Disney is considering expanding Park Pass reservation system for park hopping at Walt Disney World

Jun 28, 2022 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Tuesday June 28, 2022 9:58am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

According to sources familiar with plans, Disney is considering expanding the Park Pass reservation system at Walt Disney World to include park hopping.

Currently, park hopping is allowed at 2pm without a reservation, as long as the guest has a valid ticket and a reservation for the first park of the day.

In plans being considered, a guest would be able to make a reservation for secondary parks at other times and not be restricted to 2pm.

The change would allow guests greater flexibility in their trip planning but would further increase the already complicated and frustrating process of securing park reservations before a visit.

Sources also suggest that the ability to make multiple daily Park Pass reservations may be tied to various ticket tiers or sold as an optional upgrade.

The Disney Park Pass reservation system was introduced as the parks reopened from the COVID-19 shutdown as a way to limit attendance due to capacity restrictions.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek frequently mentions the Park Pass system as being of enormous benefit to the company by allowing tight control of operational costs and managing attendance. Originally thought to be a temporary measure, the Park Pass reservation system is now permanent.

Note that Disney has not announced changes to the Park Pass system, and plans frequently change.

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ceecee10123 days ago

I remember the Epcot computer screen too. It’s been interesting to read all these comments. We used to go every year. We live on the West Coast. We would get an AP and then time it right. We got the AP for all the discounts, especially room rates. Then we stopped going and focused travel elsewhere. We are going back this year for the first time in 13 years. So for us it’s been like starting from scratch. we remember when the original FP system came out—at that time we thought it was the cat’s meow! But then we missed the entire FP plus era. So all we have to compare to is the old FP. I’m a bit depressed about things like RIse where I will have to get up at 6:45 and I may not get a return time until 7:30 p.m. I don’t ever recall original FP being that far out. Plus being on my phone now, which for us is likely needed because we haven’t been in 13 years and there are so many new things to see. Sounds like if we want to go on rides this will be needed. I guess we will give Genie+ and ILL a try and see. But between that and the fact we can’t park hop until 2 plus now we may need to make reservations for hopping, seems like this is going to be a lot of work. Anyway going in with an open mind, thanks to all of you for insights and tips on these boards and I will certainly do a TR when we get back. Cheers.

LittleBuford23 days ago

Mea culpa. I apologise for my part in the derailment.

Roy G. Dis23 days ago

Pretty interesting ideas being discussed but I do wonder what the fuck does any of this have to do with needing a park reservation to park hop?

drizgirl26 days ago


matt911226 days ago


helenabear26 days ago

They are being slow to open shows and dining that will help swallow masses which hurts as well compared to before.

drizgirl27 days ago

Plus you are way more likely to miss out. Disney is serving lots more people without a commensurate increase in attraction capacity.

drizgirl27 days ago

Because you are.

helenabear27 days ago

Fear of missing out is massive I think. When friends were traveling to WDW when FP+ even first came out I said just go with it. Try to get in what you can but never sweat it if you do miss out. Whether it was getting on a ride or getting an ADR. Nothing is worth the stress. I have friends who were TAs who meant well but often pushed for everything. Crazy thing is, going with the flow allowed me to get some sweet rides and dining in. That BOG everyone wants? Got it 2 hours in advance for 8 people (okay that was nuts, but I had found BOG for our small party same thing another time). Want 7DMT? Looked about an hour before park opened and snagged it. Riding on a boat from MK wanting to hop to DHS soon, grabbed RnR. Same with a bunch of other rides (at the time 7DMT was probably the biggest shiniest of the time). Of course my TA friends wanted guarantees on rides and I didn't care. The staying up at midnight for FP+ was for the birds and waking early was just as bad. Tempering expectations makes for a more enjoyable time. The more stressed one is, the worse it gets. With people just at an all time high of stress in addition to complicating parks, it's a recipe for disaster. Adding extra cost to getting these over planned days just makes it worse IMO.

JoeCamel27 days ago

It has become stressful. Another poster postulated the increase in fight reports from the world was due to stress but didn't really make the connection of what visiting today can do to your levels. No more floating around in swan boats looking at fanciful sights it's all about making that next preplanned time slot and feeling like a failure if you don't

helenabear27 days ago

Pfft I remember doing walk ups for sit downs. Or doing the computer screen at Epcot to reserve. Gosh that seemed so cool! I've been going regularly for 40 years now, so I remember a lot of changes. Some good, some bad.

AEfx27 days ago

I think some of these folks are either not old enough, or just not experienced enough in how it used to be, to remember the blissful time when the only thing one had to worry about before your trip was what hotel you were going to stay at, and reservations for a few sit down meals. It is far too much work now to experience something like a theme park. It's utterly ridiculous. And I guess I'm just an old fogey, but I don't want to sit on my fricking phone all day refreshing, either. I want to put it away and look up, to enjoy the place I spent thousands of dollars to experience. When you combine that with the massive price hikes to stay on property, it feels like paying twice as much for half the experience.

helenabear27 days ago

No need for apologies. I could be the one misunderstanding intents of the posts too :)

JusticeDisney27 days ago

That makes sense now that I see it your way. Sorry about my confusion there!