MagicBand+ now available for Walt Disney World resort guests and passholders

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Posted: Wednesday July 27, 2022 6:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new MagicBand+ is now available to order for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests and passholders.

There are 33 designs available, including solid colors, Toy Story, Orange Bird, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, UP!, Disney Pride, Monsters Inc., Fireworks, 'Ohana, and Darth Vader.


Most designs are priced at $44.99, with some discounted to $34.99 with resort of passholder discount. The solid color bands are $34.99, discounted to $24.99. Each band can be customized with 9 characters.

General sales for all guests will begin later today at Shop Disney and in stores at Walt Disney World.

Learn more about MagicBand+.

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911deb18 hours ago

I am the one already in FL with bands that appear to be going to my home. I check in tomorrow, not the 28th, which only actually gave the bands 3 mail days to arrive even if I didn’t leave home earlier.

lewisc19 hours ago

I would have expected receiving the bands in the 11 day time period stated when ordering. I would have expected Disney to ship 2nd day air or at least pure 1st class mail without a shipping partner I would have expected an easy way to change delivery to a resort if necessary. Disney gets all the blame.

CaptainAmerica19 hours ago

*Shrug* If you order a band for your August 28 check-in, I don't expect Disney to anticipate that you're leaving home on August 14.

Disstevefan119 hours ago

The timing could have been better. As Maxwell Smart used to say:

CaptainAmerica19 hours ago

It's not Disney's fault that you're not hope when the MagicBands that you ordered shipped to your house are shipped to your house.

Disstevefan119 hours ago

Thanks Disney 😡

911deb1 day ago

So I didn’t get the email with the refund offer and $50 gift card, and my bands shipped Thursday and appear to be headed to my house near Chicago. But, I’m already in Florida….

JohnD1 day ago

Don’t be fooled. The exterior is just plain cardboard with the USPS address label affixed to it.

lewisc2 days ago

I waited on hold. Original order went out before the within 14 days ship to resort policy was implemented. Supposedly a second set of bands will be waiting for me at my resort

Figments Friend2 days ago

Nice box! :) -

WDWYankee152 days ago

No it doesn’t. I had 4 people/bands. Same $50. Still ahead considering it was $10 off per band for resort guests to preorder. So some extra compensation for your troubles. Some compensated a little more. All good. I’m glad they made things right and finally communicated about their issues and a plan to resolve them.

Disstevefan12 days ago

This is good to see.

drumbum672 days ago

Just received my $50 digital gift card via email, as promised. ”We apologize we were unable to fulfill your MagicBand+ order in time for your vacation. We would like to offer this complimentary gift card for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.” I’m also curious if that amount goes up if you have more people/bands on your reservation. My $50 is for 2 people/bands.

Disstevefan12 days ago

YAY! Hershey Park has 14 coasters!!!