalina Eddie's [URL='']Columbia Harbour House [URL='']Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café [URL='']D-Luxe Burger [URL='']Electric Umbrella [URL='']Fairfax Fare [URL='']Flame Tree Barbecue [URL='']Harambe Market [URL='']Liberty Inn [URL='']Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe [URL='']Pinocchio Village Haus [URL='']Pizzafari [URL='']PizzeRizzo [URL='']Restaurantosaurus [URL='']Rosie's All-American Café [URL='']Satu’li Canteen [URL='']Sunshine Seasons [URL='']The Lunching Pad [URL='']Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant [/LIST]

21stampsFeb 06, 2018

Does anyone know the full restaurant list?